Why? I love peeps premium carbon lens, cleaner. What i love about peeps is that its safe to use for my lenses it never scratches or damages them before peeps. I cleaned my glasses with the corner of whichever shirt i was wearing that usually left either more smudges or even small, scratches. I did this because it was convenient, but with the compact design of peeps, i can bring it in my pocket and clean my lenses wherever i go. Peeps glasses, cleaner and its this little guy right here, and it can open up on both sides and here with a little button when you push it theres like this brush situation going on, you can use the brushes to brush off the devices on the side of The glasses you can open this up on the other side theres these tongs and you can slip your glasses right in between and clean it like so, and these fabrics has the same kind of carbon molecular technology used by nasa. So i think thats, pretty cool and the best thing about this is that its super small compact size, so you can just bring it anywhere. You go theres a brush that extends to remove debris, and it has these cute little cleaning arms almost like tweezers use that cute little extendable brush that i showed you earlier. It can clean over 500 times. Second, you use the cleansing pads and you just wipe it across the lenses, its extremely easy.

It gets into all the nooks and crannies, the new peeps eyeglass cleaner. So the first step is to flip up this a very durable brush. It is soft, but a firm youre going to need to use that to remove any kind of dust or debris from your lenses. So just a quick swipe across the surface to make sure that you dont buff. Any of that in so next were going to go in with the tongs, which is step two. These are coated with the same carbon molecular technology that nasa uses, and they are good for 500 cleanses. So youre just going to put these right over the lenses and then apply a little bit of pressure, and these do an amazing job at hitting every nook and cranny. They are just the perfect shape and it does make for a crystal clear glass finish now, since ive started using peeps, they keep my glasses crystal clear every time eco friendly and easy to use. I take them with me everywhere: peeps use the same carbon molecular technology that nasa uses premium carbon lens cleaner, using a two step system. First, you will want to remove any dirt or dust from your lens with the brush like so next, you will free your cleaning arms from your holder, rubbing the carbon cleaning pads across your lens, making sure to get every nook and cranny today, im going to show You the two step method to clean my glasses, with the peeps tool built in brush to wipe away any loose Music Music.

Now i currently clean my glasses with the cloth that came with them, but this new solution uses the same carbon molecular technology used by nasa and there are no messy sprays or dirty cloths to hassle with. Also, this very compact design makes it super easy, especially if youre traveling, you just put it in your pocket and go, and there are my crystal clear, specs, hey guys its brooke, and i just wanted to talk to you really quick about one of the most annoying Things ever cleaning your glasses, you got ta, try peeps the brush is there to wipe off any debris that you may have and then the other side itll clean, every nook and cranny right on your glasses. This is the best thing ever it never scratches or damages your lenses, no messy sprays or dirty cloths, because you know we hate those its simple, its easy and it works happy cleaning. So then, all youre going to do is take the brush and youre just going to brush off any of the oil or debris and dust second step youre just going to take the eco friendly solution and then take the tongs and then youre just going to go Back and forth just like that, and you want to really make sure that you get the corners because thats where the most build up is.