Thank you for checking out this special episode of nerd caliber today were going to review something with colonial armory. What are we reviewing today? So today were reviewing em gear io wallet its a like an everyday carry wallet, one of the minimalist type. This is a wallet that has a uh spring inside. You put your cards id and stuff like that inside the wallet and its held in place by a retention spring that presses it up against the face and you leave like cash in this money clip area here. Okay, it also has a uh removable sheath, with a small flashlight, its actually a really like impressively bright flashlight uh. I really like the flashlight um and like having it on the wallet is useful because uh using your phone light, all the time is not a great idea in this wallet. You can fit um. I believe the total number of what i was able to put in there was around four or f. Maybe five cards like credit cards id cards or, in my case uh, like costco cards and beyond that it doesnt have the capacity to for more putting the money clip on the outside allows. You to you know, have actual cash on in the wallet as well, but um, considering how many uh cards, probably needless cards, i have in my wallet i wasnt able to fit them all in it. Okay, that said, i i went down to a uh, a more minimalist um loadout of what i normally keep in my wallet and i used it for a couple of days, half the time because of uh how i uh i wear uh emt pants for work, so They have cargo pockets, so i normally use my wallet in the cargo pocket uh.

This was fine. I didnt notice it in the cargo pocket uh but wearing jeans over the weekend in the back pocket. It is a hard aluminum um case, like the shells aluminum like their their belt buckle, and it has these um like carbon fiber plates on the front and back. They were actually really nice and did a little um, not uh print yeah, a print of uh, the nerd caliber logo. This actually it didnt have any problem in my back pocket um, it was, is actually probably less noticeable than my wallet because its uh its flatter. It is, it is rigid, but it didnt really have any issues there. I have friends that uh definitely would would benefit from like this kind of wallet like the small everyday, carry um minimalist thing, nice thing with this uh, so they gave us um this, the nice. The nice printed thing, but what you can do is that comes out wow and uh they have. This is, i believe, the the baseline one that it comes with and it just slots in and there um yeah. So it is nice to have that level of um. Like personability like same thing with this comes out: thats fine, it comes with a chain um im, not entirely certain. Where that, like how that works into it. I believe it probably goes through these two little holes but um. I didnt. I didnt test that uh. One thing they came with that.

I was actually really i really liked um was it came with this little packet? It was a little like uh what you get your credit card in okay and it was basically a survival thing. Um like this is in my wallet right now like i, i love this thing, so this is a little um uh. I forget the name for it, but its the same kind of lens. It allows you to magnify, as you can see, on my fingers um. So you can read and you can magnify uh if i, if i figured this correctly, what this also is its the same kind of um screen thats in uh projection, tvs, its theres, a very specific term for it, but i believe uh. I havent tested this, but i think you probably start a fire with this, because you can start fire for with the ones that are in projection, tvs, um, they mag theyre a magnifying lens that works really well with like magnifying to a single point uh. So its a very flat, magnifying glass uh, then its uh. This, which is just like, like a signal chart of like um. These up here, i believe, are like pictograms for going like youre stranded on desert, island, thats kind of pictograms to do, and then those are hand, signals and then thats morse code on the other side, thats a nice little thing, its like a nice little plastic business Card uh, but much like much like their belt um.

They theyre theyre multi tools, theyre little like simple everyday carry. Multi tools are pretty nice um. This is just its a stamped steel um. I believe stamp steel, uh multi tool, uh. It has wrenches in here more wrenches um, a wood saw fish, scaler screw uh a screwdriver, a protractor, very important bottle, opener um and then you know, small uh, small um ruler on both sides. Metric and imperial can opener and then the actual edge up here. Oops. Sorry, the actual edge up here is sharpened to a scraper edge and it has a file okay. So i have to ask: is it? Is it sturdy because you mentioned theres a wrench? Oh yeah? No, it is. It is um like two mil two mil steel plate. I think it is pretty um its like wow. Okay, it is, it is a sturdy uh, uh uh multi tool, or i i guess this is a mall. I guess you could consider this multi tool. I actually dont know what you would actually call this, but um. No yeah its like a nice little um thing for your wallet um like i said this is in my wallet now, which granted um is kind of just showing that i i put a lot of stuff in my wallet, but this is actually like a useful thing. Um because i i dont carry around a multi tool with me, uh, because its kind of bulky and whatever, but this is actually useful, uh theres plenty of times where ive definitely needed, like a saw or something like that, just to like or screwdriver something like that.

Just to uh get something uh open or yeah. I pry a lot of things open, and this is very useful but um. I could also see it useful for the other things like can opener or bottle opener and can opener and stuff like that. Okay, so going back to that, to that, i guess that that wallet um. So when you mention putting cards in how sturdy and protective is it yeah, but im a new yorker, so my biggest fear is always if im wallowing getting picked or or even like dropping. My wallet on or not dropping my wallet or, like you know, im just worried that cards may fall out. If my wallets not secure enough, how secure is it um, so uh? The smart thing for me to have done is had cards on hand, but um, so that mill that um multi tool. I just put that in there so like this, is really heavy and uh. I could probably like shove it out of there, but like just every day, moving around its in there uh its pretty it like uh things stay in there really well um, considering how stuffed like i i didnt just i i played around a bit with that, but Um how i was usually using it, it was very stuffed and very, very secure. Um short of that, though um it is, it does have really good retention, um, most your like, unless you have like what is it, the american express platinum card or whatever or the black card, where its made out titanium or some nonsense.

Uh youre not gon na, have like credit cards that are this heavy, so like the fact that i can retain this without anything else in it, um shows that the spring in there is pretty solid as a cosplayer uh. Do you see this? You know i assuming that most cosplayers they want to keep things at a minimal. You know you cant carry theres a lot. You cant carry sometimes especially if youre in full costume. Do you think this item could be helpful with that um yeah? I mean like this. This does fulfill like um, so youre youre, you get a convention. What do you really need going around at the convention? Uh, you need your uh. You need your badge thats, fine, oh thats, some separate thing. You need uh, probably a credit card or debit card, whichever uh and then an id like those three like those two like those two cards from your wallet plus cash thats, mostly what you use at a at a convention. You dont want to go out there with like your health insurance card, because that could get lost or any of that stuff. Um yeah this. This would fulfill something a role like that you can take it up, not take it apart, but you could take out flashlight. Pretty easily its sort of customizable yeah, its modular to a point like like the how the front plate is removable um, so is like the side plates uh.

I i assume, if you really wanted to, you – could probably get a second one of these little. These little um sleeve things and put it on the other side and just have like two flashlights. I dont know why youd do that, but, like uh its the same mount on both sides uh this seems to be um predom. I believe this is mostly symmetric, with the exception being that there is a um as opposed to the top, where its as fully open. The bottom has a little like bit that comes in so that the things dont come out at the other end, okay, so so its not its, not uh, equally accessible from both top and bottom. There is a top. There is a bottom, but the left and right uh are symmetric and the front and back are symmetric except for the spring inside, which presses against one side. So it is its not symmetric in that way, but all of the other plates and everything are symmetric. Okay, so in conclusion anyone thats is a minimalist when it comes to their wallet, uh and just carries the essential stuff or needs to carry their central stuff with them at a convention or an event or anything like that. Would you recommend this item? Um yeah? No, i would um. This is like ive seen similar um sort of like the everyday carry kind of wallets like this. Like the the minimalist wallets, i like this one better than um some of the other ones, ive seen um.

Having actually have it in my hand, its there is a there is a um. There is a attraction to it or not. No, i dont want to say a lore because allure isnt, the right word but like i can see why someone would like it and why someone would use it as their everyday wallet yeah like definitely for conventions. It looks cool, which is, you know, also a good thing, and it is durable conventions larps, something like that where you dont really want to have like a whole lot of stuff in your pocket. If youre going around, i can definitely see a use for it there. Well, i hope all of you enjoy a review of the endgear gadget. Wallet. 3.0 uh well put links in the description of where you can find it. Thank you all for watching have a good day. Get your shots.