Yeah im a bit of a a bit of a fan, ive got to say now, ive kind of been looking at to going cashless for quite a while and trying to make my riding experience as easy and as efficient as possible, and one of the areas ive Been looking at is my motorcycle wallet or my wallet that i have sometimes i just find its a little bit too big and bulky. I also wanted something that would be quite useful in other respects, as well as uh, just something that i could use whilst on the road and uh you know if im in a bind or something i could, it could help me out anyway, so this uh company Here, uh uh sent me uh this tactical wallet, uh 3.0 uh, which they make now they make all sorts of gadgets, which i love as well and uh its not only for motorcycling. They do it for outdoor adventures that kind of thing as well anyway. So i thought you know what im really interested in that, maybe just a small little wallet which is fully customizable as well. It can be bespoke to your needs. You can send in your own designs as well, so you can have it fully personalized, and you know its something that i thought. Ah, this might be quite compact. They send it in this nice little box. Actually, first of all, they sent it in this lovely black velour, a velvety type bag, which is very nice.

So not only do you get the wallet inside uh, but also afterwards, you can use this storage tin for your bike and keep it on your bike for bits and bobs little tool bits or whatever in your tool, roll uh. You can even just have this on your bike as a something lets say if youve got panniers or saddlebags or whatever it is so look there in there in you, go fishbash bosch done right, so it comes in a very nice packaging. Its all done very well lets just open up the case. Shall we look at that beautiful, very nice now, basically, when i ordered mine, i said to them. You know what i wont have any personalization ill just show your product uh, which is a little Look right so here it is heres the wallet but theres more a lot more im gon na dig into this in a minute. Okay. So, on the back there is this kind of uh binder elasticated binder, which you can keep all sorts of things. Uh theyve actually got all these information cards, so youve got one of these cards, which gives you all emergency uh information as well. How to do signals morse code, all sorts of stuff youve got another one here, which is like a measuring card. Just a quick ruler and things like that and little conversion tables all really good and youve got this uh, which is basically a usb card.

Stick. So you basically just stick this in a usb and away you go and it stores now wait for it. 32 gigabytes, which is you know incredible, just just imagine just a few years ago, trying to get 32 gigabytes on a card, and now you can get. You know hundreds of gigabytes on a very tiny card but, as i say its, it fits in the wallet, its ultra slim line, and basically all of this just goes on the back of the wallet right here. Let me show you so there you go. You put all this in the sleeve on the back like this, so there we go right. What about the front? Well, youve actually got one of these fresnel lenses. You know for making fires. If you go out, camping youve got one of these uh multi tools as well, its actually a 14 in one multi tool. This all goes in here as well, so that all fits back in there. Now you can just get some credit cards or whatever it is. Stick that in there bish bash bosh done so it all goes in there look i mean this is what i would normally have had. You know very bulky as well. This is ultra slim line, its got so much more stuff in here than in here. In terms of being out on the road surviving information at hand, that kind of thing all little useful gadgets plus, i can even store the credit cards that i actually need, or all my bank cards actually need when im out on the road, and i dont have To worry about you know: cash really because lets face it im not using a lot of cash, especially since covid uh dont really use a lot of cash these days, its all very tap away and away you go so there we go m gear, nice little tactical Wallet i like it, i like it a lot.

Yes, is it expensive? I think definitely, when you start really uh personalizing it and adding extra extra gadgets. Yes, absolutely it can be quite expensive, but i think also youre looking at something that is really well made as well. So from that point of view, some people are gon na, not like it taught and other people would really be interested in something like this. Its really well made its sturdy, its kind im, not sure if its metal or hard metal or or hardened plastic, but it looks really cool. So all this fronting and say you can actually all customize that as well. It comes with little spare bits as well, so there we go. Youve got another little elasticated bit there as well uh. You can have that for other stuff. Youve got the tinge which you could put stuff in there and have this on your bike, or in your workshop or whatever youve got the velvet bag, which is all great right. What else did they send me? Look its another velvet bag and its another tin. I do love these sort of tins, theyre, so useful for all sorts of things. Right. Look theyve sent me a pen, basically its one of these twist things that you uh it locks its um, its its not a mechanical one, its more that its just slotted in and its uh, its uh just stays away perfect its a pen right its a pen. However, however uh these things actually clip onto the side of the wallet hold on, so basically, this pen goes into a little holder and hes got a clip and basically you unscrew uh these sides, and you clip this on or you screw this into the side there.

So you can have this as a little pen on the side right hold on theyve sent me something else as well. Theyve also sent me a torch as well, so its exactly the same thing. You can either clip this to your belt or something like that, or you actually can clip this via the little sleeve as well pop it onto the side of there like that bish bash, brush and away you go so its very versatile. Personally, i would say i dont want these on the side of mine, because it makes this a little bit too bulky for me, however, to have these tiny little torches and a pen on your person or just on the bike somewhere is really useful, especially you know. Little torches, ive always say, take a little torch with you. You never know when youre gon na need it and also having a pen on you uh, just a small one as say is always a good thing. How many times ive you know been out and about, and i needed a pen to write something down. As i say, i dont think id have them on the side thats entirely up to you, of course uh, but i would just carry them separately. Lets say: im. Look its all really small and compact. This is what i like about it, its really small, really, compact and away you go so there we go. The m gear gadget, wallet, 3.0, uh ill leave the links in the description for you.

Is it worth it? I would say so, especially if you want to slim down what you take with you when youre out on the bike, if youre going on a weekend or if youre, going on a tour, i like all the little features with it. I, like all the little survival little bits as well, that kind of buys into my psyche. I, like all those kind of little bits and pieces, especially if youre going out camping that kind of thing and, if youre doing kind of bare bones camping. I really like that. I really like the little torch feature and the pen i wouldnt, have it on the side myself, but you can have that the kit that they send you, you can just clip it onto the side here. I would just have these as separate little items in my uh in my pocket, because it just then makes this a bit too big and bulky to slip into your pocket. You see so i would have this like that. Is it worth it thats entirely up to you to decide? Yes, it is a little bit expensive, but its definitely well made, and if you like, your gadgets well made and im gon na last a test of time, possibly so, but there we go uh I was looking for something like this anyway uh for my riding because lets face it all gone cashless uh these days, you know its all tap, tapper and thats.

It isnt it these days, especially since covid uh not really taking a lot of cash with me, and i dont really want a bulky wallet with me. I want something: thats uh sturdy. I can stick the essential cards in there now, a bit of survival stuff as well camping stuff – really, i should say uh and uh yeah a couple of essential things, all useful things that you should always have with you anyway, but there we go the m gear Gadget wallet what you reckon, let us know in the comments below but dont forget to subscribe, hit that bell like and share and check out the website, revelatoff.