So today i am gon na unbox review and talk about this smart high tech robot by tripha, and this robots name is lucy isnt. It so freaking cool, because you guys know that my chihuahua dog, her name, is lucy currently shes staying with my mom, so shes not here with me, but here with me. I have two beautiful gorgeous cats that im taking care of during this fall time of day 2021 and im enjoying this time so much im so grateful that ive got this amazing opportunity and the greatest news ever is that three four willing to sponsor a giveaway on My channel so guys one of you gon na, be the lucky winner. One of you is gon na get a free, trifa, lucy robot to their home, with a free delivery to their house to their doors, so guys how to enter this give away. First of all, you have to be subscribed to my channel. Then you should comment down below to this video of mine, lucy this world lucy thats, all so one of you, one of all of the people that is gon na comment, gon na be the lucky winner, and one of you is gon na get this the best. Like the best vacuum, robot ive ever seen in my whole life made by the highest latest technology, so one of you is gon na, be the lucky winner so be definitely sure to enter this giveaway of mine, its so very easy to enter again.

You have to be subscribed to my channel and you have to write down below to this video of mine. The word lucy, the um way is going to be out there for one week for seven days, so this giveaway is gon na be ended in seven days. Signs the day of publication of this video of mine, so guys yep just count seven days. You can comment as many times as you want, of course, that if you are commenting more, your chances are increased and, of course, that you have to be 18 years older to enter this giveaway or if you are younger than that, you have to have your parents Permission to enter this giveaway. This is only because that youll need to share with me your personal address. Good luck, everyone! I really hope that you are going to enjoy this robot the same way that i did so guys. Currently, as i said, i have two gorgeous cats and why am i saying that? Because this robot its a special pet edition of a robot, so this one is by trifol, and this robot have a name lucy already told you that guys. So this robot is such a cool, robot ive, never seen something like that before. This is definitely the highest technology that ive ever seen so, first of all guys, the design is so very gorgeous, and once you are opening this cup here, this is how it looks like inside its even have a usb charger port.

So if you are stuck somewhere out there without a charger, but somehow you do have this 34 robot well, you can charge anything. You want show this usb port and thats, so very great, even better, and even more unbelievable thing about this robot its the fact that it have a camera right here in front of this robot. I hope you can spot this one yeah. This is an exclusive dual camera technology that is almost not exist on the market out there. This robot can avoid obstacles. It can avoid objects, while its cleaning, moreover, than that, of course, that this robot comes with an application, and you can see through this camera by using the application whats going on inside of your house. Is there someone who doesnt have to be there or you can see your pets? You can talk to your pet show this robot throw the camera. I mean this is what i call a smart hub. So there is an application that you are so very welcome to install. Of course, if you own this robot its so very easy to install this one and so very easy to understand how to work with this one – and you can do so many things through the application, so let me show you the full using of the application. Okay, you guys so here is day 3 for home application. You can add more devices and, as you can see, 34 have a lot of different vacuum robots.

So you are so very welcome to check them out, and this is my robot and i can see everything it goes through the application. If im gon na push the more features button, there is gon na be this suction settings. Currently it works on the maximum power. You can control the suction power, you can make it stronger or you can make it lower currently its a night outside, and you can change it to be a night vision, camera or a day, vision, camera. It can do both of them. Then you can turn off the sound or turn it on. You can take pictures. Also. You can record the video through the camera. The recordings are automatically being saved to your camera roll and you can use it as a wide screen or as a small screen. Of course, that you can end the video you can start the video you can send your robot to the recharge. The next cool thing is that do you see this microphone icon here so once im tapping this one, i can actually talk show day robot. So, by using this button you can talk to your pets or today, people that are around dave robot and you know maybe to prank them or if someone is robbing your house, you know, so you can tell them to not do that so theyre, like designated area Settings so you can create an area that you want the robot to go and to clean.

You can create as many areas as you want to, and you can make a robot to go clean these areas. Also, you are having the no go zone. Settings define areas all around your house wherever you dont want the robot to go, so you definitely cant just restrict the robot from going there. So i can choose the room to clean, so the robot can go clean. Only this room this time as well as i can also manually control the robot. The next thing is these three dots here, and these are the device settings you can change the name of the robot voice settings if you want it to be on the quiet mode. You can change the language and the volume you have, they do not disturb mode, and you can define the start time and the end time of day do not disturb mode. You can create a schedule for an example. If you want it to be repeated every day. At some certain time, or only the weekdays like no weekends, and you can choose the mode that it is gon na work on once its scheduled day, turbo mode, normal mode or the quiet mode quite is the best. I think, of course, do never forget to tap the save button. You have the motion detection. So oh, this one is actually so very nice. If there are someone who doesnt have to be around your house currently, so you can turn this option on and it is going to notify you once there is some motion inside of your house that it doesnt have to be there so its actually providing an alarm To you for anyone who doesnt have to be in your house, but he is in your house somehow so thats an amazing option.

Once the motion detection option is on its also recording from the camera whats going on out there and youll have all of your records here, so you can check the records like whats going on out there. Also. You can turn this one on or off by following any schedule that works for you, so thats pretty all thats an amazing application. I love this one so very much in the robot. Its the highest technology that is available currently on the market is the first robot that is offering a crystal clear day and night vision by using the hdr colored camera that is installed on this robot and the tof deep sensor. That is also installed on this robot. So it can situate the camera, no matter if its day or night, so welcome to the unboxing and a full detailed introduction to this trifa lucy, the original ai, home, robot and ive got the pet edition because im taking care of two beautiful cats. Currently. So what makes this lucy robot to be the standout one, its first of all the exclusive dual camera system that it works on so its made with a high tech way by following the newest and the modern algorithms codes and data. So this 34 lucy robot is the first ai powered robot that is utilized the 180p hdr colored camera, so its actually have an actual camera build inside of this robot. You can see, show this camera. You can watch what is going on all around your house.

Throw this camera, you can talk to your pets, you can watch the robot vacuuming your house, throw the camera isnt. It amazing ive never seen something like that before guys. Honestly, it also works on the time of flight tof depth camera, which is actually gives the robot a true 3d map of your house for the accuratest, indoor, positioning and mapping, as well as object, detection and orienting the rgb brightness data. That is provides 2d cameras that it works with actually gives a detailed image of any scene, including textures, colors, ambience lights and so very on. All this information comes through the cameras that are both inside of this robot and they are translating by the smart, high tech, algorithms that are built inside for the visual slam system. Slam is actually means the simultaneously localization and mapping navigation, so the tof depth camera works by providing an additional deep information for the deep mapping and it works by the accurate way possible. It have this unique dual slam system installed, which is allows lucy to understand its surroundings in the best way, even in a low light conditions. So, yes, these cameras works day and night, so it do not depends on the light that is surrounded with all that, while utter robots can only do a two dimensional scanning lucy doing day full 3d. This is the next generation robot ive never seen something like that. Before guys, so with the unique combination of the visual and the deep information that lucy is receiving from the congress and dave robert is translating this information.

Without that, lucy is the only robot that can detect and recognize object. As short as one inch, lucy has the power to recognize over 70 objects, such as socks, shoes, power, cords, stains, carpets, any type of floors, and so very more all these giving glossy and understanding of their surroundings, so lucy works and avoiding the objects the best. So what ive got is the spatial pet edition so whats about this validation, whats so special about it. So lucys pack edition boasts actually 33 percent more suction power at the 4000s pa motor, which is perfect for our free friends at home, just to manage the pad hair and the large dirt particles. You can fully control the suction power to show the tree for your home application, which ive just showed you guys how to use this. One lucy is coming with an extra spacial well designed pet hair extractor. This pet hair extractor can be easily installed to the robot. Its such an easy installation takes a few seconds, so this extractor comes with an empty nutting function, which is ensuring that the long pet hair does not get stuck into the robot. So its not really matter. What is the type of day, free friends for a pet that you are having living with you if its a long hair one if its a short hair one, this threefold, lucy robot, is ready and occupied with anything you need for any type of the pet.

It also have the day and night security option, so not only that lucy helps to keep your home spotless clean and very well vacuumed, but its also protect it. Yes guys it is protecting our houses, isnt it the coolest thing ever so, ive already told you guys that it is coming with a camera, so you actually cant even talk to your pets or talk to other people that are inside of your house, throw this robot. If thats, not a high tech, well, i dont know what high tech is. If lucy senses a person or a noise in your home while its cleaning it, it will send you a notification to your phone. So, even when you are away of your house, you can definitely chill, because you are gon na know once somebody is inside of your house, because lucy is looking after your home. Lucy is the first home robot that offers a crystal clear day and night vision. It is providing a unique indoor security at all times. The emotion detection features allows lucy to alert you once something is going on inside of your house, and it definitely can be also used as just a pet camera. You can see your pets talk to your pets and record your pet remotely via daytripho home application. In addition to monitoring your home, you can also program lucy to a remotely scheduled cleaning. Lucy can be fully controlled, show amazon, alexa and the google assistant.

So you only need to say alexa turn on or off lucy or hey, google turn on or turn off lucy and its gon na. Listen to you. I highly recommend you guys to check this one out. All of the links are gon na be down below. In my description box, as well as other information like coupon codes, sales and so very on love, this robot so very much, it avoids all of the objects so very well, so the two gorgeous cats that im taking care of they love to play with socks. Yes, this is what cats love to do so once we want to vacuum the house, i have to go all around the house and collect these socks collect the cables collect their toys, collect anything else, because i cannot start the old roomba robot that i have here. Without doing that, but things arent the same anymore. Now once i have lucy j robot by trifa, once i have this robot, my life is just better and easier just because there is no need anymore to go and collect and picking up all of these toys. I just simply turning this robot on and its doing all of the job by simply avoiding all of the objects that are on the ground, its the smartest robot ive ever seen. The algorithms are the newest. If this is not a smart home, then i dont know what the smart home is. Its definitely also compatible with the voice assistance.

So you can control this robot by your voice and by the application, of course, also by the panel that is on the robot. The design of this robot is a breathtaking one. I love the gold with a black and i love the glowing finish of this robot and, of course, that the panel – oh, my god, guys. I honestly never seen something like that before and i love the technology. It works on the hdr colored camera and the tof deep sensor. Both of these are located here right here, as you can see guys, there is a camera, and here is the sensor, so guys be definitely sure to enter the giveaway all of day. Details about the giveaway are going to be down below in my description box, as well as the link to this threefold lucy robot, so be definitely sure to check out the link to this robot. The link is going to be down below in my description box, as well as other information like coupon codes, sales discounts and so very on be definitely sure to check out the description box ill. Also, pin it all at the first comment to this video of mine. So guys, thank you so much for watching this video of mine subscribe to my channel. Give this video a huge thumbs up. Thank you so much for watching this video of mine today and enter to give away good luck. Everyone ill see you all in my next videos.

I love you all.