It clashed the crush Music Music. You ever think about it. Sometimes i found where it all fell apart. Music, hey guys, so welcome back to todays video. Today, im going to be doing photoshoots and video shoot, so the video shoot is for my birthday, vlog intro. I have a video cover. Whos gon na come for my photo shoot. I have a photographer friend, also whos gon na come as well. They are on their way right now, so im just gon na hurry up and put on my makeup, just dress up and be ready for them to come, but anyways guys this location is the perfect its so beautiful. I was actually worried that it was going to be cold, but no actually not its hot im, actually running away from the sun, because its so so hot this guy lets get ready. Tell me that im wasting time Music guys. So this is me doing my makeup. I have no idea what im doing i dont know why i cannot sit properly and this thing is not working. I dont know anyways. However, i look you guys have to take it like that. You are ive tried. I have tried. Okay, all right. How am i supposed to do this? Everyone asks to come help me say: huh, im busy, everyone is busy, everyone is a lesbian, anyways im just finished this thing. Im getting away from this place. You left fingerprints across my mind. I try covering them, but they still show.

If i had a choice, is my god: my legs are dead im. So tired, you guys we just finished back on scene now were going to the final one, which is the car like thats like the entrance. Oh, my god, anyways hes out there filming what am i feeling i dont know: oh my god, guys theres a bunch of photographers and people standing out there waiting for me with the cameras theyre just outstanding that other one. There has this camera and theres this one. Here – and i just want to share hey guys so good good afternoon, so today is tuesday. I am going to try to fly my drone for the first time, so i got a drone for a birthday gift which im very very much grateful for i already unboxed it, but im gon na pretend to unbox it again for the first time in front of You guys so you guys, can see and fly with me anyways. I have no idea how to do this thing, but im going to try my best also. I really hope you guys dont hear me im sorry. So this is how it comes Music. Oh, my god guys, so i just tried it for the first time to fly this run and then it clashed or crashed it crushed. I think often crashed yes crash and i just realized that i, oh my god i was supposed to watch the videos i dont. Even know i was supposed to know how to like, i couldnt even land.

It run but anyways right now, im trying to watch youtube videos now so im trying to watch this video on how to fly a drone and then im gon na keep it here. Um good thing that im flying in the field so theres not much interference. I think im gon na get around it like this much easier. So lets watch finish watching this video and then we can try again. Okay, so first thing i need to know is how to i already know how to navigate. I just want to know how to land Music so guys, im done learning and now im gon na attempt to fight again lets go Music done for today. I still have a lot of things to figure out. I think thats enough practice for today, considering in the weather, guys im gon na see you guys later, okay, bye, bye good morning, guys, oh so i have not vlogged in like a few days now and i feel so weird anyways, so you guys probably saw from Yesterdays video, that the camera of that drone was horrible im not even going to sugarcoat it its horrible. The camera was bad and it was unstable. It was unclear it just. I could not, i feel so, hurt and heartbroken, but its okay, now im here to return. It apply it for return, so im gon na return it immediately and then hopefully get a better one. Okay, so yeah, so something weird just happened back there.

I give her. The thingy right and then she just took my phone number and she just says i should go, and here i was like i dont understand. How is she gon na know where im supposed to send you to, because i was trying to give her the um the address of where shes gon na send it to and she was like? Oh, i feel like im going to just go. Go, i have a phone number its enough im, not gon na kill, no problem, anyways guys. I think im whats the time now im already four minutes late to chinese class, but i think im gon na make it okay, also guys something weird is happening in my life. Look, what the is that like what the is that? What is that doing there? She has to go. She has to go Music hey guys good afternoon, so this is my very first day out since the first snow in – oh, my god, guys its freezing out here, i couldnt come outside because i didnt have any winter material. So today i have class after this class today, which is why you are seeing me out here. I couldnt come out to play because yo i dont like this thing, because no its its not healthy for anyone but its okay im, not gon na freeze today, im just gon na go to class right and im gon na come back in peace in one piece.