If you would have bought bitcoin when i uploaded this video right here with the title buy bitcoin now you would be up exactly 222 on your investment and if you would have bought bitcoin when i uploaded this video right here, should you buy bitcoin now you would Be up believe it or not, 451 on your investment. So maybe it is a good idea to watch this video until the very end, because today, i’m going to show you why it is still not too late to buy bitcoin right now and with that said, what is going on everyone sonny decree here and welcome back To another episode, what we’re looking at is the bitcoin price going above 40 000 us dollars once again, currently we’re trading at exactly 40 289 us dollars, and we can clearly say right now that, after the descending triangle got resolved turned into a bull flag. We. Finally, finally got that bullish breakout that was predicted we’re seeing similar patterns on all coins. For example, on ethereum we had an ascending bull flag on bitcoin we’re, seeing a descending bull flag, but even ethereum was breaking out right now to new all time highs. But today is focused on bitcoin. It is not too late to buy bitcoin and in this episode, i’m going to show you exactly why that is, and by the way, guys, if you like this kind of content, definitely make sure you scroll down. You smash the like button: every likes helps to grow the channel.

That is very much appreciated and obviously, if you want to see more also make sure to subscribe and activate the post notification bell all right now, let’s get straight to the point all right. The first reason why it is not too late to buy bitcoin right now is a very good news, probably already heard there is a lot of fun going on with tether and iphone x and that they are getting sued and that they have to hand over documents To the nyag and everyone was super excited, what is going to be the outcome, and what we have right now is a statement about the 550 million us dollar loan that they’re now finally paying back to tether. So this issue looks like it is resolved, and that is definitely a bullish sign. This is just good news, but definitely not the main reason why it is not too late to buy bitcoin right now in this cycle now let’s head over to the charts well, looking at the bitcoin long term, chart where all the prices of multiple exchanges are aggregated. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that this cycle is not over yet we definitely have at least a 2x up to 3x from where we are right now minimum minimum for the top of this bull cycle. I personally predict that this is very conservative, that the price of bitcoin is going to top out somewhere between 100 and 200 000 us dollars in this cycle, and i predict the end of the cycle being this year in 2021 could be early 2022 and also the Prices could differ a little bit from my prediction if i had to say more to the up or more to the downside.

I would definitely say more to the upside i’ve been around in 2017. i’ve seen what’s possible when people are getting super greedy and what they’re capable of. As far as the bitcoin price is concerned, when everyone wants to buy bitcoin, but none are left what happens to the price, the price literally squeezes to the upside and have more reasons for that, and the next example shows you exactly why you should buy bitcoin right Now and why it is definitely not too late, not even for this cycle we’re, not even talking about 10 years or five years or whatnot right, where bitcoin eventually maybe could become a world’s reserve currency we’re, not even talking about that we’re. Just talking about this cycle based on institutional investors, financial institutions are now offering bitcoin futures. They never did that before and they were not even concerning that blackrock, the biggest financial manager out there is offering bitcoin futures probably next week. That is absolutely amazing and something that we have not seen before. So this cycle is definitely not even near to the end. Once again, my conservative prediction 100 to 200 000 us dollars, but most probably we’re, going to see higher prices if the same thing happens as it did in 2017, and the mindset of people is not changing, people will always be greedy and the higher the price goes. The greedier they get, but now let’s get into the main reason why we’re seeing a squeeze soon, but before that, just as a quick reminder, if you guys, are interested in trading the current bitcoin and all coin volatility, i personally recommend the femex platform.

A video tutorial is popping up on top of the screen right now make sure to check it out and with my sign up links down below. You are eligible for the best bonuses available currently on femix right now, so definitely make sure to check it out and now let’s jump into the main reason why bitcoin is gon na see a squeeze anytime soon to the upside, and it has something to do with This right here, we’ve already been looking at this chart for quite a few times, so i don’t want to bother you with this anymore, but what we’re seeing right now – and you probably know that – is that the bitcoin balances on exchanges are constantly going down. We are on the lowest level as far as bitcoin exchanges are concerned, since two and a half years, so the supply is shrinking and shrinking and shrinking and shrinking or the available supply is shrinking and shrinking. But – and this chart has not seen before – okay so be ready for that. This chart right here is the us dollar tether transfer volume to exchanges, not from exchanges, but two exchanges, so massive amounts. As you can see, this is constantly going up in here. Not even talking about the fluctuation, but this is constantly going up in here, and that means that more purchasing power is entering the exchanges, but less supply is actually available. So what does that mean for the price so i’m going to say once again and i’m? Not quite sure, for how long i can make these videos, because if bitcoin is trading for 120 000 us dollars, i cannot make a title which is called by bitcoin now: that’s, just not possible.

That would be irresponsible, but i’ve gotten a lot of critic already. For my recent videos here already in november 2017, then here in october 2020 and also in december 2020, people were saying: how can you be so irresponsible to tell people to buy bitcoin right now? Well, it would be irresponsible not to tell people to buy bitcoin right now, we’re going to see a squeeze to the upside sooner or later. It is absolutely impossible that it is not going to happen. I can guarantee you guys. I can guarantee you that bitcoin will be trading for more than 100 000 us dollars once not quite sure if it’s going to be this or next year. But i would say the probability is quite high that it’s going to be this year, so no at 40 000 u.s dollars. Well, it is not too late to buy bitcoin. You should buy bitcoin right now. If you don’t have any – and if you already have some, you know how it is right, you can never have enough bitcoin so make sure that you are ready. Make sure that you are prepared accordingly for what’s about to come. But this is it already for today’s episode once again, if you are interested in my favorite bitcoin leverage exchanges to leverage the current bitcoin volatility, if you want to long this to the upside or whatever you want to do, there are video tutorials popping up by my Site right now make sure to check out both of them.