Processor. All built in those are the specs of the device im reviewing today sounds pretty punchy doesnt it well stay tuned for the full review on oer live tech. Talk! My name is alvin thomas Music, now without any further ado, lets jump into the review of the matebook 14.. Now, to do that, we need to unbox this first, the box the device comes in is very premium, its finished in pearl matte white and its quite soft to the touch now opening up youll notice that the warranty card and the quick user guide is presented to You first thats followed by the device itself, thats encrusted in these thermo call sheets. You get the charging cable and a charging brick that is very similar to what you would find in a huawei smartphone box. However, this does support fast charging opening up the device. Youre greeted with a very familiar looking keyboard and an almost bezel less screen. The webcam is hidden away into the keyboard, but thats pretty handy for privacy. The keyboard itself is a nice and clicky chiclet style, one i think ill get used to typing on it. The back lighting is good in the dark and theres. Very little light bleed out from the sides. Logging in is done with your fingerprint place, your finger here and the device unlocks itself unlock speeds are quick again, i love it. The build quality is exceptional. Theres. Very little to no flex in the chassis – and here you can see two usb ports, a full size, hdmi port, aux input, charging port and the cooling vents, or we say they have two sharp fin fans here, but well be testing them out later in this review.

The battery inside this is 56 watt r and the charger weve got is a 65 watt, usb type c charger, which is brilliant. If you want to charge your phones too now the laptop can act as a portable charger too. When required now lets talk about the screen, what you do get is a 2k full view display with an almost bezel less finish to it. The display comes with a resolution of 2160 by 1440 and a high screen to body ratio of 90 percent. It also comes with a pixel density of 185 pixels per inch, as well as support for 100 srgb color space. The aspect ratio is pretty unusual, its three by two but hey weve got used to it on smartphones. Why not? On the laptop? The display also comes with a 1500 by one contrast ratio and a peak brightness of 300 nits now granted. There are other mate books that does come with a brighter screen, but hey this one is pretty good for indoor use its also a touch screen. So you can get a bit more hands on with it, but yes, youll be attracting fingerprints when you do that there are some additional features that are worth talking about here today you can wirelessly project the 12.6 inch huawei mate pad pro to the huawei matebook 14. To enjoy the new features of the tablet, pc multi screen, collaboration that comes with three modes mirror extend and collaborate in mirror mode.

Users can mirror the huawei mate book 14 screen to their tablet, display allowing them to directly work on files and annotate documents or draw or sketch on the laptop with the stylus of the tablet. Theres. Also the extend mode that transforms the tablet into a second screen. Providing extra screen real estate for more content. Lastly, the innovative collaborate mode enables cross platform interactions, allowing users to transfer content such as text images and documents between connected device with a simple, drag and drop the device i have here runs on windows 11 standard of the box, which is great. You dont have to mess with installing any new operating systems. The stock experience is functional and there may be a few windows updates. You may have to get off your shoulders when you do launch the device. I must say that i do love this large trackpad. Its super wide – and it has a lot of real estate to play around with the speeds, are changeable, but i like what you get out of the box, however its not super clicky, so you must keep that in mind. Now the people who buy this laptop will probably do so for three purposes: on the go typing, vlogging and editing and gaming. The first is pretty straightforward: the laptop will take care of any to all requirements for business use. The second, as you can see, is impressive. Yes, the 14 inch screen means premiere pro runs a bit cramped, but its really not a trade off for the speed you get when rendering 4k files on the system, the i7 processor packs a strong punch and the gpu handles light 3d renders very solidly now on To the gaming aspect itself, well, i would say its a little unfair to compare an aluminium shell laptop to say a full fledged gaming laptop or even a desktop.

The integrated intel, iris, xc graphics is good in handling some medium gaming. Nothing too heavy, and here are some results. Throttling does happen when you delve into more powerful games, such as world of warcraft valorent and gta 5, where you may see around 15 fps when you play in medium to low settings, but minecraft and some other light games will run smooth with anywhere between 20 to 30 frames per second, the thermal system is very good. As you can see, it comes with two fans with densely packed s, shaped, fan, blades and two heat pipes to keep the huawei mate, 14 cool and quiet even under high loads. As expected, battery life will suffer when you game without a power cable on, but with just a bit of netflix browsing and other light uses. You should get anywhere between 8 to 12 hours of battery life, but the charge times are short and should be able to give you a very long usage time per charge in all the huawei mate book. 14 2021 is an all rounder thats well worth the hype.