As i start all my videos, this is a fun one uh. This is something that my wife, this is road to rain and ive, been talking about for a long time, is trying to figure out how to keep track of our uh, not our youngest anymore, i cant say the youngest but our our eldest uh sweet baby ray. If you remember her, uh is about to turn seven years old and as she is turning seven, she is in the first grade and shes making friends and shes wanting to go on more and more play dates, uh further and further away from us, including parents, and Really good friends of ours, grandparents et cetera, et cetera, but a way to keep track of her while shes in school at friends, houses as shes running through the neighborhood really wanted some kind of tracking device. That also was much more of a communication device in case anything were to happen or if she felt uncomfortable for any reason, if she wanted to come home any of those reasons – parents out there watching this, you know exactly what im talking about this day and age. Some people might be thrown off. You know, especially a couple years ago about tracking your kids or you know back in the 80s, it was putting a leash, backpack, a leash style backpack on your kids at walt disney world, but this day and age, its not even its, not even looked twice at Because its just thats just what it is, theres uh, kids, sometimes dont, listen, sometimes throw tantrums and theres all those other scary things in the world that you just cant plan for like uh people taking off with your kids, so something to kind of combat that besides You know a a non wearable like a tag um like an eye tag or whatever you call those other tags that youd have to place somewhere in a clothing or or something like that, where youd have to always make sure that theyre wearing it.

This way it might make it a lot more fun at least thats what i derive Music from all my research, and you know i love to do my research. We went this route over the timex family connect that was out and semi popular did see a lot of really poor reviews, though thats we did not decide to go that way last year, but we waited for this sync up. Kids connected by t mobile kids watch and its a little bit better a little bit more upgraded from what ive been able to tell we just purchased this today. It is the 19th of december 2021 shes going to get this next week for her birthday, which is christmas eve or for christmas day, not quite sure. Yet. Shes already got her birthday. Uh present already fixed up, but um quick show of the box. Theres all kinds of cool features, real time tracking with boundary alerts. You can actually set boundaries like parameters and if they leave that geofence youll get a notification when they enter or exit that geofence weve already got a couple set up just in the last hour that ive had this for our home and for school and for the Daycare where she gets dropped off from the bus after school, Music, all kinds of other fun features the regular phone calling and the text messaging. The text messaging could be a little bit tricky because you got to kind of swipe back and forth on the keyboard ill show you that in a little second, the one thing i wish it did have that it does not have that i found so far.

Is you see it says, talk and text? It does not have a video, not video conferencing, but a video chat or you know like a a live chat or whatever you call it scr not screen sharing but um. You know video conferencing. Basically with your kid. You cant video, call your kids and then back and forth. Now the camera is forward facing, so that might be a little difficult too for taking some photos. My daughter loves catching frogs and wildlife, so im not sure how thats gon na work out yet but uh water resistant is good and long lasting all day batteries good. This is what comes when you open up the box. Put this around, i was actually surprised. I thought it was gon na be a lot bigger and bulkier its almost what i want to say about a half an inch thick underneath the watch is the charging upright actually in a rubberized undercoating charging pad uh nice heavy duty decent length, looking power cord, a Different set of straps, so you can get blue or coral white, underwater blue, of course, thats your favorite color, a little start packet guide and then your wall charger, which is kind of cool too, that this is actually not like your traditional uh charging block that sticks Out, if you want to stick this like behind a nightstand like extra bed, its not gon na, be that far out and getting you know, nightstand or bed frame or whatever isnt going to be that far off the wall.

Anyways heres, the quick rundown of the watch. Mom and dad are the only preset contacts or contacts that are entered into the phone right now. If you hit the home button, you get the home screen, you can change your widgets. Just by pressing and holding down will make a vibrate got a couple options. There might be – i dont know, but there might be more downloadable options later in the future. Um im going to go ahead and assume that between the space man, the monster guy horn, guy, the blue princess riding a unicorn, its probably going to be her favorite. So thats the one i picked and then, as you scroll through uh theres tags, so you click on them. You can call or text hit the home button again. Youll go back no tasks. This is the task. Menu have a step counter. There are some uh very minimalistic games built into this. A dyno run a voice, changer a puzzle and a tic tac toe, not necessarily like apps, like game apps that you would think you can also camera and a media library where im assuming thats, where your photos are stored and i did not yep stickers, frames, etc. Uh, where else we got um after the fun stuff and the photos its back to the home screen, so its very minimalistic um, the cool, the cool ish part and the part were gon na – have to really tell her and train her about im gon na get This zoomed in in the right spot there we go is what the t mobile guys told us and we were actually helped by hunter from the rogers uh, one of the rogers uh minnesota retail locations in rogers minnesota and what he told us is the one thing Youre going to have to do he wasnt part of the design team.

Of course engineers do that. But if you press and hold the side button – and there is only one button – you can call 9 1 1 restart turn off or cancel and if the child, for whatever reason, decides to call 911, the parents get a notification of that. But let that be a quick note that if you press and hold this for the two seconds or longer than two seconds, you go right to call 911 or your your start off mode Music, so thats an interesting tidbit. There definitely have to teach her about that and make sure that it does not, hopefully not done to excess, because police officers dont really especially dispatchers dont like that kind of stuff. So you can tell too the screen times out really really quickly. I will show you here just a quick clip it of a screen sharing or a screen. Video grab that i can do from my phone, but basically its a very simple app for the parental controls. You can set up your preferred contact for the only allowed contacts. I guess if youd like to say that and then uh the tracking and the mapping and try to do that without sharing too much personal information, but im really impressed. Actually, i i was not impressed with the reviews of that uh timex, one um theres a bunch of reasons, especially the battery life and then just lack of working, um, Music. So im hoping this is a lot better ill.

Try to do like maybe a two month on the six month review six months should be about middle of summer break for her and uh junish, probably june 2022, but just a little parental. Oh sorry about the mess in the workshop santas workshop right now, uh, which is a little parental, uh peace of mind, um, being able to communicate with your kids. Youve got absolutely no business, owning a cell phone right now way too young, but keeping track your kids and being able to communicate with your kids is uh really big, especially when you start reaching out those boundaries from Music uh. You know play dates and friends, house and grandparents house, and you know the kids just want to get a hold of you and the kids or, if you just want to get a hold of your kids, because you just miss them so damn much during the day When youre at your horrible horrible job, then you got that oh whats, going on here, oh geez, it just vibrated and mom just sent a text lets see what it says. Oh see they were just getting used to this and i just sent her a text from me of course, but she knows its me in the workshop doing a video on this, so super cool stuff, anyways ill, throw in that clip here, quick of just a little A short screen grab of the parental app without trying to give away my map details and where we live, and nothing nothing like that, but just to give you the rundown, its a free, app right now.

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