Maybe i just share to you all about the specification of handphone, my phone uh. I cannot uh show to you my phone because my phone already used to video to make video and then i wan na review. Redmi note. 8 pro yep thats, my thats, my phone. There is a xiaomi product product uh. Let me not like a pro have so many uh color. The first is per white first green uh, mineral gray or the dark blue. Okay. The special of this phone is uh. The camera, because the camera have a 64 megapixel output, camera yep and then uh 64, megapixel, ultra high resolution, primary camera and then one uh ultra wide angle, lens and so many that and rear camera, and he has features rear camera photography features also using 64 megapixel Hd ultra nx cap modded and then rear camera, video features, uh, uh, also 4k and then the front camera have a 20 megapixel front, camera and um front camera, video beauty, uh video beauty features and then 70 20 recording and until 118 recording for the processor uh Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro have helio g19 t uh gaming processor, also uh good for game, not use like likely or others, and then operating system uh. He used um, mue 10 and then xiaomi redmi. Note 8 pro support, mid, turbo support, game tube and then now i want to talk to you about the storage and ram about the internal xiaomi.

Redmi note 8 pro have two for reaches. I have two. There is the first is a six gigabyte ram and 64 gigabyte internal and then the second is 6 gigabyte ram and 6 and 128 gigabyte for internal for the display. He have a six comma five t3. The three up full screen display and the resolution is uh. 2034 t 1340 and then 1080 full hd and for the brightness is 500 in it, and so many many and then for the battery have 450 000 m, aha type and then xiaomi redmi note 8. Pro you see charging using face charging also and then using type c and so many buttons yep, maybe just uh, for my review, the uh gadget and then for my share from the specification of my gadget uh there is xiaomi write me redmi. Note. 8. Pro sorry.