These are the hori split pad pro grip controllers. The first thing youll notice, pulling these hori grips outside the box is they are very light. Theyre lighter than joy cons, which is a pro because when you put in handheld mode you wont get fatigued and you can have a long session with them. Now there are some cons, but im gon na go over the cons later in this video. So keep on watching to find out the hori split pad pro. Has a nice plastic smooth finish on the front and a textured by the palm on the back, which gives you a nice secure feeling, especially if you play on the couch and you raise your switch up. Youll totally be secure now for the buttons and the d pad theyre a lot bigger and fatter than one of the joy cons, and they definitely have a good click to them and they have a more premium feel which is nice when it comes to the analog. Stick is no contest. The analog sticks on the grips is a little bigger to fill out your thumbs and a lot smoother compared to the joy cons. This is kind of why you upgrade to the hori grips: hey you over there. These grips arent just for comfort, theyve got some cool features too come on. Let me show you: they have a sign button and a turbo button on both the left and the right grip and were going to get into that next.

The first feature i want to talk about is the assign button. Now this is my favorite feature, because it allows you to hit the sign button and you can click any of the front buttons or triggers and it maps it to the back button by your middle finger, which is really nice, especially if a game has awkward controls. Like skyward sword, where you cant remap them and you have to click in the left, stick to use your shield, which is weird because if you click on the left, stick try to lock on someone and try to move around its really weird and awkward. But now you just hit the assign button, click in the left stick and now your map button on the back is your shield, which is really nice. Now i can move freely around the map and not worry about the awkward controls theres, a particular boss that uses these mechanics. This is so important because you have to be able to move and counter to beat this boss, and these hoary grips really made it easier to complete that task now. The second feature i want to talk about is the turbo button works. The same way like the assign button you kind of hold it in and then you click whatever button. You want either on the front or one of the triggers and it allows the input to be repeated automatically. So this is really beneficial for like single fire guns, which would make them automatic so probably good in overwatch.

I could see being a competitive advantage now for the cons and there arent too many for these grips but theres some things you need to think about. The first one is that these things are bulky youre, basically cutting a regular gamepad in half and sticking them on the end of your switch, so these dont fit in my carrying case, i usually have to like throw them in a backpack. If i want to take it to go, which kind of sucks, but its the price im willing to pay for bigger controllers for my hand helmet the next con, is these dont have any batteries in them? You cant use these remotely. You cant just sit and lay on the couch and have your arm spread apart and just kind of lounge around and play thats, not what these are. They have to be connected to your switch. Remember when i said its a con that these things are light well thats, because they dont have a rumble in them. Games like mario odyssey, where you have to find a moon with the rumble, could pose a problem, especially since nintendo used hd rumble as one of the big marketing pushes when they launched the switch meaning theyre going to try to shoehorn rumble into any of the first Party games and it could be key mechanics in the game. I totally understand that for some people this could be a huge red flag and its up to you to decide if thats worth it or not.

Gamespot had an article about top groups to buy, and one of their cons for these grips were that they get drift after a year. Now i havent had that experience of any drift with mine and ive had them for over a year. Ive had them since october of 2019, but it is something to think about, and i just want to, let you guys know that i guess it is a possibility. The final thing i want to talk about is price. Now these range between 45 and 50, the translucent black and midnight blue, were selling for 45 bucks on amazon. Now the rest of the designs were either out of stock, saying theyll get in stock. Soon it seemed like, after christmas or theyre being resold by third party sellers for 75 dollars, which, if you really need them now – and you want that design – that would be the only option. Now they had one other variation called the mega man design, which was being pre, ordered now and being released on december 17th. Now that one was 60 as the asking price, no reseller, just sixty bucks. I really like these hoary switch pad pros uh. They do everything for me. They have a nice comfortable grip when im playing in handheld mode, especially since i play eighty percent of time in handheld mode.