So, with the arrival of the 15.30 update and everything contained within it, such as mando’s map changes, ltm that’s been implemented and free reward attached to it with things finally starting to get interesting now in fortnite season 5. What if i told you that this update brought more into the game’s coding, that’s interesting rather than what’s already in the game? What i’m, referring to, as you can see by the title, is the fortnite x, five nights at freddy’s collaboration or integration, with a bounty hunter appearing very soon at the next portal that’s about to open and despite us showing how this crossover is going to be bigger Than the prior wants to do, with bounty hunters being introduced with maybe even a creative featured island ltn being implemented surrounding it, that we’re also going to be showing you guys how you can play right now. We also have another upcoming event to discuss being the valentine’s day event, and not only that, but all the free confirmed rewards contained within it that data miners have managed to determine so with that said, if that sounds good to you, which i know it does, of Course make sure you’re sticking around for the full video. It literally will take 10 minutes out of your entire day of 24 hours quickly before we dive into it. All, however, make sure you hit that big red button now you know why, because 70 of you aren’t subscribed, and that means 70 of people watching right now – are ineligible of receiving a free gift off me, as i like to give five subscribers in every single video.

Now hold up before we prove that i’d just like to say this is all made possible by the amazing support you guys are showing rocking code friendly machine inside the fortnite item shop. If you take two seconds out of your day to do this, and let me know down below in the comments, your comment could receive a heart and not only that but be shown on screen like these amazing subscribers in the very next video which i mean come On it would be cool to be shown on screen in front of 100 000 plus eyes, but of course, if you wan na be like any of the five subscribers i’m gifting now in the next video make sure you simply subscribe to the channel. With all notifications turned on and then comment your epic games id down below, so perhaps one of these five could be you in the very next video i’m just saying who doesn’t love, free gifts, okay, so to start out in today’s video before we hop into everything. Five nights at freddy’s and the integration within fortnite and even the teaser trailer that we’re going to be showing t’s in the upcoming ltm. We first need to determine what update this will be coming in considering we’ve just seen 15.30, so many people are led to believe. We won’t be seeing another update for quite some time, however, 15.50 being the final update of chapter 2 season, 5 is already on the staging servers along with 15.

40, the next update. So this means we could even be seeing 15.40 as early as next week. The reason why i mentioned the next update, despite so many things already being leaked, such as the foxy skin in the winterfest lobby, which was quite a while ago. We saw this. The footsteps sounds that have been found in the files and, ultimately so much more. That we’re, going to be going over very shortly is because there’s, currently no fnaf theme cosmetics in the files and, as you guys know, with every update, despite the things that come to the game straight away, epic games have things in the coding set to release at Certain times or repair throughout the item shop, or even to do with upcoming events such as the valentine’s day, one we’re going to be seeing, which is also going to be huge, having not only a ton of valentine’s themed cosmetics in the files. Alongside everything that was leaked yesterday on screen right now and despite a ton of og, valentine’s, themed outfits returning for this event in 2021 and make sure you’ve got code friendly machine again slapped in the fortnite item shop for when they’re due out of all these leak. Cosmetics on screen, right now from the 15.30 update these six on screen. According to data miners, are the three rewards we’ll be able to earn in the challenge set that will be implemented closer to february 14th being valentine’s day itself, and despite the fact we can get the lovely skin in the japanese nintendo switch tournament.

This isn’t available for everybody, so hence why i haven’t mentioned it, but nevertheless this will be one of the two skins coming to the item shop newly in 2021, so you’ll be able to pick it up regardless and speaking of skins coming to the item shop. More specifically bounty hunters, however, in this form of entering the fortnite world through a new portal, we have a brand new one. That’S been found to be at this lake location on the outskirts of retail row under codename mainframe in the coding. According to sheena br and the interesting thing about five nights at freddy’s being integrated into fortnite is not only does it have a crossing demographic of what type of audience they’re meeting and, despite all the teases we’ve already mentioned, to do with the footsteps in the code. In the foxy skin being surfaced to the internet in this form, which is kind of a bad quality image, this location in itself in fortnite actually looks familiar from a mini game within five nights at freddy’s supposedly anyways. I don’t know too much about the game, but, as you can see, there’s a clear comparison between these two, so it would make perfect sense for either foxy or freddy fazbear to appear through the zero point into the fortnite world. At this particular location – and somebody pointed out two over on twitter – that animatronics being the characters in five nights at freddy’s, they can sense predators and we have predator in fortnite and also with the code name of the characters in the files being french fry, meaning that The skin or skin start with f such as freddy fazbear.

It could be or foxy. I feel like at this point it’s too much of a coincidence to be not true or something that epic games have even considered, if not are working on right now. On top of that, too, you know how terminator t800 and sarah connor got leaked through the playstation store. Initially, while this could be the case for the skins or what characters are going to be arriving through the zero point, as we’re, soon gon na be seeing a brand new game called five nights at freddy’s, security breach release on playstation, 4 pc and also ps5. Three months before any of the consoles early in 2021 and i’m, just saying, if any of you guys happen to see this leak early, if it does surface, make sure to actually post it to me on any of my socials linked in the video description down below, Especially twitter, and just before we hop into the ltm itself and then show off the trailer for it. That could be upcoming very soon for this fanaf collaboration or event just know that it could be coming sooner rather than later, alongside the valentine’s day event and ltm’s contained within that, like we saw last year being the search and destroy war, as this was the case For winterfest being the biggest event of last year, but with the spy within event going on alongside it or at the exact same time with this among us style, detective game mode introduced from the creative islands that somebody designed and with epic games, introducing a ton of Community creations, it would only make sense for them to add this five nights at freddy’s particular creative island ltm, slash mode which honestly is so well designed in terms of resembling five nights at freddy’s, but within fortnite itself that you can play right now and with the Likelihood of foxy or freddy fazbear appearing through the zero point as one of these bounty hunters within fortnite, considering the hype surrounding fortnight and five nights at freddy’s now having a crossover, it would make sense for epic games to simply do this, considering it’s no extra work And this is already created and before we show the teaser trailer for this collaboration, i’ve put together, i figured we’d hop into this and show you guys how cool it would be of their community creation to earn free rewards surrounding the five nights at freddy’s kind of Franchise in and obviously this will give you a good insight to how the ltm would work in itself so make sure you stay in tune.

Okay, boys, we’re doing it. We’Re gon na hop into creative and uh get into this ltm and in case you guys want to play along with me too or play after you’ve watched this video here’s the code on screen right now kind of exciting kind of nervous to play this. Considering i haven’t played five nights at freddy’s in years and, to be honest, i’ve had to google how to play it effectively again: i’m, following all the steps on screen, basically and obviously considering it’s fortnite it’s gon na be different too, but let’s just start this game. Let’S get into it: oh my god. This actually looks cool and surprisingly similar to five nights at freddy’s – oh my god, i’m taking damage what’s going on. Ah so we can so is this. This is where we are down here and we get to shoot what room we’re. Looking at god, you take so much damage. So these four rooms down here are the rooms close up there’s somebody already. There need to stop them from uh from getting you. I thought the doors were closed automatically now, but they’re open right now need to use everything sparingly, so we’re not gon na we’re, not gon na. Oh, my god. Oh no, that was actually loud god. Damn i suck okay, so i’ve got more of a hang of it. Now all we need to do is wait which wall is it we shoot again? Okay, none of them right so let’s check real quick i’m, not gon na get snuck up on, go here to the tv room or whatever it is control center let’s check the rooms closest to us real, quick and there’s.

Nobody there so that’s that’s a good sign. It’S, a good sign right now. We can just wait a little bit. We don’t want to be shutting the doors, because you take two damage each time can we survive the night? We need to check back on the uh on the old computer right now. I don’t know to be honest: i don’t want to keep losing so much health. Why is it saying square now to oh, my god, honestly like that is really loud through my headset? I don’t even know if you guys can hear it through my mic too, but god it’s fun, though i can see how they could integrate this with, like the spy within challenges having unique objectives to complete in order to earn free rewards of which could be some Of what’s shown in the thumbnail of today’s video i’m just saying, but hopefully we don’t get eliminated by one of these animatronics straight off. The bat right can we view stuff plus, instead of just taking damage all right, so there’s, no one there, nobody there, oh there’s, somebody close to us. I believe it was, on the left hand, side right, we’re, going to shut this door. To be honest, i don’t want anything to do with that: guy, okay, he’s right next to us on the left. Oh my god, he’s gone where’s. He gone there’s, no one on the right. Oh my god! He went all the way around in that i’m.

Not how am i meant to survive the whole night like really someone, please. Let me know how i’m meant to do this with the amount of health it’s taken off me, trying to keep my eye on these guys, you’re, not moving, but oh my god, he’s already gone. He moved to the next room: oh no, he did where’s this guy gone. Don’T. Tell me he’s right next to me. Please don’t, tell me he’s right next to me: oh well, yep you can. You can get out the way buddy! Oh, my god, i shouldn’t have opened the door i am determined to complete this. Can i build and close myself in edit through here is this cheating? Is this cheating if we had a fortnight twist on it? Okay, so i can him or surely surely now he can’t get through there. Surely i’m good, oh my god, no, oh, my god yeah they can still get me. I honestly want to see in the comments down below like if you can play this with other people. Not only that, but if this is harder than the five nights at freddy’s, the actual game yeah, how is your average person meant to monitor? All of this monitor your health and then like make sure these guys don’t get in when they’re that close, like surely you’ve got had some kind of gold, like reactions i’m, just saying turn on light right, we’re closing that door i’m, not even gon na oh nope.

He came around that way, let’s see if there’s anybody. Here too, we open the door right he’s gone. Can we see? Please lie, oh my god we’re quick that time, boys, okay, so they’re not right next to me, but look how low i am on health. I’M. Gon na literally die because of this. Instead of the animatronics, no i’mma die i’m literally dead, either way it’s the doors man they take so much health of you when you put them up, especially at the same time honestly just waiting for one of them to come around the corner. Yep you can go. Where did we do it? I think it got to midnight. I just heard a clock sound, but i don’t have audio and videos right. Oh my god, i’m gon na have to close this. Oh my god we’re so close to. Why victory you win like we didn’t win anything before you leave today or before i die in this final game. Make sure you subscribe to the channel with all notifications turned on and drop a like in the video. If you enjoyed it, i want to keep referring back to it and i’d say subscribing’s more important. Now than ever considering you know, we’re going to be getting more information regarding the fanaf collaboration as there’s pass. If there is going to be one anyways, all right, so i’ve got this crack down there’s! No one near me. Anybody on that side! Nope! Are you still here? Nope, oh my god, but yeah with that said, here’s a short teaser, trailer or concept that i put together teasing this upcoming mode coming as a community creation.

So i hope you all.