Now in todays, video were going to be checking out owners latest device, the 50 lite and that device just landed here in malaysia for a very affordable price point. I, in fact, was quite surprised when i found out about the price, but before we do that lets just check out the device. I have it right here and i have this in the silver color, although it does not look very silver all right. So in terms of the price whats so special about it, and how much is this in malaysia? Well, its going for under 1 000 ringgit, this 999 for only one spec, it comes with a 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal memory. That is not expandable, so thats the surprising. I think it is a fantastic price here for the kind of device that youre getting, especially since it looks pretty good as well now that weve done with the price lets check out the design. All that, like i mentioned earlier on it, has this silver look and there are other colors like blue and black, but this is the one to get if youre looking to get one of these guys and yes uh. If you look at this phone right here, you might notice that it looks very similar to a previous huawei device. Um yup. It is really the same kind of look here, but we do have this circular kind of a frame for the cameras.

It has a quad camera setup and, yes, it does capture quite a fair bit of fingerprints on this very mirror, ish kind of finish on the back panel right here now. One thing i do have to point out here is that, although this device is called the silver, the bezels on the side here, the frame itself i mean, is actually looking a little bit like purple. So, im not sure why it looks like purple, but i do think that its still a very unique look here at the back straight up. It looks like aluminum, so i think that looks pretty cool now im. If i just draw your attention to the sides here, we do have a fingerprint scanner on the right side and if you look on the bottom here, you have your type c port, together with a single firing speaker, so theres, no dual stereo speakers here, just a Single firing one, but the good news here is that you do still have the headphone jack at the top portion. All right so now lets flip the device and talk a bit about the front. We do have a pretty decent lcd display over here now. Bear in mind that this is quite large, 6.67 inches lcd running at 1080p. There is no fast refresh rate over here. Everything is just 60 hertz, but in terms of the touch sampling rate, it is the pretty standard 180hz. So just an fyi for you guys what i do like about this panel and its the same story when i mentioned in the previous huawei phone, is that we do have very slim bezels on the side, and i absolutely love that about the honor 50 light.

So it looks awesome in fact, in terms of the lcd quality over here were getting one of the best lcd displays in the market right now, because uh honor actually gave us a very good panel, and what i mean by that is that saturation levels are actually Very good, it has very strong brightness levels and the contrast levels are especially good for an lcd panel like this as well. Now. What i did not really like is that pillar shape um cut out at the top left corner over here. There is only one single uh selfie camera at the front, its a 16 megapixel unit, but at the side there i think it might be a proximity sensor im not too sure what that is, but we do have this rather large pill shape cut out on the Top left corner so thats just for you guys to know all right so now lets move on to the next part and talk a little bit about performance, because performance is very important and unfortunately, this is where the honor 50 light will not really shine its being Powered here by a snapdragon 662 and honestly speaking in todays standards, it is quite a an outdated processor. It is not very powerful and you can actually feel that, through your day to day use with this device now. The good news here is that this device does support the google play store. So you can download all kinds of your games and applications your familiar apps directly onto the phone itself, but you cannot expect it to be very high performing obviously, since its under 1 000 ringgit.

I believe that the performance that youre getting for your money is somewhat acceptable. Now, im going to show you guys a very quick benchmark score, so you have a brief idea on how the snapdragon 662 performs, but other than that. Like i mentioned earlier on in the video, we do have eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of non expandable storage uh its the standard, ufs 2.2, if im not mistaken, so yeah thats this in terms of the performance, if youre looking for a smartphone that does The basic stuff like browsing, the internet, you know watching your social media youtube and all that this device actually does the job pretty well all right. So moving on to the next point, right here lets talk a bit about the quad camera setup at the back here. So we do have a 64 megapixel main sensor. We also have an 8 megapixel ultrawide and we have two rather not so useful macro lens and a dev sensor, so lets just ignore those two sensors down there and focus on the main ones. So, im going to show you a couple of pictures here again it is quite decent performance. Coming from the honor 50 light, we have good pictures in the day and night and so far i dont think theres anything to shout about, but there is also nothing too much to complain about the quality from the pictures taken from the honor 50 light. Now, last but not least, lets talk very quickly about the battery thats in the back.

Here we do have a 4 300 mah battery and it does support 66 watt fast charge which, by the way the charger does come in the box, now bear in mind that you can get from zero to 40 in apparently about 10 minutes. So yes still fairly fast, although not the fastest, but i think its a decent speed at this price point now. Last last last but not least before we go, we always have to talk about haptics and for this guy right here. Yes, since its quite a budget device here, i did not expect it to come with any great haptic system. You do get a very normal kind of vibrating a motor in here, so you dont have that kind of very nice haptics and all that, but again at the price of less than 1 000 ringgit. I can forgive it for that. All right guys bottom line is this is a pretty affordable phone again coming from honor again, i did not expect it to come in at less than 1000 ringgit and i think its quite decently spec here you cant, really compare it to the cheapest phones in the Market but youre actually getting a pretty solid, build quality device here, quite nice, looking as well with this design at the back and yeah, you do get a pretty fancy lcd display at the front with minimal bezels, all right, guys, thats it for todays video. If you want to know more about this device here, dont forget to leave a comment down below.

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