Some people hate it. Some people love it, and today i want to explain exactly who this is for, so that you dont end up buying the wrong mouse, because hey just because it has shrouds name on it, doesnt mean that everyone is going to become a sudden aimbot. With this thing again, this is a very polarizing shape. Having said that in the right hands with the right grip style, this is like the dream mouse, and many of you know what this is: its. The g pro x superlat its logitechs current flagship gaming mouse and its what ive been using ever since it launched around this time last year. This is the mouse that i want to compare most to the g303 shroud, because i think for a lot of people. Looking for an upgrade, these two are probably towards the top of the list, so lets get the input lag stuff out of the way. First, because, as far as my testing shows, both the super light and the g303 shroud are among the most competitive when it comes to click latency. Both gaming mice run at a thousand hertz polling rate, both have omron 20m mechanical switches, and the firmware is likely incredibly similar between the two. This also means that the new g303 shroud is among the fastest actuating gaming mice, with mechanical switches. Now i havent gotten around to testing the sensor latency on the new g303, because i am currently updating my tool to become a little bit more accurate and easier to use.

But i would happily bet that the results would be very close here to the super light. Now, despite both mice having the same switches, the overall feel and tensioning is just so much better on the new g303, in fact id say the main mouse buttons are some of the lightest crispiest feeling clicks that ive ever seen on any gaming mouse. They actuate very easily and im personally, a big fan ive actually upgraded the omron 20ms to the klgm2 switches in the super light and they feel way way better. But i honestly im just going to leave the switches in the g303, because the 20 amps here actually feel really nice. Then when it comes to the scroll wheel, it is slightly heavier than the super light, but still overall, pretty comfortable as for the side buttons. These feel pretty good, much less pre travel than on the super light, which can feel a little bit spongy. I use the rear side button in game for healing and abilities, and i had no problem with that at all the front one. On the other hand, i found a lot harder to reach, so just keep that in mind if you use both of these side buttons quite frequently, the dpi button on top is quite small and easy to miss, which is probably a good thing so that you dont Accidentally hit it – and this is one main difference between the new g303 and the super light.

The super light does not have a dpi cycle button thats only doable through the software. There is also an incredibly overkill slide out draw to hold the receiver on the new g303, which yeah it is pretty overkill, probably not needed, but it does leave a lot more room underneath for those massive glides, and this brings us to some more similarities between these Two mice both have the same ptfe material for the glides, which is not bad but could always use a third party upgrade, and the coding on the shell feels identical too, which ive never had a problem with the new g303 shroud has a semi transparent finish on The sides which looks kind of cool the coating here does feel slightly different than on top, but overall still fine when it comes to battery life. Its pretty mental on both of them 70 hours of continuous use for the super light with the g303 shroud claiming over double that at 145 hours, thats. The difference between plugging your mouse in for a quick charge once a month versus twice a month, not really a big deal. I do need to stress actually how good the battery life on these mice are, though, even the super light honestly feels like it lasts forever. You can get away with charging it while youre eating dinner, and i feel like its good for a month after that. So lots and lots of stuff are the same here but of course, completely different mice.

While the g pro super light is aimed at catering to as many people as possible, the new g303 is more of a specialized type of weapon. In fact, the super light is fine for most hand, sizes, most grip styles. Basically, if you give the mouse enough time and effort, youll become comfortable enough with it comfortable is probably an understatement as its currently the most used mouse among pro gamers. At the same time, the safe shape of the logitech g pro super light also means that its not really optimized for a certain grip style, more specific or aggressive grip styles, might prefer a more matching shape so thats where the new g303 comes in, and i want To mention sensor placement real, quick because thats another big difference between these two mice, the g pro super light. Has it pretty much a dead center, whereas the g303 shroud edition has the sensor sitting a bit towards the rear, which is actually pretty rare, to see. If anything, youd typically see the sensor placed in the middle or towards the front a bit more like the arachi v2, but having it towards the rear, creates a really unique feeling. It honestly gives you this sensation that youre, aiming with the base of your palm, which does take a bit of time to get used to having the sensor further. Back. Also means that, with your typical wrist movements, that youre used to youll probably find that your sensitivity feels lower than usual and thats, because the sensor will be traveling a smaller distance for the same amount of wrist movement.

So if you are planning on going with the new g303 – and you are predominantly a wrist aimer, i would consider bumping up your sensitivity just a little bit to account for that sensor. Placement now, in terms of the weight differences, uh 60 grams, on the super light versus about 75 grams on the new g303. In my opinion, there are way more important factors at play here, like the completely different shape, but i would be lying if i said that i didnt prefer the wider feel of the super light and just coming back to the shape of the new g303, though, because This is really where you need to consider this is going to be a good fit for you. This is specifically a mouse designed for those with medium to large hands and for those that pretty much use a textbook. Claw grip, fingertip is also possible here. I think you can definitely take advantage of the shorter overall length, but claw grip is really what this mouse is designed for. So this is how i grip the mouse overall. I do find that i get a more locked in grip compared to the super light, but for me i am still adjusting to it and finding my way around this completely unique shaped mouse. My grip is not what id call ideal. I could probably curl my ring finger and pinky finger a little bit more, but even with this, it does feel a bit more comfortable than the g pro super light and after spending a few days with it, i did manage to break a few high scores.

In my more frequent covax routines, i posted a top one percent score in tile frenzy, which might not sound crazy but hey thats, pretty good for me and tracking scenario. Scores were pretty close to personal bests in game, though im, yet to feel that 100 confident feeling with the new g303, like i eventually had with the g pro super light again, i am still just adjusting to this completely new shape, so this is definitely not a Mouse for me that i tried and instantly saw an improvement in my aim. I still have those moments of real inconsistencies where i dismiss easy shots, but hopefully that sort of stuff will be ironed out with a bit more game time and experience. I will say, though, that my grip feels pretty locked in and solid on the new g303, and i think if i stick with it, i can probably develop a bit more consistency and probably better aim than what i had with the super light. At the same time, this is a mouse that some people will try and just absolutely hate. If you have small hands, use a palm grip or prefer ergonomic mice, this mouse is almost definitely not for you now im, not someone who switches gaming, mice a whole lot. I actually think thats kind of bad for your aim and consistency if you just keep switching back and forth uh, like i said, ive been using the super light pretty much every day for about a year now, but i will say the new g303 shroud edition is Probably going to be my new main for the next year, i still have to try the new final mouse starlight 12 phantom when that arrives, but so far i am really lacking the new g303.

If, however, you dont fit into that group of users who have medium to large hands and use a claw grip, the super light would be a pretty top consideration. Of course, there are a ton of other gaming mice out there to consider, but for a lot of people this is probably it now. I will eventually be doing a video of the top gaming mice of 2021. So do stay tuned for that, but spoiler alert. The g pro super light and shroud g303. They are ranked right up there at the top, and i do understand that both of them are premium priced gaming, mice, uh 150, for the super light and about 130 for the new g303. But i really believe for the amount of performance that youre getting and the amount of time that you spend using them, that price can be justified pretty quickly. If you are interested in picking them up, i will have them linked down below, as always hope.