So what im going to do? First is show you whats in the box very very quickly, then come back talk about sound quality, going to compare it to a few other dacs. For example. What sounds better? Go blue or the hip dac or the zendack version two ill cover those off and some other third party attacks or you can just ask ill answer all the questions below. If you dont know thats what i do so lets. First, look in the box and i come back and talk about what i think the verdict against a number of different headphones, both balanced and through the standard 3.5 s balance socket lets go so im going to take a look whats in the box, as you can See it runs just shows you here the various options you have and so forth. So what do we get in the box well to speed things up, ive taken out the box. The first thing you get is the instructions and card that tell you how everything works but ill show you everything here you got the power match switch, which is number one here, the xbase. You then have the audio format led as well and on off balanced and the s balance 3.5 headphone output as well on the back. It shows you, you have the taipei data input and then you have the 5 volt battery charge as well. It shows you um, underneath theres a little led and you have various lights that show you um how the battery status is going um.

What you also have here is the specifications i just want to highlight some of the key things on the balanced output. You have at 32 ohms 400 milliwatts at 600 ohms. It puts out 6.3 volts on the standard uh s balanced 3.5, its 280 milliwatts 32 ohms and 3.2 volts at 600. Ohms now im going to talk more about the relevance of that versus a whole range of different headphones that are used but, as i said, ill show you. What, in the box get the warranty card get the device which is off to my side? This is one of the cables here. Thats um goes into lets, just bring it up bring this here. So here we have the actual hip deck two and this simply plugs into the back like so. Charging is done separately like so, and you have two other cables here. This goes to usbc, and then you just have here. This is probably the one you would use, perhaps to charge it off your computer or into a block um, and there are four rubber feets. As well now lets just put these to one side and show you the actual device. This is the go blue versus um, the hip dak ii. So, as you see, is this lovely, copper, color, um theres? No, obviously, youd stick some rubber feet here. That comes with it um here youve got um. It says a bit closer youve got power, match xbase on off, balanced and 3.

5 and on this side here. So, if i turn it on, you see the lights come on, then youve got um. You can see a power match on you, dont use. I wouldnt use this for iems and i would um ill talk about which one of these i prefer for iems as well, so youve seen whats in the box. Quite a good selection of accessories that are included. Um, so i used just to sort of give you some context. These are a range of different headphones uh audio technica r70x um. They are 470 ohm headphones. I also use some sennheiser hd600s, which are 300 ohms, and some hi fi man sundara some theo fd3 pros which are iems, and what else did i use uh some other sennheiser headphones as well, just a complete range of different headphones and some short 15 forces as Well, just to give a sort of more how do they compare the different range of headphones? These are the audio tracks that i use. I use the same: uh bass, audio tracks and a lot more, but always listen to these. To give me a good base to compare them to so. First of all, what does this sound like? Well, its very easy to use, very simply just to turn on its a superb sounding device, so well start with um sensitive iems. So i tried out a range of different ims. I will say that if you have them configured with balance cable, you will get background noise more than its not totally dark.

With no background noises like um hits, because that has really designed the balance for harder to drive headphones. To give you some idea, if you have 600 ohm headphones its putting out, i think 6.7 volts or 6.3 volts its a really high number that ill just clarify that on their spec sheet here, its 6.3 volts had it right, first time so and at 32 ohms On the um and at 32 ohms its 400 milliwatts through the balance and on the normal 3.5 at 30 times its 280 milliwatts or 3.2 volts at 600 and actually having high voltage output is really important. When you have hard to drive headphones, which ill cover off right now, so, as i said, i use the audio technica um. These are the r70xs and they plug in, like so into the balance. These are. These are um 470 ohms quite hard to drive this. Just no problem absolutely no problem at all, and if these um have quite some theyre quite neutral, they dont have um theyre gon na over emphasize the bass. But the bass boost on here the x space is absolutely fantastic. Doesnt interfere with the mids and the trebles its done through the analog and theres a real decent amount of kick on that bass. Please. So i actually love listening to these through the hip deck. So, as i said when i tried something like my theo um fd three pros, i found those um there was.

There was some background noise on the balance configuration and it actually it doesnt need it because i say drives really hard to drive headphones youre. Better. Just sticking swapping the end, because the fd3 pros have different interconnects that you can just swap the ends to the 3.5 and they sound fantastic through the 3.5. So just generically said ive shown you already the list of tracks. This is what i call a kick: butt um, really powerful, absolutely love it. I mean its just fantastic. What it does to your headphones lots of power, lots of dynamics. The bass comes alive um, even when youre not using the xbox, some headphones, which are pretty um. Well, i say dont because ive not had enough energy and power to drive them havent had their drivers move correctly. This has absolutely no problem at all. Its got lots of uh the quality is excellent. I cant stress enough how good this is. So you might be interested whats changed from the original to this well, its does now does a full mqa decoding. If thats your thing, it also has an upgraded uh crystal clock that eradicates jitter thats digital distortion, and that makes a lot of difference and the sound quality will it improves the actual overall sound quality. It also has a new uh, xmos micro controller as well, which enhances the overall power. This actually puts out its got a new 16 uh core ic, which delivers double d clock speed, which is 2 000 mips and has four times the memory of 512 kilobytes as well as the latest super speed standards um.

I will for those that arent familiar when you use the ie match power match button here. It takes it, look at what your headphones are and adjust the power accordingly, its better for uh over your headphones with iems, which are normally quite easy to drive. You wouldnt need to press that at all, obviously, the difference between this uh, the older new. This has this new copper color, which is really nice um, yeah, that its such a it strikes me as a very nice color um to have may not be your cup of tea, but i think it looks really nice in person. I hope the camera picks it up, and i said so with all the headphones that i used friday, i put sensitive ones using the 3.5 as opposed to 4.4. It had amazing dynamics. An extraordinary speed, um really expanded the best out of the headphones i had. He found those more punch and bass. The mid range rejection. The treble just made me music, so enjoyable to use now ive got the um, go blue, um, actually ill just cover off the zendack version. Two um, you might ask: well how does that sound compared to this um? I actually prefer this to be honest because its more portable and i can carry it around the zen dac version too. If you have the ipower um power adapter, i think that will have the edge, but obviously that costs more. This is um similar sort of price um.

This does which one sounds better overall hip. That too, definitely sounds better, but this is bluetooth, so you know and its look at the size difference, so really miniaturization costs more to do. I think this is just an absolute gem for portability when youre really out and about um. In fact, if youve got any other dax, you want me to sort of give a comparison. It might be just easier to ask a question below and i can answer it overall. I actually love this. It gets my recommendation. If youve got any questions, give us a shout, this is gavin from gavins gadgets catch.