Now, if youre thinking about buying either one of these iphones youre, probably like what is the difference and honestly theres only two reasons, i would say to get the 13 minute over the 12 mini and im going to talk about that as we get going now. As far as sizes, theyre, basically the same size as you can see in this phone stacking, then when ive got them flipped to the side, you can see theyre, both like basically the same design. Really the only design difference on these is the 13 minis. Camera is diagonal compared to it going straight down on the 12 mini now, when i flip these phones over, you are gon na see. Ive got this superman wallpaper going on dont. Ask me why i guess im just all about superman lately, but you know literally no difference on the screen sizes here and you know theyre. Both extra old displays. There is one difference. This is the first one: youre gon na get more base storage on the iphone 13 mini compared to the 12 mini. So on the release of the 13 series apple decided to get rid of this 64 gig iphones. So now its 128 gigs compared to 64 gigs uh, you know and thats for getting like the entry level, uh iphones, which is pretty cool, and i i never had an issue with 64 gigs, but you know it is what it is. I think 128 makes a lot of sense for sure now i wanted to go over pricing real, quick as well as color options, so were gon na.

Do that uh? Basically, the third t mini right now sells for 6.99. You can get it in five different colors and then uh. You know looking at the 12 mini, it starts at 599 and you can get it in six different colors now other than storage right thats. What i was getting at um. The only other real difference here is gon na, be the fact that the battery life is gon na, be slightly better on the 13 mini, and before we get more into this, i want to recommend everyone check out the binance us app now. This is my go to cryptocurrency trading, app that i highly recommend checking out, especially if youre, not in crypto right now. Now cryptocurrency is a great way to make money using your phone. So if you guys want to learn more about binance us or get started well, have some bonus sign up and resource links in both the description and comments and other than that. The cameras on these phones are identical and the only other real difference is the processor being new on the 13 mini, but im going to load up a game here to show you that its not even that much faster and its not a good enough reason to Just upgrade to the 13 mini now im going to play some detonation racing on both phones for a couple of minutes and then im going to wrap things up and give you my final thoughts on which phone makes more sense to buy Music, Music, um Applause Applause, Music Applause Applause, so so Applause, Music, okay, i absolutely love that game its available on apple arcade, if you guys wanted to check it out now.

If i had to choose between these two, i would say just go with the 13 mini its 100 more, but it comes with more base storage, which is kind of a big deal. You know, especially because its going from 64 to 128, so you could fit a lot more on. You know your iphone without having to delete things and then the battery life is going to be slightly better as well, and if you have the 13 minute for a couple of years, you know the battery will probably hold up pretty good. Okay anyways.