Now it has a whole bunch of similarities to the older grid x model from polar, but there are also some new features, but lets start with some basics. You can get this watch in four different color ways: well, actually, three different colors and one different type. We get a nordic, copper color, which is the one i have black dlc, an arctic gold and a titanium edition. Normally we get a stainless steel bezel, but with the titanium edition, we of course get titanium, which is a little bit lighter. If you compare it to the stainless steel, but all of these watts are made for durability and they even go through a military grade testing, including drop test, humidity test and extreme temperatures. Now the grid x pro has a 1.2 inch color touch display with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels, and you get a sapphire glass which is known for its durability. So you should really not worry about any scratches or a broken screen, and you really really dont need a lens cover. Now the titanium edition with the sapphire glass cost you right around 600 euros, whereas the normal standard, stainless steel, one costs you right around 500, which is still quite a lot. In my opinion, the titanium edition also comes with a leather strap which has a quick release. Feature and a normal stainless steel one has a fluorescent mesh strap. This watch is water resistant up to 100 meters and you get 7 days of battery life out of it, depending on how much youre using it.

So you still get 40 hours. If you have the gps turn on while youre working out and if you have the power saving mode on, you get 100 hours during your workouts. So what is new with the polar grid x pro we have them always on altimeter, always on location, with the coordinates. If you choose to see them, we have an always on compass and by the way we have gps, glonass q, zs and galileo, and we have a widget that shows us the sunset and sunrise. We also have improved routing with a track back feature, so you will never get lost in the woods again and you get back to your starting point safely and in the quickest way possible. So what else do we get with this watch? What features and what widgets? So first we have our normal calendar with the time next up our daily activity, which tracks your steps, burn, calories and active time. On the next tile, we have a cardio load status, our current heart rate, which is tracked with the polar precision. Prime sensor. We have a training history, widget that shows us all of our past workouts and the stats, a sleep tracker which worked exceptionally well on the polar watches. It not only shows you your sleep duration, but also your different sleep stages and you get a sleep score based on the sleep amount, solidity and regeneration. You can look up all of these stats in a polar flow app over here.

You can also check out your nicely recharged, which basically consists out of your sleep score and ans charge, which tells you how your body recovered from training and stress during the night. On the next time, we get the usual suggested workouts, which can either be a supportive workout strength, workout or cardio workout, and as for less, we get the weather widget with a small weather forecast for the next few days. Your last weeks, training, summary and meteor player. Once your spa watch is hooked up to your smartphone, you can control all of the meteor. That is playing, so you can skip a track. Go back a track adjust the volume. But since we have no internet storage, we cannot download any music. Ok, we can receive all kinds of notifications if we swipe up, but we cannot reply to any of them and if we swipe down, we get to our quick panel. Of course we have many other features like serene, which is a guided breathing session. You have strava light segments, the fueling feature, which reminds you during your workouts to fill up on carbs and water, for an optimal training results and, of course you have the standard, timer and stopwatch, and you can change the watch phase view. For example, you can take the weather widget out of the rotation if you dont feel like using it. One thing that is rather new that you can do some different tests on the polar grid x pro just like on the advantage v2.

You can do some more static tests, lag recovery tests, cycling tests, running tests and a fitness test, but dont worry if you dont know how to do these tests once you want to start any of these tests, you get a quick guide and how to perform these Tests and what it requires. Okay now lets get finally to the sport modes. Overall, you have 130 different spoke modes to choose from which means, basically, every sport mode out there is covered. Now before you start your workout. There are many things that you can customize like: set the power, saving mode, backlight settings, training, suggestions, race, pace back to start feature and a few more after youve done. All of that and started your workout. You get to see your distance pace, heart rate, workout duration, but you can actually change all of these layouts in the polar flow app.