The plan today is channel improvements, so here hopefully, is channel improvements. Lets get to unboxing. Shall we there should be long as youve got. The right box is tripod basic oof, so this one i dont even need my little color this one okay, so i dont have to balance up my phone right now. The phone is balanced on two pieces: hey not only do we have flexible leggies, all these flex left, so i can stand it in all weird, wonderful, wonderful ways, this guy Applause screws into the top. I believe hey look at that. Look at that. So this its got full 360 spin, its held on there really tight im, not gon na worry about my phone falling off at all um. I bought this off amazon as youve seen the packaging. It was the top rated cheap one. Basically, it didnt go for anything expensive and it feels really good quality like really tight, nothings wiggling, nothings jiggling, but something that were going to demonstrate is this. Now this little guy should mean im not reaching to turn off and start recording. We can have a look real, quick at other functions that this guy does its designed for smartphone or android smartphone or android android or ios. Even uh, flexible legs install anywhere bluetooth. Anything with bluetooth should run it. It uh has a little blue light on it. Um comes with a battery um, you can take pictures and or videos it just activates the shutter, so whatever setting you have on should do a thing, but we will cut to the next scene and well see the difference because well be using it wish me luck.

It works, look at that didnt have to reach for the uh on button. I rate it. It was quite simple. I just had to connect that out with my bluetooth. The battery worked and uh its got two buttons im, not sure it makes much difference. One says android and one says ios, obviously um this ones gon na be running off with ios, but quality wise. The pod were on a pod, were not now leaning up against something so im going to worry about falling over and we can boop it off and on ready were going to boop reboot. How cool is that not bad? I believe i paid uh 13.99, not bad for a chinese guy. It is 7.58 inches. If i dont mind saying um yeah, i think thats some improvement. What do you reckon? Let me know in the comments if you would like to uh help, along with the channel at all, like share subscribe, all that good stuff im, not good at none of this just yet were getting there, though right one thing, i will say guys before we go. This was used three times four times this pooper and i needed to change the batteries on it already needed to change the batteries. Luckily, i had spare ones in the cupboard because it takes the same battery as you get in a set scales. The digital skills fingers crossed it was just enough battery rather than it drained it real fast, hey.

Thank you guys for watching and taking your time uh. If you would like to leave a like or subscribe, maybe help us out a little bit. Anything helps see you again.