Well were going to review it and were going to test it in our own special way. First of all, what does it do? Well, this is a sphere, its filled with water and a rotator, and because of the rotation it sucks in air, and it sends air out back before going through the water, so its water that filters the air. Now it also has a negative ionization which claims to take out some of the dirty particles in the air claims thats, something we can test. What we can test is the water so im going to fill this up with demineralized water, so as pure water, as you can find in the shop and leave it out for eight hours. Now, where i live its quite dusty, i got a fireplace which youve seen in another video, so theres a lot of dust particles in the air, so im curious how it will do after eight hours. Oh see you in hours the changing colors of the leds just create some atmosphere, its nice. It does make some sound some noise, but when youre at home theres as much noise outside or when youre just watching tv or on your computer, you dont really hear it. So you can see its spinning the water going on the sides, so i might even find the colors romantic but ill leave that all to you so well be back in a few hours. So eight hours later well have a look its hard to see anything uh.

First glance: im like nope, no hair, no little little bit of dust particles, but okay, a test or an experiment only works, and you can do it twice so lets refill this and try another room for eight hours again so eight hours later in another room, i Will be trying to see if we got any more dusts particles or hairs in our bowl im gon na find the light kind of hard to see on camera and in real life. I have to say nope, nothing, no, hair, no big pieces zip. So i guess we can conclude this test. Thus, after two tests of eight hours of this device going at it, we have to conclude it does not work as advertised.