So like comment, this video and hit the subscribe button for more videos now lets get starting number 6 bose noise, cancelling headphones 700 over ear wireless bluetooth, headphones with built in microphone for clear calls and alexa voice control, powerful noise, cancelling headphones 11 levels of active noise. Cancelling, let you enjoy music podcasts videos and calls, without distractions, astonishing, sound crisp, clear details, deep full base. These wireless headphones produce, exciting lifelike, sound, thats, full and balanced at every volume level, unrivaled voice, pickup, a revolutionary microphone system adapts to noisy and windy environments. So your voice always sounds crystal clear on calls: keep your head up and hands free with easy access to voice assistants like alexa and google assistant for music navigation weather and more and intuitive touch control on the ear cups you can stay connected without reaching for your Phone premium, design and comfort with a lightweight stainless steel, headband and ear cups tilted for the perfect fit. You can comfortably wear these bluetooth headphones for hours up to 20 hours of non stop music, get up to 20 hours of wireless battery life on a single charge. One touch to listen to spotify instantly, listen to your last spotify session or discover new music by tapping and holding the right ear cup, currently only available when using ios devices. With your headphones. Please check link in the description box and order now, from number five marshall mid anc, active noise canceling on your wireless bluetooth, headphone mid.

A n c is an active noise, canceling headphone with bluetooth, apps technology. It delivers superior wireless audio, dampening the sound around you, letting you enjoy what matters most the music it offers up to 20 hours of wireless play time when active noise, cancelling is engaged or 30 plus hours of wireless play time without anc, its custom, 40 millimeters dynamic Drivers lend a robust sound that balances clarity with just the right amount of bass perfect for those who demand the best in audio the on ear design features a plush headband wrapped in soft microfiber 3d hinges that produce an ergonomic fit and black anodized metal detailing that Gives this headphone its iconic look mid anc is an active noise. Cancelling headphone bluetooth apps gives you the freedom of a wireless headphone time to full recharge is three hour music time anc enabled with bluetooth is 16 hours. Talk time, anc enabled with bluetooth is 15 hours. Standby time, anc enabled with bluetooth is 45 hour up to 20 hours of play time when active noise, cancelling and bluetooth are engaged or 30 plus hours of wireless play time without anc custom tuned drivers for superior audio, which delivers a robust sound that perfectly balances clarity With just the right amount of bass, wirelessly answer reject or end a call with the control knob two built in passive noise reduction microphones. Allow you to have conversations and record voice memos through your device. Please check link in the description box and order now from amazon.

com number four beats: solo3 wireless on ear, headphones apple, w1, headphone chip class 1, bluetooth, 40 hours of listening time built in microphone. High performance, wireless bluetooth, headphones in black features, the apple w1 chip and class 1 wireless bluetooth connectivity with up to 40 hours of battery life beats solo3 wireless is your perfect everyday headphone compatible with ios and android devices with fast fuel. Five minutes of charging gives you three hours of playback when battery is low, adjustable, fit with comfort, cushioned ear cups made for everyday use, sleek streamlined, design, thats, durable and affordable to go everywhere. You do take calls control your music and activate siri with the multi function on your controls. The sound and design youve come to love from beats with premium playback with fine tuned acoustics that maximize clarity, breadth and balance. Solo 3 features on board controls built into the left. Ear cup use the b button to control playback one press to play or pause two presses to skip forward or three presses to skip backward using the volume rocker above and below the b button to adjust the volume up or down. Please check link in the description box and order now from number three sony: wh 1000xm wireless industry leading noise, cancelling overhead headphones with mic for phone call and alexa voice control, sonys, intelligent industry leading noise cancelling headphones with premium sound elevate, your listening experience with the Ability to personalize and control everything you hear get up to 30 hours of battery life, with quick charging capabilities, enjoy an enhanced smart, listening feature set and carry conversations hands free with speak to chat, hear every word note and tune with incredible clarity.

No matter your environment. These headphones feature additional microphones that assist in isolating sound while talking on the phone resulting in improved phone call, quality and the reduction of even more high and mid frequency sounds dual noise sensor technology featuring two microphones on each ear cup, captures ambient noise and passes the Data to the hd noise, cancelling processor qn1, using a new algorithm, the hd noise canceling processor qn1 then applies noise, cancelling processing in real time to a range of environments. Please check link in the description box and order now from number two bose quietcomfort: 45 bluetooth. Wireless noise, cancelling headphones noise, canceling wireless, headphones, the perfect balance of quiet comfort and sound bose uses tiny mics to measure, compare and react to outside noise, cancelling it with opposite signals. High fidelity, audio, the tri port acoustic architecture offers depth and fullness volume. Optimized, active eq maintains balanced performance at any volume, so bass stays consistent when turned down, and the music remains clear when turned up quiet and aware modes: choose quiet mode for full noise, cancelling or aware mode to bring the outside into the around ear headphones and hear Your environment and your music at the same time over ear headphones. These comfortable wireless headphones, are suitable for all day, wear crafted with plush synthetic leather and impact resistant nylon and designed with minimal clamping force theyre as luxurious as they are durable. Bluetooth. Wireless noise canceling headphones. These headphones are optimized for a strong, reliable bluetooth connection within 30 feet of the paired device, bose music app, the app walks you through guided setup of your over ear headphones, making it easy to get started, plus access adjustable noise cancellation settings manage your bluetooth connections, enable Shortcuts and more please check link in the description box and order now from amazon.

com at last number one jabra elite, 85 hours, wireless noise, canceling, headphones, copper, black over air bluetooth, headphones compatible with iphone and android built in microphone, long battery life rain and water resistant jabra Elite 85 hours wireless headphones are engineered for the best wireless calls and music experience with smart, sound. Smart, active noise cancellation responds to the environment switching on if it detects background noise. The revolutionary smart, sound audio technology in these bluetooth, headphones, analyzes, your sound environment and automatically applies your personalized audio. To give you the sound, you need, when you need it up to 36 hours of battery on a single charge with anc switched on and fast charging of 5 battery hours in 15 minutes. Listen from the start of the day to the end, with these noise canceling headphones, the advanced technology uses six of the eight built in microphones to enhance call quality and block out background and wind noise. This enables crystal clear sound, so you can make and receive calls in total confidence, no matter the elements youre prepared to go anywhere with certified water and rain resistant, headphone technology and nano coating of the internal components, plus there are no pesky wires in these bluetooth wireless Headphones, please check link in the description box and order now from amazon.