You dont have to break a bank to create an amazing meal in your home and homemade food does not have to be brewing. Thank you so much for my returning subscribers. Thank you. So much for my new subscribers caribou nissanopia. We share very simple recipes and i really do appreciate even for taking your time and watching my videos if you havent subscribed. Yet i do not know please subscribe. Lets grow together. Lets have these amazing family in the build each other. So today i have a new gadget that i got. I need to know if it has come or if its a hug for easy recipes. So i bought this bought this gadget and were going to try out this together. If its a fail, we will know so that you get to know whether its a its a good deal to to buy it for your home and, with this gadget ill, be making easy cupcakes. I dont have never used it before so were going to try it together and see how the cupcakes can come out. So we are going to do basic, cupcakes and uh lets head over to our ingredients, as i show you the gadget. So this is the gadget. I do not normally eat a cupcake maker im, not watching sandwich maker but anywho. I just thought why not try this out if its a scam – and it wont be appeared though, so that you dont get scammed.

So i like trying out new things, so i really ah now because of trial. So it comes in these two holes. Actually, this kind of cupcakes are mini cupcakes and i think uh. I tend to think that it takes less time because una pika and its name and producer one two three four, five, six, seven, seven, seven cupcakes. So i tend to think it takes less time and less power compared to your oven, so thats. What youre going to see in this particular video so enough now, so there are actually many cupcakes and which is an easy to go to kwanzaa kendall job um before work. I hope it takes less time thats what im thinking in my mind by buying it, and you have green at its last time, so kiwa baffle, cupcakes, cupcakes, so anywho. This is the gadget. So i tend to think that he happened. The power yeah green dont have kareena farquiva. Sequangalia emmanuel actually lost the manual, so i think he wonderful so nico. My lesson, which i am so lets see so ill be using ill be using. I have already measured a cup of all purpose: flour to eat, nemonis um, a teaspoon of baking powder, and then i have a quarter cup of sugar. I will also add in a half cup of vegetable oil, amma margarine, ama butter then ill be using two eggs for this recipe, and then i will be doing what vanilla, vanilla essence for this and a half a cup of my milk.

So lets do this in a bowl, maybe my example so ill beat it on a high speed until its nice nicely fluffy, full and creamy. Once once it is fluffy. I will add in the quarter cup of sugar, you know what to switch to it. Whatever amount of sugar that you want, but a quarter or about of cup of sugar will be good to go ill then add in a half cup of oil beat it together until its well incorporated ill, then add in a half cup of milk. You can also use water and in also ill add in a teaspoon of vanilla. Essence then beat it together. Finally, ill add in my cup of flour, plus the teaspoon of baking powder in two batches well ill. Add half of it then beat it on a low speaker, then add the rest, your triple mulch and then beat it until you get the final consistency. Finally, this is the consistency you get its kind of runny, but i tend to find that when i make it uh for the cupcakes, when i make a runny consistency in those inaudible, so this is the whatever i i showed you should also have so then i Will then Music, so i dont know if i should preheat this because, obviously quite often uh in a faku preheat, so as you can see, none of it is wakaying. You can see. The red part is what kind so im thinking.

I should preheat it thats thats. My thinking so far sony preheat key and then i will line them thats. What im thinking. So let me do this and then you can eat our green amani like two minutes or two seconds ill. Tell you how it comes so in the meantime ill just give it like a minute or so because the oven to my pancake 10 minutes and because i think this works faster. I just give it a minute thats what ill do so. Let me wait for it for a minute and then to okay too, and then we wait, so i think its well preheated guzanos motor because already shower car, the green part, so for now ill just this is, according to me, thats what i think ill be doing. Sonita, as you can see, in a torah attack or whatever so sahih ill just put in these papers, and then i put in my whatever i want my finger, i think thats what ill do Music so ill just put in my unga, because they are actually minis. Well be putting one one: dont need patient space for it to rise Music. So after this full me thai funic here and then nitaifunoa after the red, the red. Ah, the green button in the pope, just like the sandwich, make a sunta in taifunica, yeah evo and then here just wait for it for some time, because already the green button in our cupboard so lets see how it goes soon for nikita to evo and then Wait and see how it goes so i can go j for a minute and see its oh yeah, so meaning this is the cooking process.

It shines so ill. Wait for the green to pop up and then to forward running nakaji and then well see together because youre exploring this together. So lets wait it. Let me tell you my now. This thing is popping up after a minute, so already isha pop up, but let me think that i will wait for at least three minutes, because i am not getting how this thing is working. So let me wait and uh ill show you how it goes if its a scam to check a promotional life here in delhi. So the thing kept popping and popping popping yeah, as you can see, popping and popping popping and popping and popping and popping so on. The main goja for 10 minutes do the actual time yeah cupcakes quiver. The progress is quite well quite smooth. So aside from guava moja to wanaka, because already 15 minutes are done so im expecting theres good progress so far. 99. So i think in two to three minutes across here so neanderley mango jay z and the lake weaver. So one thing about this that i have come to notice: there is no difference in the cooking time. Katia oven, nah this one. Now these, whatever cupcake maker, another disadvantage is that since trunatumia, oh, the differences of the cupcakes, whatever the cupcake sizes, so normally for the oven, since the oven is bigger and our whatever we use is big. This is the size of the cupcake paper to use, and this is what youre, using on on this gadget, so meaning the surface area, for this is smaller than this and the smaller the surface area, the high the less time.

I think it should take for it to cook, but this one is actually taking the same amount of time with the with this one. Im gon na make a secret show anyway. I dont know but thats my thinking capacitively now in africa. So an advantage of this is that uh, its cheaper by the whole oven, okay, so its cheaper, its uh compatible and its a true member to win the nail job now pick cupcakes and uh about the fastness im, not really sure its actually, the same amount of Time and uh kneading yeah thats my my options for it for me and the the smaller the sizes, so i think me meaning its. So if you have a big family, then this is not your way to go. I would invest in an oven, so im, obviously not patient enough to bake the the rest of my my butter with this thing, so its kind of a stamp, but if youre single, if youre single lady, if your bottle or red, if your bottle this is the Way to go so the rest of it, i will be using my my oven, kamaka rider, so i will not really take it as i write off with this gadget, its nice, its good and its easy and its cheap and its, it adds color to it to The health anyway, so yeah thats it. I think these are two minutes – is the measure when i was talking soon typhoon, guatena and hoping this time.

I might even need yeah man enough for impatient, so i hope the shop, the chef brown yeah. I think it does. It was evil and the smallness of wheat im, not okay with this sizes, so i would rather eat a very big cupcake than the small cupcake. So this is it for this particular video so need to have the torah and let them cool and see how they come off. So so i need to collect a pelican, the other batter to my oven and lets see the final. The final look of the two small cupcakes, so finally, tomaiva nazim a brown vizsuji as you can see, so let me show you the size, so this is the size of that cupcakes one bite so anyway try out dont try out, but if you love it, if You think you got your singular form, so this is the size, its actually a minute that has beautiful mini cupcake or what so. This is the size of the cupcake. So anyway, i would not recommend it 100 percent for real for sure for for anything but its a nice recipe.