So lets find out welcome to a review of the soundpeats h2 hello. My name is sean and welcome back to my channel if youre new here i do a lot of tech reviews as well as unboxing and, if theres, something that interests you do consider subscribing to this channel, leave a thumbs up on this video as well share this Video to all your friends around and with that said, lets get on with the review of the soundpeats h2. So ive personally bought these earbuds for review and i got them for about 329 malaysia ringgit or about 80 us dollars, which is exactly the same price as the coveted sound piece h1 when it was launched, but im curious to see if they live up to the Hype or expectation that the original h1 had and this new one felt like a quiet release from sound peds, so lets take a look also, if youre interested in buying these earbuds do check out my links in the description below so soundpiece has now ditched the iem Style, design and those see through earbuds with the h1 and has now kind of focused on stem style earbuds. So this case design has been seen quite a few times with the earphone air pro 2 halo, w1, the kumi freedom, dots and a couple more so all of this clamshell design with this cradle, where the stem sits on the top itself. So this one is a very familiar vibe here.

So, honestly, i would prefer an iem style earbuds, it fits me, better, looks more sophisticated and not as normal looking as these stem style earbuds, but i cannot deny that the new h2 is pretty darn comfortable, so the color scheme, here you get with the new h2 – Is similar to the likes of the original sound pete sonic with a grey color case and some bronze or rose gold accent. But this time sound piece gave the case a nice clear coat and it shines like a new car paint job, and one good thing about this – is that its not going to chip and the paint job is not going to fade over time. So at the top. Here, youre going to get the soundpeats logo in this unique rose, gold color here and behind the case youre going to get a typical type c charging port and when you plug it in youre, going to get three leds at the front. To tell you the battery percentage of the case as far as my testing goes youre losing out wireless charging on this new case, but its mostly a convenient thing, but something i can live without so the lid situation here is also not as premium and opening it Up theres no special hinges or friction lid to hold the lid up, so it does slam shut on you, so the earbuds inside are your typical stem style. Earbuds fits very nice and comfy in the ears and has a nice silver color to it as well.

This time round, soundpiece gave the logo a rose, gold touch and it gave it a pretty modern look overall with the lines and stuff like that, so the tip of the earbuds doesnt have any sensors, so you can see its quite plain there and, lastly, the nicest Part of these earbuds is the metal tip with the rose gold finish. So if i just pull this out, so you can see that this rose gold, metal, ear tips here. That soundpeats uses really give this earbuds an exquisite look. So battery life is slightly shorter compared to the h1 now coming in at five hours compared to the six hours on each one, and this is of course rated at 50 volume and, as you play them louder, battery life will definitely significantly reduce. So the case battery is also shorter, now giving you only three additional charges at 15 hours compared to the five additional charges at 30 hours for the h1. There is no mention of any quick charging, but charging these earbuds up from empty takes about one and a half hours. So when the h1 was announced, it had the best chipset available from qualcomm, and now that the qcc 3040 chipset is getting more and more common. Theres, really nothing too special about it now, so the h2 also comes with the same qcc 3040 chipset by qualcomm has bluetooth 5.2 supports aptx, adaptive, aac and sbc audio codec and thats honestly. What you should expect to get when buying an earbuds today at this price point, there is no official ip rating that ive seen just yet, but ive validated this with soundpeats, and they say that it comes with an ipx4 water resistant rating.

Uh. Do note that the original h1 comes with ipx5 so for ipx4 youre, mostly going to get sweat and splash resistant, so these earbuds also come with super seamless, left and right playback and putting either side back into the case. Doesnt pause, the audio, so thats really nice and lastly, there is no multi point connectivity on these earbuds, so sound signation of the soundpiece h2 does not disappoint and lives up to the performance of the h1 as well so base here is really punchy and strong. With these new earbuds and they give a very firm, very solid and assertive punch delivers exceptional power with every bass drop. And if you play them loud enough, you can actually hear the sub bass rumbling below it. And if i were to pick one dominant sound signature in this earbuds, it would definitely be the bass notes, so vocals or the mids on these earbuds are good. They sound forward, but to a certain extent you feel its not the main dish here with the h2. I feel they could pop a little bit more, but if you visualize the space projection of these earbuds, the vocals are like a step behind all the instruments. Just a very tiny bit, dont get me wrong. These are not muffled earbuds. They sound very good and vocals still sound, really nice theyre, just not the emphasis here. The highs here are bright as well, but have the same story as the mids.

They are present and you can hear the nose ba driver doing its thing, but i do feel it could be a tad bit brighter just a tiny bit more, and this would be the perfect sounding earbuds and i think soundpitch is really there when it comes to Sound signature, a little bit more tuning will make this one of the better sounding earbuds of 2021.. So this is a test to see if the new soundpeats h2 is a good earbuds for making phone calls. So this is me speaking a relatively quiet environment and this is the call quality that you can expect. So what im going to do now is turn on a simulated background noise. So you can hear a difference so now theres a simulated background noise playing in the background. This is the call quality that you can expect from this earbuds. So what do you think of the call quality? Let me know in the comment section down below similar to its older brother, the h1 and h2 both have very similar latency performance and, to that ill say that its very responsive in real time latency is actually quite hard to detect when playing games like pubg and Turning on gaming mode further knocks down the latency and im really super impressed with what the h2 can deliver. Anyways lets take a look at the latency performance of these earbuds Music, Music, Music. So again, perfect control schemes here with the h2 and soundpeats nails it on their first try and continues to bring its great controls to all their earbuds.

So to increase the volume tap once on your right, earbuds and you will see the volume slowly going up and tap once on the left side, and you will see this volume slowly going down so double tapping on either side of the earbuds. Allow you to play or pause your media so play or pause, pretty straightforward, so to skip tracks forward, press and hold on the right earbuds and it will skip forward and press and hold on the left earbuds and it will skip backwards. And honestly. This is one of the most responsive skipping tracks feature that ive get so far so triple tapping on either side of the earbuds will bring out your assistant. So one two three pause: your media and pull out your assistant and finally to toggle in and out of gaming mode, simply tap four times on the left, earbuds and you will hear a nice lady tell you that you are in or out of gaming mode. So one two three four and youre in gaming mode, so thats pretty much the control scheme of the sound p2h2. So if you already have the h1, i honestly dont see a reason for you to upgrade to the h2 and frankly, they are both very similar performing earbuds in a different style and a different shell. Everything else is pretty much the same, but if you really wanted the h1 previously and havent gotten them yet, then maybe its time to check out the h2 in this price point personally ill push you towards getting the sound core live p3, because that earbuds comes with Anc, it has a great companion, app and the specs are pretty decent as well youre going to miss out with bluetooth 5.

2 and that aptx adaptive, but comparing them in real life performance and value for money ill definitely go with the p3. So that is it for this review.