Welcome to the 9malls gadget review channel today, im review kind of a funny product. This is for christmas. Coming up for your christmas tree, thirsty light snowflake christmas tree water sensor flashes if your tree gets dry, so i dont know if youve had a christmas tree, ive definitely neglected watering. My christmas tree and you come back and the bowl is dry and youre like how many days has this been going on with this thing right here this sensor, it will alert you if your tree goes dry, so no more, bending or kneeling to check the water Level hangs from tree as an ornament simply place sensor in the tree. Stand five foot cord length uses two aaa batteries, not included, so it says dry christmas tree, drop more needles and can be fire hazards. This simple sensor alerts you to your christmas tree needs to be watered without detracting from the decorations easy as one two three place. The sensor in the tree stand turn the snowflake on and hang it from the tree when the snowflake blinks its time to water. The only thing that i could see with this product is its you know constantly needing to have its batteries replaced. If that is an issue ill, let you know um. I wanted to do this review before you know. People start hanging their christmas trees in case you do want to get this um because i was thinking you know. Maybe i should wait till i actually have a christmas tree, but then again i think before people actually buy their tree.

You can order this and get one of these before it actually is christmas tree season, so it could be soon. A lot of people hang them up after thanksgiving, so we shall see, but yeah check that out you even get a little metal hook to hang it, and this is what it looks like. So its probably one of the most unattractive ornaments youll ever see its that cheap plastic very cheap, looks cheap, but is it functional and if its functional, then it may i mean its just. I could see someone coming along and making a better version of this, because there is a lot of room for improvement with this product, but i like that it has a long cord and yeah. So this is the sensor right here. Two little metal prongs right there or contact points. This is the ornament. This is what blinks and what im going to do, so you can see it Music im going to fill up a glass of water and then, of course, empty it and see. If this thing actually lights up, so here we go so yeah. One thing i do like is this: little piece of plastic slid off this case easily a lot of times on these really ultra cheap products, theyll use a screw and it wont actually slide off. I think that has to do with production being easier, its less expensive, so i do like that. It slides off that really helps with the speed of replacing the batteries.

So here we go im going to turn it on. So you hear that click and look at that. You see that light its rude off the red nosed reindeer. That means its dry, but lets see what happens when we put it in the water. This would be representative of your christmas tree stand. You know with water. Full water, so here we go and look at that completely turns off no blinking whatsoever, all right so im going to lift it and see how fast it turns on there. We go look at that. Underwater no blink above water starts blinking, so im assuming you know that when this is uh, you know submerged its, not blinking, so its not gon na waste, any batteries whatsoever. So im assuming this is going to last a long time it doesnt give on the packaging. It doesnt say anything about how long it lasts, but i mean im just going to assume that, since its off theres no blinking light its going to last quite a long time but yeah pretty cool item, it is kind of a you know. As i say, a pain point with christmas trees is not knowing what the water level of the you know. The dish is, and so this definitely solves that issue. I just think its one of the ugliest ornaments ive ever seen, um and theres a little hook right. There so if youre wondering where did that little metal piece go its right, there theres a little hook and you just hang it on whatever you want so cool idea, my guess is theres other competitors that have tried to uh make one of these as well.

A lot of room for improvement, but once again its a thirsty light, snowflake christmas, water, water tree or christmas tree water sensor lets see patent pending designed in the usa made in china hydrofarm.com so yeah. Let me know what you think. Would you give this item? Is this kind of something thats going to end up in the the trash can or you can actually use this? Let me know, and uh yeah if i dont make a video before thanksgiving, happy thanksgiving everyone, and i hope you get a lot of black friday deals and cyber monday deals and uh.