Here is the 14 inch. Next to it is the 13 inch from last year, as you can see, the first major difference is the refresh rate. We have 60 hertz on the right and adaptive 120 hertz on the left. That means the refresh rate will change depending on the content youre. Looking at here in launchpad, youll notice, the difference when were scrolling left and right through the apps a bit of a lag on the right on the left, youll notice, its much smoother and faster in response to your touch and thats, because we basically have an ipad Pro display, which have had this faster 120 hertz refresh rate for about four years now and were getting that on the macbook pros and also on the new iphone 13s. The 13 pros one of the first complaints about this new macbook pro is the camera notch. At the top, i dont think its a big problem. It doesnt really affect your productivity since theres going to be a menu bar at the top anyway plus. How can you complain about that when, in return you get a much bigger display with thinner, bezels and basically the same form factor, maybe about half an inch wider now lets look at some of the physical differences between the two. We have wider or bigger speaker grilles, because we do have that extra half an inch in width on the back. The apple logo is bigger, same material, reflective, black material and we dont have the taper edges anymore, its a rounded edge, a boxy design, which is a throwback to older macbooks.

On last years model. We only have two thunderbolt ports on the left and the headphone jack on the right. This years model we have an hdmi port, thunderbolt port and an sd card reader on the right two more thunderbolt ports on the left with the headphone jack that supports high impedance headphones and the return of the magsafe charging part, which is great. You can see how strong these magnets are. They are not going to come off unless you really give it a good yank. Just like this or you kick it with your leg and that will save your computer from flying and crashing onto the floor, and on top of that, we get fast. Charging 30 minutes will charge up to 50 percent, which is really neat. Lets launch another app here and check it out. This is final cut pro and we can see how smooth it is when we scroll through the timeline because of that 120 hertz refresh rate, everything is snappy, the animation is smooth and itll only get smoother as they. You know upgrade all the apps to take advantage of the new refresh rate. Another major difference is that we are getting all the function keys back and the bigger fingerprint scanner. We can adjust the volume brightness, the playback buttons, with the tap of your finger, rather than using the touch uh touch pad or the touch bar that weve had for about three years now. The weight difference is about a pound.

I dont feel like its much heavier on the bottom. We have an engraving of the macbook pro and also bigger and taller rubber feet, which will overall, give your machine better ventilation down there. Next, the camera has been updated to a 1080p camera. So finally, we get hd camera on a macbook which has never been done before all right well test this out with the photo booth app, and that should give us an idea of how much clearer or crisper your image is going to be. Unfortunately, apple decided not to give us the super wide angle camera that they put inside the new ipad mini anyway. Lets take a look at the difference between these two cameras. Zooming in closer, the image looks pretty sharp with the new camera system and on the older macbook. You can see a lot of pixelation around the edge of my phone and also around the bicycle mount that is around my phone back to the newer camera, which is much sharper. Now lets take a look at the items in the store behind me on the older macbook. It looks pretty bad and right here looks pretty sharp. So overall, the camera system is much better. No question about that and now a quick look at the 16 inch macbook pro just to give you a size comparison if you dont mind paying an extra 200 and carrying an extra pound. This is your best option. You get a bigger screen, better speakers, louder speakers and a bit of a performance boost in a super high power mode.

But if you enjoy the portability of the 13 inch macbook pro, this 14 inch model is only half a pound heavier, and the last thing were going to talk about is the speaker: quality, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music. The clear winner here is obviously the new 14 inch macbook pro now. The final question is: is it worth paying extra money for the new macbook pro if you get last years model to have the same 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage youre going to be paying only 300 more for the new 14 inch? You do get a better screen, bigger size, a brighter screen at a thousand nits instead of 500 nits. You get that pro motion, 120 hertz refresh rate and you get mini, led technology which gives you darker, blacks, and you get much better speakers and, of course, a lot more power. But another question is: do you need all that power? If you dont, then the m1 macbook pro will be enough for you and for most people i think, but if youre a professional and you deal with a lot of graphics, a lot of video, editing and rendering exporting and you want to shorten the time it takes To release a project and obviously 300 isnt asking for too much all right, so thats it for this video thanks for watching. Please like share this video and subscribe to the channel tk viper and tk vapor tech, and also my rain channel japan, rainwalker tk viper, and if you feel generous, you can drop me a tip at tk, viper gmail.