It blows me away. It doesnt have a lot of tech and motors in it, but it does use natures, tech, graphics, im, really excited to show you all about this. So lets get into it master black Music by the way, welcome to the channel. My name is danny black and i love to review cool gear. That comes my way, dont be a stranger and also make sure you do ding that bell, because i have some upcoming live streams and giveaways that you dont, want to miss links to everything that im going to be talking about will be down in the description plus A surprise link and yeah todays product review is a really cool one, so the company is called grab grip and, to sum it up its basically a jib arm for the gopro. Also, they sent me two. So if you want one of these, let me know in the comments down below and on an upcoming live stream. I will give one away to one of you: lucky commenters, all right lets go ahead and look in the box and see what they give you its quite simple in the box. You get the grab grip, a counterweight and a screw thread to action. Camera mount, but also you get a little quick start guide with a qr code on it, which is actually very nice because theres, a video that shows just how to set it up and some tips and tricks, and they also show you how to set it up.

With your phone, if youre going to use your phone grab, grip does have their own extension, pull, which has really easy, loosening and tightening mechanisms. There is a screw thread mount at the bottom, so you can extend it out even further, but it does come with this little screw thread carabiner and wrist strap, which is quite handy. So when you get it mounted on, your gopro sits like this yeah upside down and your gopro will automatically flip the image unless you have orientation lock on. But the point of this is its basically like a horizontal lock, but also when you want to get a more cinematic shot like a reveal or something like that. You do that pan up and it looks so good and lifting this up to get those like drone. Looking shots, it looks so good and then you just bring it down and it just stays level, and one thing you might be wondering right now is cant. I just achieve that with a normal selfie stick and the answer is no. When you go in with a normal selfie, stick and youre panning up, you actually just end up pointing at the sky, where the grab grip will actually keep it level, and also with this counterweight, where you put it up or down, you can actually adjust. How fast of a motion you want to get seriously? This is really awesome. I actually went into the city to test this all out with my youtube eastgate friend, scott davies, and we were just having a blast with this and scott was immediately like uh yeah.

Im gon na buy one of these, and this would be perfect for his channel. Doing eastgate reviews because its just a really easy way to capture your board without having to change around everything to get the shot you need, and for me this might sound a bit silly, but i was having so much fun with it and it was just like. I was getting these creative shots and just really enjoying it, and you know a product is really good when you get shots and you actually have to watch them back immediately. And yes, i have reviewed gimbals on this channel before and this is not really a gimbal replacement. I do notice that it keeps it a lot more steady versus like using a regular selfie stick, but i just love that you can get really creative shots with this and you dont have to deal with. You know batteries and controllers and motors and all that stuff, its just really nice to have on there. So there you go. I actually rate this really high up on, like a must have for the gopro, just because youll have a lot of fun with this and do check out the link down below, and if i do get a coupon code. I will put that down there at the moment. I dont have a coupon code, because if you check it out right now, there is a deal going on. You can get the black friday bundle, including their extension, pull hand, grip phone and action, camera adapter and all of that for 59 us dollars.

And if you do miss the offer. Well, i think its still worth the full retail price. But maybe there is a coupon code so do check that out, but thats it for me today and thanks so much for watching. I havent mentioned this in a little while, but i do have memberships for this channel where i have exclusive behind the scenes. Content live streams and giveaways.