And yes, this does look like its taken directly from a hollywood. Sci fi movie, edifiers hecate range is aimed purely at gamers and pretty much all of their products. Have this futuristic style, aesthetic which really sets them apart from most other gaming products? This is actually one of edifys, more expensive gaming headsets coming in at around 75 pounds. The sample that i have is the silver model, but you can also get this in a red and gold which has a kind of iron man vibe to it. So my typical day to day headset is the sennheiser 599. Now this is a headset aimed more towards music than gamers, but it sets a pretty good benchmark to test this headset against. So this headset does have some pretty exciting features, like 50mm titanium diaphragm drivers for great audio quality. It also has high res certification, and that means that the headset can support 96 kilohertz at 24 bit output. So you can listen to lossless audio files at their full quality. The headset also has enc, which is environmental noise cancellation built into the headset, which, in theory, should block out external noises to help you stay focused in games. This headset has no software all of the controls for the rgb for the audio settings, its all built into the headset, so its very basic in terms of customization. Now, whether or not youll notice, the high res status of this headset compared to other headsets, is going to be completely down to personal preference and in this video ill be discussing whether or not these features are just marketing.

Buzzwords or whether or not this headset actually does sound, really good, so the headset comes shipped in a fairly standard box, although we do get some nice foiled elements for me, this kind of attention to detail does make the product feel a little bit more expensive and Thought about compared to cheaper packaging options. The box does also feature pretty much all the information youre going to need about the headset as well as whats included inside so opening the box up. We have an unbranded black box that contains the headset and the accessories. The cables and manual can be found in this little box. On the right hand, side of the headset and inside youll find the manual a usb c to usb c cable, thats, 1.3 meters. Long, a usb c to usb a cable thats, two meters long and a gold plated 3.5 mil cable, thats, 1.2 meters long. I find it a bit strange that all of the cables are a completely different length and im assuming this is because edifier said: hey, youre, probably going to use the 3.5 mil with your phone and youre, probably going to use the usb with your computer, but thats. Not necessarily the case id probably rather have had a longer 3.5 mil cable than whats included. I also find it slightly strange that its only the 3.5 mil cable, thats, braided and gold plated the usb cables. They were just like nah dont worry about those people, dont care about usb cables.

Well, just give them a good 3.5 mil cable come on. Most people are gon na, be using this headset with their computers. Why couldnt we get a braided cable, thats gold plated for usb, i dont know, but it is what it is. So this headset is plug and play and should work with pretty much any device. Pcs games consoles mobile phones. However, there is a slight catch. If you use a 3.5 mil cable, you cant use the extendable microphone. You cant use the rgb functions pretty much. All of the features built into the headset are unusable when using 3.5 mil, but if you do need a microphone luckily, the 3.5 mil cable does come with an inline microphone. It also has a little button on it. That starts and stops playback so heres a quick test of that inline microphone. So this is a quick audio test with the inline microphone on the 3.5 millimeter cable im recording this on my macbook pro, and this is the audio quality you can expect. Now. The inline cable, in my opinion, is probably a little bit low from my mouth, so if i was to hold it up like, i know, a lot of people do when theyre having phone calls and stuff. Obviously, the audio quality now is going to be a lot more improved and from my tests of this mic i actually think it sounds quite good. I think it may even be better than the one built into the headset.

Oddly, i actually find the microphone built into the 3.5 mil cable better than the microphone built into the headset and well get on to that later on in the video because theres a big section about the microphone so stick around for that. So one thing i did notice when using 3.5 mil when testing this headset is that the audio quality definitely isnt as loud or as clear, compared to when using usb. Why that is, i dont really know, but youre probably going to want to use this headset with usb so moving on to the design of the headset. Obviously, the design is very different to what were used to its undeniably eye catching and although the design may be a little too futuristic sci fi alien. Looking for me personally, i have to congratulate the edifier design team for actually doing something a bit different and based on other reviews. Ive seen online people seem to really like this design. The headset does also feature these like silver accents and, to be honest, im not a big fan of these, because unfortunately, theyre not metal, theyre, just plastic theyre supposed to look like metal and, in my opinion, this just cheapens the whole headset. I think a slightly more dulled polish or like a brushed aluminium, for example, would have looked really nice instead, so the headset is primarily made of abs plastic and weighs around 400 grams, which isnt particularly heavy, but its not that light either.

Now the headset isnt, all plastic – we do have metal in the headband, which should add some durability. Headband offers eight steps of adjustment on each side to dial in your fit. I also like the fact that the different steps are numbered, as well so its easier to match both sides of the headset and on the headband. We have the hecate logo across the top for cushioning on the headband. We have some soft foam, which is covered by leatherette honestly ive, worn these for like eight hours plus straight and had no issues with comfort and thats great, especially when you take into consideration the weight moving on to the earcups. We have the l and r printed inside just in case you forget, which way around this goes. Both earcups feature vertical adjustment, but no lateral rotation which could lead to discomfort now im, actually, a glasses, wearer and ive had no issues with my glasses, like digging into my head or anything like that when using this headset. So, in all its been a really good experience, the ear cups do feature memory foam which is again coated with that leatherette that we have in the headband, so in general, looking at the build quality and comfort, this is an incredibly comfortable headset, at least for my Personal preference, but the cheap plastic design does let it down a little bit, especially for this price point. That being said, though, my 180 pound sennheiser 599s are completely made of plastic theres like no metal on it whatsoever, the headbands plastic pretty much.

Everything is plastic, and you know no one seems to complain about those. I do think it gets to a point where weight and sound are more important than the build quality a lot of the time, because you can have a metal headset, but that can be very heavy and also if youve got a metal headset. But the sound isnt good, then it doesnt matter anyway and honestly. The sound in the gx headset is great and well be getting to that. Shortly. On the right ear cup, we have just two buttons: the top button, labeled g, simply switches between the game and music modes. When you press it once it will beep once and that means youre in game mode. If you press it again, it beeps twice and you go into music mode. The only real difference between the two is that the music mode has a punchier bass, and this is a great feature if you want to increase the bass when listening to music. But once you remove the bass when youre playing games, that may be a bit more competitive and you want to be able to hear footsteps and things like that clearer. That being said, ive used both gaming and music mode on this headset, when gaming and ive had no issues like placing other players or anything like that, its always been fine in both modes. So, underneath the g button, we have this little light bulb button and this controls all of the rgb.

Just from this one button pressing. This will cycle through all the different rgb modes and, if you havent noticed already, the illuminated h in the logo is the h in hecate. So this headset does feature four different lighting modes, static, breathing, fading cycle, and for those of you who prefer a more minimal style. Thankfully, we can just turn the rgb off entirely. The headset does feature eight different rgb lights, but one of them is in the microphone and its nice that all of the lights in the headset synchronize, with the light in the microphone but ive, got to say i find that light in the microphone super distracting its Down there in the bottom left – and i can see it all the time when im gaming or when im using the headset for anything else, i dont use it anyway and theres a pretty big reason for that and well be getting to the microphone test soon. So i just either took it away completely because i dont want to see it or just turn off the rgb entirely on the headset. Disappointingly, the headset also only features four different: colors blue red, green and pink. Now i dont know why we couldnt get orange or purple or anything like that. It just feels weird that theres only four colors on this headset when its advertised as having rgb and most people associate rgb with like loads of different colors, that you can choose from to really customize the headset.

I do find that the marketing there is a little bit misleading, especially as the images are kind of of that rgb spectrum. So youd expect to be able to change it to pretty much any color you want, but yeah you just get full. So, moving on to the left ear cup, we have the volume rocker the mute switch which mutes the microphone but also turns off the environmental noise cancellation, the extendable microphone and then the usbc and 3.5 mil ports. Now i do have a slight complaint about the volume rocker, even though i like the way that its designed the way that it looks so to turn the headset volume up or down you, basically just roll the rocker up and down. But the reason that this becomes a problem is that its built into the ear cup. So you can actually hear yourself changing the volume and, to be honest, that can be quite distracting if youre playing a game, and you just want to adjust the volume slightly. Instead of being able to just do it fairly, seamlessly youre gon na be adjusting the volume and hearing like while youre playing. It also takes quite a while to actually go down significantly in volume. So say you wanted to go from 100 to like 20, its going to take ages scrolling through all the different levels of volume. So lets get on to that microphone that ive kind of touched on throughout this video.

So the microphone in the headset is a retractable microphone and this can be pulled out in front of your mouth and stored away when youre not using it its pretty bendy as well, which is nice. So you can easily move it out of the way. If you dont want to use it without retracting it fully, but one thing i noticed about the microphone: is it doesnt really extend close enough to my mouth? Most microphones go kind of in front of you here right so thats the best optimum position for audio quality, but this microphone for some reason, is off slightly to the left and it just doesnt pick up audio that well and heres a quick mic test. So heres a quick audio test from the headsets built in microphone and yeah its just not great. Now. What surprised me is that christina did a review of the edifier g2 2 headset, and you can check that out on the kick guru youtube channel now that headset is cheaper than this one, but that microphone was really good. So i dont really know why this ones so quiet and as i mentioned this is a hundred percent in windows. This is the loudest. This microphone can get, and obviously i can boost this audio in premiere and now theres a lot more gain and its just not going to sound that good and its just a shame, because this audio quality is really disappointing. You know i really dont know why this microphone is so quiet or what went wrong in the production process to produce this kind of microphone.

You know, i even thought i had a bad unit. I started watching other reviews because i wanted to see if they said the same thing that i was thinking and all of them said. The volume level of this microphone is way too low, so unfortunately thats what youre gon na get and the one thing thats quite annoying as well – is thats a hundred percent in windows. Now i dont know whether or not programs like discord skype, whatever will kind of auto boost you they might do, but all thats going to do is cause issues with the actual quality of the audio and if they dont, then people are going to really struggle to Hear you in fact, when i first used this microphone, i went on discord with my friend and the first thing he said was what is wrong with your microphone. It sounds like youre down a, and i think that says everything you need to know about. The quality of the microphone in this headset and for most people this is going to be a deal breaker. If youre, actually looking for a headset to use the microphone that comes with it, then i dont think this headsets worth considering with that said, though, lets go on to the actual sound quality of the headset, because this is where the headset excels, in my opinion, so Even though a lot of the things on the packaging of this headset may just be marketing buzzwords, the sound quality is actually very good, honestly, its a really good sounding headset, its also incredibly loud and thats, thanks to those 50 mil titanium drivers.

In fact, using these on 100 on spotify, for example, is almost a little bit too loud and probably isnt a good idea. Unless you want to damage your ears in all seriousness, 50 on this headset is loud enough and due to the fact we have the game and music button. We also have a nice control over the bass and, interestingly, comparing this headset to my sennheiser 599s. The audio is actually fairly similar, which is not something that i expected when it comes to noise cancellation, the headset does feature environmental noise cancellation and, when ive been typing on my keyboard, which is mechanical and its got brown switches, so theyre not that quiet. Honestly, the headset seems to block it out really well, which is great and due to the great fit of the ear cups theres. Also, some passive noise cancellation, as well so ive, been using the gx headset for about two weeks now and for gaming, particularly on rainbow six siege or competitive games playing gta horror games stuff, like that ive really enjoyed using this headset and it has incredibly immersive sound Weve got pleasing highs and mids with nice, crisp sound and the bass isnt too overpowering, which is something you do get in a lot of gaming headsets and i dont really understand that its like theyve got something to prove just putting in a load of bass. But honestly bass, isnt, always that good and this headset is really nicely balanced, but these arent just good for gaming, music tv shows movies.

Everything sounds really good with this headset and the one thing that ive noticed is that voices are incredibly clear whether or not thats. On discord or watching a tv show, voices sound, really full and strong and just sound great, so whatever edifier have done for this headset, they should just do to all of their headsets. Because, honestly, it sounds so good if you want to get rid of one thing, though, get rid of the microphone and replace that, and then youve almost got a perfect headset now. One thing i do take note of whenever i do. These kind of reviews is how quickly i go back to my everyday tech now, with this headset ive actually not gone back to my sennheisers at all, theyre. Basically, just back there collecting dust im still using the gx headset every day and thats a great sign. It means that i actually really enjoy using the headset with that said, though, i do have a professional microphone, the rode nt1a, which is right in front of me, and i use that for gaming. I use it for discord. I use it for everything and if i had to rely on the microphone built into the headset well, i just wouldnt use it. The microphone on this headset is just inexplicably bad, and with that in mind, i find this headset actually quite hard to recommend to someone who may be looking for an all in one headset for sound and a microphone, because this its just not good and in a Way, i just dont really know how this product got off the production line and someone said yeah thats good, because id have said hey, you know weve made a great sounding headset, but that microphone.

That is really not good like what. What is the point of that, and i understand that maybe edifier thought to themselves. Well, most people have you know a podcasting bike. Most people will be using professional stuff, but not everyone does, and i think that the microphone is the biggest letdown of the product hands down, really its going to be down to you. If you need a headset thats got a microphone, then i dont know. If i can recommend this headset, if you need a headset purely for the sound and you plan to use a professional microphone or you have some other kind of solution for a microphone, then i think i can recommend this headset because, based purely on the sound, it Is superb but that microphone is just. I dont think i even have the vocabulary to keep saying how bad it is and thats it for my review of the edifier gx headset. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments: if you enjoyed this video be sure to leave a like. It really helps out the kit guru channel, if you want to see more from us, be sure to subscribe and hit that little bell icon as well and youll be notified when kit guru uploads another video dont forget to check us out on social media for the Latest updates and support us on patreon. If you want to pick up a t, shirt like the one ive been wearing in this video, the merch links are in the description.

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