So yes, we are doing a camera shootout and this ones a little bit unique because i am in thailand right now. Bangkok, thailand, so both of these phones have the same image sensor: its a samsung iso cell tn1 sensor with a relatively large one over 1.3 one inch image sensor. So that means a larger image sensor helps it takes in a lot of light and also have a shallower depth of field. So whenever you take pictures of something up, close youll get creamy natural, boking, okay, so now youre watching ultra wide camera footage from both phones. Now the ultra wide camera hardware is different, because the x74 plus has a 48 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera thats built on top of gimbal stabilization, whereas the pixel 6 pro has a standard, 12 megapixel, ultra lighting on camera and the pixels, so six wheels ultra wide Is a lot tighter framing, so you should see more on aviva, like 70 pro plus right now, and lets see if that gimbal really makes a difference. Im just gon na run not sure if that will work is low, light situation right now, Music, okay, now for zoom lens, the pixel 6 pro has a 48 megapixel periscope zoom lens that can do four times: optic zoom, whereas the vivo x74 plus has two zoom Lens but um its periscope zoom lens is an eight megapixel lens that can do five times optical zoom. So, on paper five times, optical zoom should beat the four times optical zoom right, but because the pixel uh periscope zoom lens has more pixels to play with 48 megapixel it bends down to 12 megapixel shots.

So i find that for still photos. The pixels periscope beats vivos periscope, like seven eight times out of ten and in video, its no contest, because when youre filming video and you zoom to 4x or beyond youre using the periscope zoom lens on the pixel. But for some reason vivo does not film video. With the periscope zoom camera at all, so if youre filming a video and you zoom to 5x its still completely digital zoom, so the footage looks pretty bad now. The silver line for vivo is that it has a second zoom lens, a two times: telephoto zoom lens a 12 megapixel lens. So that means, if you are just doing two times, zoom photos, the vivo x70 pro plus will beat the google pixel 6 pro. But ultimately the zoom lens is a peripheral lens. The test im most excited for is the main camera test. The 50 megapixel samsung gm1 sensor now same image sensor, but different philosophy. Vivo has a fast aperture, f, 1.6 to the pixels f 1.9, and each of these phones have its own separate brain to handle all the visuals captured by the sensor. So on the google pixel 6 handling, all the image image signal processing is the google tensor. This is googles own custom built soc. Now the vivo x70 pro plus has a custom chip to is the v1, but this is only an isp and image signal. Processor. The main soc here is still the qualcomm snapdragon triple a plus, but anyway enough talk lets go shooting, but i also took a bunch of photos during the day, so well examine those first, so um right off the bat youll see a couple of trends is that The google pixel 6 pro has more muted colors, especially when it comes to reds and blues compared to the vivo x70 pro plus, you know, googles colors are more natural, its just vivo completely dials up the contrast on reds, particularly in this pair of air jordans here, But you notice theres like really natural creamy bouquet around the shoes right.

This is not portrait mode. This is just point and shoot. One next photo is just that again. Both of these cameras put this really natural creamy bokeh. Now, even though vivos color looks a little bit more aesthetically pleasing to my eye, if you actually zoom in and pixel peep on, a larger monitor, like i would say, eight times out of ten, the google pixel shot is a little bit more detailed and sharp. At least for daytime photos now in these high contrast, shots in which im shooting against backlight on purpose, so half the scene is like drenched in shadow and half is um pretty well lit. You can see that both phones handle contrast really well, but the vivo tends to brighten up shadows a little bit more. Okay, so right now were on a pretty dark street lets test really low light photography. So i mean this. Camera has really strong low light capability. Trust me in real life, this is really dark in real life. It kind of looks like looks like this yeah. This is how it looks to my eyes so well start with the google pixel 6 pro. So obviously night mode is uh, kicking in and googles. Nightmare takes a long time. Man and now we have the vivo x70 pro plus. So you see vivo also turn on night mode, but is a much shorter night mode, Music, okay. So now both of these are 4k footage: 4k. 30.

, Music, Music, Music. Okay, so i am in chinatown right now and youre watching selfie camera footage. My skin tone looks much more natural on the pixel on the vivo. I look very white lets see how exposure is behind me. Yeah vivos also blowing out the lights above me, at least so far from what i can see. Okay main camera footage with the google pixel 6 pro and the vivox 7d plus Music, so because the google pixel only has one zoom lens its a full time: zoom thats too far of a zoom for portrait. So when you switch to portrait mode, youre, actually still shooting with the main camera, only except google will punch in a little bit because it knows that standard one x is a little bit too wide. So well, portrait itll punch in a little bit, but this is still shooting with that 50 megapixel main camera. So the result is an image thats uh really sharp, because it is shooting with that 50 megapixel sensor and now we have the vivo x70 pro plus, because the vivo x74 plus actually has a dedicated two times telephoto zoom lens. So when youre capturing portraits, it will actually default to that telephoto zooms so well capture a portrait here. So we can see that the x74 plus portrait is closer than google pixels because theres a two times zoom, but it is not as detailed as the pixels okay. So now were testing the ultra lighting on camera.

The first thing youre going to notice is that the pixels ultra wide its just not that wide. It has a field of view only 114 degrees compared to the vivo x, 74 plus, which has like 120 plus degree. You know the pixels ultra wide almost doesnt feel like an ultra wide, but its not just that vivos ultra wide camera hardware, its just flat out better than googles ultra wide camera hardware, because this is a 48 megapixel sensor that shoots pixel bin 12 megapixel shot. So when youre pixel binning youre combining four pixels worth of data into one. So, even though, both of these ultra wide shots are 12 megapixels, like the final result, vivos shot just has more image information and then youre, throwing the gimbal stabilization and the zeiss t coating, because its just a better ultra wide camera compared to the pixel 6 pro. Okay, now its for selfie camera, the pixel has an 11 megapixel f 2.2 selfie, while vivo has a 32 megapixel, f, 2.5 selfie. So again the vivo selfie camera is a little bit more pixel dense, but dont really matter to me. Like i said, i dont exactly have a face for selfies i dont like taking selfies at all, but just for the sake of testing, i will take something for you right now anyway, and show you more samples ive taken as usual. Vivobase is a chinese brand able to apply heavy skin whitening to brighten up my skin, and i dont really like that, because theres nothing wrong with darker skin.

Okay, the notion that, like light skin, is good, dark skin is bad its terrible. I hate it and we need to push back against the chinese brands. You guys need to do better. We dont need the the skin brightening filter bs. So if i have to pick a winner, i would say i prefer a pixel selfie, just by virtue of the fact that it presents my skin tone. Naturally, okay, so now i guess the question is which camera phone is better. I think the answer is not so straightforward: we have to break everything down but lens by lens and were going with the main camera. I think i prefer images captured by the vivo x74 plus like seven times r10, compared to the pixel 64.. I like that colors pop a little bit more and because the vivos main camera has a faster aperture. It takes in more light, so it means at night. It does not rely on night mode as much, but then, conversely, that main camera when youre talking about shooting video, i think video footage looks a little bit better on the google pixel 6 pro and on top of that, the pixel camera in the middle of filming. You can switch between lenses. You cannot do that with the vivo x74 plus, but when it comes to the ultra wide lens x70 pro plus wins clearly because it has a higher megapixel sensor. So that means theres more uh pixels to play with more image information.

So when youre filming in low light conditions, i think the x70 pro plus is ultra wide. Video should look a little bit better as well as photos on top of that vivos ultra was built on top of a gimbal, so theres just better stabilization. Once again, if i run, you should be able to see a difference if i jump up here thats what the zoom lenses, even though the vivo x70 pro plus, has two zoom lens. I think the pixel 6 pro consistently produce better looking sharper zoom images. So, ultimately, i think the vivo x74 plus has a little bit better camera hardware overall, its a more technically capable system, but the google pixel 6 pros camera is more than the sum of its parts, because google has always been about software and the pixel 6 pro Just has very fun software modes, for example magic eraser, which allows you to digitally remove people from background or foreground of shots. Now it doesnt always work, but when it does work its quite magical. I also like action pen which again you just point and shoot, or something and itll create this artificial motion blur to make it look like that subject is moving way faster than he or she or they are actually moving. So these are modes that i know you can probably get with a third party app but its fun that google built them right into the system and its all processed on device.

You dont need internet for any of that, so i think thats pretty cool. Ultimately, i think the x74 plus is a more capable system, but the pixel 6 pro camera is more fun to play with. I know this isnt as clear cut an answer, as you guys would have liked thats a state of smartphone cameras. These days, every brand makes a really good camera its just down to nitpicking and personal preferences, but i think at least for me personally, i think the external pro plus is the best camera of the year so anyway, thats about it. For this video um im sweating like hell, because its hot as hell here in thailand, so i need to go and get some water. I think you guys may notice that when i film these videos, like these real world videos, im always sweating and out of breath, because i have to carry a lot of gear and im running around town, its quite difficult to shoot. So i hope you guys enjoy this video. Please give it a thumbs up.