My favorite device is apples – mac computer because of its first operating system system from desktop on laptop computers. This opening printing Music system system is exclusive for device producer by apple to die. The mac or is, is an alternative, an innovation of a parenting system system, its developers have managed managed to create an adaptably and easy to use system connected to the iphone ipad, ip or ipod, its the files application complement the mark always so that the work experience Is complete and interactive with social networks and third party software? The five pros are that is, it is fast. Fast has a lot of security to avoid beerus beerus has a comfortable design, its camera has better quality, and is application are much better? The five cont are that it is not compatible to copy music, it does not have all the application of a windows Music. You have the blue design programs. Mac products are quickly expensive and do not have much memory. Mad boys, its direct competition from the microsoft. The of the o is environment, one of the first microprocessor to run on the mac. Os was the power pc g3, which was the problem paint for computers from i b m motorola and apples it it will be out.