Everyone welcome back to another trollium mod video in this video i’m, going to be talking about the gaming trollia mod and reviewing it. So what makes this mod unique and stands out from other mods? So if you can see it adds the usual stuff on it are more and items and such like that posters and all you can check out our past video. If you want to know the bosses channel, but in this video i’m going to be focusing on one of the most unique mechanics that this mod introduced, it’s called the super moves. So there are currently four items that enable the super move thing and one of them is really unique and new in this update. So let’s first start with the boomerang. This boomerang called the supra it uh. It deals 36 smaller damage, it’s a super move. So basically, you want to click it, and then you want to spin your pulsar on, like this it’s, very unique and new to ferrari. The more you spin, the i think, it’s the more you spin, the faster and the more damage it deals, which is really epic. Now the downside of supermove is that you cannot use it constantly. You have to wait for a cool down on using it. There will be a sign to show that the cooldown has stopped so now let’s wait there. Is it there’s the sign the bulldog just stopped? Now let’s test the kish claw: it deals 90 melee damage and it’s a super move.

So basically, this item is gon na. Do this, if you click it it’s gon na make you into a clicker game or something like that. So yeah, the more you click the more damage you deal so now. The item that you are you have been waiting for, since the intro is called the gm board. Basically, it uses 200 mana and, as a super move, you need to have large games in your inventory to activate it. So let’s just grab some large games. Large games. Alright, here we go, we get most of the gems alright, so we can now activate this thing. So basically, this thing turns into like a candy crush mechanic. So with all you need to do is click it and it turns your dronia into some candy crush sagating, so yeah you would move between your cursor and light and such like that, which is pretty epic and then yeah. You get a buff, you get above fv. If you match the gems correctly, which is pretty epic, i think it will be quite useful in combats because it gives quite a lot of buffs and powerful buffs too so yeah it’s a pretty epic and unique weapon, it’s very new and fresh detroit. Last but not least, is called the slime rain. Stick. It deals 10 magic damage, but wait so let’s spawn in the slime right here hold on slime, all right, so there’s, a slime, we’re gon na deal. The damage to this slime click this line.

Basically, you have to some sort of fruit ninja thing and build them. Let’S go like that. Let’S! Try it again. The slime blending is very fun. I didn’t do really well last time all right, let’s spawn in the blue slide. All right holder has been stopped. Let’S. Try it again: let’s go let’s, go let’s, go that’s, nice, that’s, nice, so yeah, the faster. You click the more slime. You click the more damage you deal pretty epic, but pretty unique, so yeah that’s the super moves. Now. The main part of this video is the new addition that game trolley adds to the mod. If you go and talk to the revolver, absolute npc in the smart arts go to the challenge section, there will be something called promotion day challenge. This is a new thing in the mod because it just got recently updated, and this just got added recently this thing and this challenge is very unique. So, basically you click play. You get transferred to a subworld, you have a cloud in the bottle and your health is fixed and stuff like that. So basically you get to choose your own weapon. Your armor is also removed. I’M gon na choose, for example, bo um diamond stuff and blood pressure. Let’S go so you basically get locked in this thing. Let me disable god mode, real, quick, so yeah your health is fixed, your inventory is blocked and all so yeah. Basically, you have to challenge 10 bosses and get rewarded with a super move item which is pretty cool and pretty unique.

You get respect to the support. There is also this thing called most rush. You can only obtain wash trash by defeating the ordnance phosphorus, so let’s defeat the boss, real quick, the hornet’s boss, alright, so he’s defeated now the boss, the boss trust challenge, should be available on the assault and pc. Now you can see here the mushroom you can now press play on it. So basically you get like every weapon selection from play. Boss, you can choose it. You can one two three, four five five items and five accessories that are pretty boss. So alright. So since you are fighting his slime, i chose platinum, bow, hello, toaster, emerald, stuff, red rider, j knife. As my weapon of selection, you can choose others too melee and all everything flicking slime, Music. The asterisk is pretty much only the four of these, so yeah just accept just equip it all and yeah. You get 400 life and all basically yeah you’re, just basically fighting bushrash and yeah we’re fighting kingston, pretty basic, nothing too epic or much or anything like that. It’S, pretty epic, i mean it’s, pretty unique though you you get a washroom, so yeah now i have photo who so, basically you get eye of the stuff like that and all yeah we’re, just gon na do the basic, bow and rider this bow yeah. So, look, i think, nothing’s different. It shouldn’t be too much of too big of a problem. I don’t think it’s really that hard.

If you are used to terraria vanilla bosses, so yeah, so basically uh it’s stuff, like that now eater of worlds, you can get equipment from creator of worlds and stuff like that, so it’s, the pretty useful stuff so yeah that’s. Basically it that’s just post rush. So you get to fight bosses. I don’t think i should show them really much in this video they’re, basically just wash us into a bus rush, central area. So yeah you get the point. You get the idea Music, so Music, uh, Music, so Music, so Music, sure, Music Applause, so Music, um, Music, so Music Applause, Music, nervous, oh Music, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, Music, oh Music, okay, sterling Music, uh, Music, Music, it’s, Music, uh, Music, ah Music.