The latest version of the companys compact, sound bar main changes are its now got a 40 faster processor. The grille is polycarbonate rather than fabric, which should be easier to clean and, most importantly, it now has support for dolby atmos. The technology that helps precisely position sounds around you, its the same size as the old beam and as ever with sonos. The emphasis is on simplicity: there are minimal touch controls on top for the likes of volume and turning the built in voice control, microphone on and off and minimal physical connections around the back, just the main, socket ethernet and hdmi, plus a reset button. As before, you connect to the hdmi arc or audio return channel of your tv, except now its been upgraded to e or enhanced arc to accommodate dolby atmos in true hd uncompressed form setup is easy with the sonos s2 app and the true play room calibration process Is fun to do as usual as you wander around your room waving your mobile device, although it still has to be an ios one like the original beam, there are four main speakers, a central tweeter and three passive radiators. Unlike some dolby atmos sound bars, there are no upward firing. Speakers to help place sounds at height. Instead, you have to rely on electronic trickery to do that or to give it its posh name. Head related transfer function. Technology first, impressions are very good. Indeed. Vocals are clear and easy to listen to theres lots of high frequency detail and controlled, powerful bass.

Personally, i wouldnt feel the need, i think, with this, to have a separate subwoofer. Now weve got to move on because of some content that i forgot to mention. I dont know how i did that its only the flipping john test. It provides excellent sound for normal stereo and dolby 5.1 content and its really engaging when it comes to dolby atmos, now its not as huge as soundstage as youd, get with separate speakers or indeed, as big as one youd get with a sound bar with up firing. Speakers like solaces arc, where you do actually get sounds in the corners of the room, albeit only in front of you, but the beam still manages to create a realistic and enjoyable placement of sound ive been using it with this very large lg 75 inch tv and It still creates, in spite of its small size, a soundscape thats bigger than the picture, because we are so used to hearing sound this way, we dont notice that it is merely a fraction of what its potential could be, but what, if sound, could be extraordinary and Really helps you to enjoy films with a dolby atmos soundtrack, incidentally, ive had none of the lip sync issues with this that i had in the early days of the arc, so thats good news. You can use it as part of a wider sonos system, but you cant use it as a standalone bluetooth speaker, you can stream music to it, though over airplay 2 or through sonoss own app when youre using it as an audio, only standalone device, though the the Sound can feel rather small.

You dont get quite enough. Stereo separation at the moment, theres no way of streaming, dolby atmos music to it. Unfortunately, although you can do through apple music on an apple tv box, now the beam 2 wont be for everyone. Some will want stronger, dolby atmos effects and you do need a relatively recent upmarket tv to make the most of it. Something like this lg with e arc, dolby atmos support and dolby atmos pass through.