Six, like a new s7 sip, a crack resistant display and fast charging all these, while retaining features such as spo2 tracking, which was introduced last year with the cd6. Despite all of this, a question that has been echoing, in my mind, is that is this apple watch series 7, a big leap over the cd6, or is it a small iterative step? Well thats? What we are here to find out hello, everyone, im aditya youre, watching gadgets360 – and this is the full detailed review of the apple watch series. 7. lets begin Music. The apple watch cd7 comes in three case: materials, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium with multiple color and size options. Apple offers two case: sizes, 41 mm and 45 mm, and you have the choice of a gps. Only watch or one with gps plus cellular connectivity. Pricing for the apple watch starts at 41, 900 rupees in india. For the 41 mm gps only model heres a look at the price list for the rest of the variants. The bigger 45 mm model of the same spec will set you back by 44 900 rupees. If you want a gps plus cellular apple watch, cd7 itll set you back by 50, 900 rupees and 53 900 rupees for a 41 mm or 45 mm case respectively. The stainless steel and titanium cases command significant premium. I had a 45 mm gps plus cellular unit with a green aluminum case, for this review lets.

First talk about the design that the company hasnt changed that much the cd7 now has bigger display and the front glass now curves over the sides of the case. The right side has the digital crown and a multi function button just below it. Between these two is a microphone hole on the left side. Youll find a single wide cut out for the speaker, while all the sensors for tracking are on the underside, it still uses the same proprietary connectors for straps. So if you have an older apple watch of matching size, it will slide right in the apple watch. Cd7 sports, a 1.9 inch ltpo oled display with a peak brightness of 1000 nits when its active and up to 500 nits, when its in the always on state, the bezels have shrunk and apple, says that the front crystal is its most crack resistant material. Yet the bigger display, compared to previous models, did make content a little easier to read. The contour watch face highlights the new, rounded screen edges of the series 7. While the modular duo phase shows details of three complications at once. You get ip6x rating for dust resistance and is also water. Resistant up to 50 meters should be good for a short swim powering. This package is the new s7 sip by apple, but there is no performance improvements here. The cd7 supports dual band: wi fi apples, u1 chip and ultra wide band antennas. It has health sensors for blood, oxygen and heart rate tracking, as well as the hardware to record an ecg.

The apple watch, cd7 can only be paired with an iphone, and the process is seamless. Apple says that it has tweaked watch os 8 to take full advantage of the big display. A text is easier to read. Also, ui elements are bigger, so doing things such as entering a passcode is easier. Apple has also introduced new watch face, which does display more information at a glance. The user interface is very intuitive. A swipe down from the home screen gives you access to pending notifications. While a swipe up shows the control center, you can swipe from the left or right edges to change. Watch faces. Apples virtual assistant siri, is also available on the apple watch and can be summoned in three ways. You can long press, the digital crown say: hey siri or raise the watch to your face and speak performance wise. The cd7 offered a smooth lag free experience, pressing the digital crown opens up. The app drawer can be said to zoom in and out of apps and can also be used to scroll through the menus and notifications. Apple has also added a sensor on the digital crown for measuring ecgs to track fitness. I wore the watch for my evening walks and after covering the distance, i knew was one kilometer. The cd7 reported it accurately. The cd7 was also very accurate, with step, counting measuring exactly thousand steps for the thousand that i manually counted. Watch os also gamifies your fitness goals constantly nudging you to finish your rings.

Throughout the day, i found the heart rate tracking to be accurate, and it was also quick to detect changes in heart rate. The apple watch cd7 is capable of tracking blood oxygen saturation spo2 and showed my blood oxygen levels to be between 96 percent and 98 percent, which is within the ideal range for a healthy individual sleep tracking is one area in which the apple watch series 7 can Still do with some improvement, i found it to be inconsistent. It also does not provide a detailed breakdown of sleep faces. Instead, it only shows time in bed and sleep trends. Since i had a cellular enabled model of the apple watch series 7. I set it up with an esim. You can take incoming calls directly on the watch and make outgoing calls as well. I had to raise the watch quite close to my face to hear callers clearly and they did notice that i wasnt speaking from a smartphone but did not have any complaints about the sound quality you can pair bluetooth headphones to the apple watch series 7 and comfortably Leave your phone behind when going out for a run or while working out, i was able to get about a day and a half worth of use on a single charge. During this time, it had to track workouts monitor my heart rate, with the always on display mode enabled and track sp02. The watch was connected to my iphone at all times.

I did also manage to get just about two days worth of battery life, with the always on display switched off using the cd7 cellular capability resulted in a drop in battery life. As i expected charging the apple watch. Cd7 requires the included magnetic charging puck, you dont get the fast charging feature in india and the watch charges relatively slowly getting to about 41 percent in an hour once it is fully charged youll get a notification on your iphone, which is very convenient. No doubt this is just an incremental upgrade. The biggest difference visually is the bigger display, fast charging isnt supported in india. Yet and if you are already using the apple watch, cd6 there isnt any incentive for you to upgrade to the cd7 right away. However, if you are using the apple watch, series 3 or older, the cd7 is going to be a noticeable upgrade for roughly the same cost as the apple watch series 6.. But if you dont want to spend as much the apple watch, sc is still a capable alternative on a budget, so that was my review of the apple watch ce7. Now. What do you think about this smartwatch? Do let me know that in the comment section down below and as always for all things, tech stay tuned to gadget360.