This one is the printer, it has a color and a black ink cartridge inside of it, and it looks like this basically its a product that will allow you to have some temporary tattoos, and this is a printer that will let you print it anywhere on your Body, so what comes in the box? This is a skin primer that youre going to be putting onto your skin, and this one is the actual printer machine and you have to fill this printer with a cartridge, whether it be a black cartridge or a color cartridge. So let me get this all unwrapped. Okay, so ive installed the cartridge here and she has the app already downloaded under her phone, its called the printer app you can find in the apple play store, and there is a button here that we are pushing to start up. Let me look at the front here. I think that theres a power button here – okay, here power, button, okay, there it goes it turned on and now its doing its thing and pairing up see here: okay, so it is connected up right now and in this app were gon na look for different kinds Of things here like the search button here and then we can look at different kinds of lettering. This is loading up some letterings that are preset on here. So look at these pretty designs that you can draw on your arm. You could even put bar codes and all kinds of never give up.

Okay, see, look its kind of a cool thing right there. So if i wanted to print this one on my arm, do that? Yes, you can make it small small! Yes, lets! Do this right! Small one, okay and then hit yes. Do this small one? Try it on my arm, um, give it a little bit of a spray on my uh here. Do it do my right arm, because i got my watch on my other side here here: okay, spray! It a little bit all right and then, where did it go? Let me see. Okay, oh you exited it. Okay, go back up. What is it? Oh, these are all different kinds: uh right here, never give up thats the one. I want okay, okay, now, okay, so you just move it like that: okay, try it! I think you have to press press and yes, huh pr press you have to oh, so you almost, oh god, Applause so lets. Do the primer on this side. This time, okay, were practicing here, see practice makes perfect. Okay, its gon na give you a message right there on the front of the machine, its kind of taking a minute to load up okay, there, its ready press, okay and then you can roll it on. Ah, look at that that looks like a tattoo thats kind of neat. What do you think about that? Go thats, realistic, huh, uh huh, so its very easy to apply onto there and the tattoo removal process its, not a permanent tattoo, so thats whats so cool about this machine.

You could just use it and then, if you want to wash it off, you can easily do that. It is a little bit waterproof. So if youre going to wash it off, let me show you how its going to be looking like. Okay, so like the one that we made the mistake on earlier, you can see that when there is water that is just poured on top of it, its not erasing. But if you give it a little bit of a rub, see how its coming right off with some soap and water slowly but surely it is erasing there. You go that part of the tattoo is gone. So nice clean skin, its nothing permanent. So i mean its a cool tattoo machine. I think it was 330 dollars that we paid for this, so its something that you could easily use its a very small machine, and if you dont like it, you could just wash it off its a good temporary tattoo. That you could just simply erase and thats the thing about tattoos once you have them on your body, its permanent. What if you get sick of looking at that tattoo for a long time, this machine solves that and theres a lot of different kinds of pictures. Letterings designs that you could choose from through the app and then just slide it on and print it on, looks very realistic. I think the detailing looks really good, like this one says: love so thats, just my thoughts of this and just wanted to share it out with you just another cool gidgee gadget: okay.