This isnt necessarily the case with the ico z5, mainly because of its higher starting price, which is rupees 23 990 for the base variant. It does offer a lot of features, but will that be enough to make it a better value proposition than competing smartphones such as ryomi gt master edition and the poco f3 gt lets find out whether or not im happy with the ico c5 in this review? Music? The base variant comes with 8gb of ram and 128gb of storage and is priced at rs, 23 990. We received the 12 gb ram and 256 gb storage option for review, which is priced at rupees 26 990 in india compared to the iq z3. There is a newer qualcomm, snapdragon 778 g processor, stereo speakers and a bigger 5000mah battery. This phone has a dual sim tray and theres no microsd card slot for storage expansion. The ico c5 feels like a step up from the z3 in terms of design. The back panel is still made of plastic, but now has a frosted texture, which does an excellent job of resisting fingerprints and did not slip out of my hands. The camera module has grown in size to a rectangle with rounded corners, and it produced very little from the rear surface. There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and is located at the top of the smartphone. The lcd screen works, fine, given the price of the z5 and viewing angles are good too.

However, i did notice a mild yellow hue at the bottom end of the panel, the 6.67 inch 229 ratio display makes reaching for things a bit of a stretch. Iko claims that its display is hdr10 compatible, but i did not find support for this in most ott apps, including netflix and amazon. Prime still, the z5 does make for a good video streaming device thanks to a stereo speakers which sounded loud and clear. What i did not like about the display is that its a smudgy mess after few minutes of use, the protective panda glass got quite smudgy and those smudges were quite hard to clean. The ico, z5 features vivos funtouch os 12, which is based on android 11.. There are animated widgets that work as expected, but are not too deeply integrated with either native or third party apps. The rest of software looks similar to fantastic verse 11 and appears fluid thanks to its 120 hertz refresh rate display the qualcomm snapdragon 778 g is definitely an improvement over the 768 g in the ico z3. However, there arent any leaps in terms of performance gaming performance was pretty good. The ico z5 managed to run call of duty mobile fluidly at the default very high graphics and high frame rate settings with no noticeable heating issues. Asphalt. 9 legends also run smoothly at default. Settings theres also a 4d game vibration, which can be activated in the ultra game mode menu or in the game sidebar.

It did not work as expected, sending out jarring vibrations that were either too late or didnt make any sense, and i found this distracting at best. The ico z5 has a 5000mah battery, which is a higher capacity than that of the z3. It easily lasts a day and a half with regular use. The phone managed an impressive 21 hours and 57 minutes in a hd video loom battery life test slightly slower 44 watt charger that comes in the box still charges the phone from a dead battery to 100 in 1 hour 10 minutes, which is not bad and finally, Lets talk about the cameras. The echo z5 features three rear facing cameras, 64 megapixel primary, an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle and a 2 megapixel macro camera selfie duties are handled by a 16 megapixel front facing camera. Photos taken in daylight showed colors that were a bit saturated with some mild purple fringing in the brighter areas, while they looked decent at first glance, it was easy to tell that these photos were low on resort detail after magnifying them. Just a little selfies came out. Fine with good dynamic range but edge detection in portrait mode was average photos taken with the ultra wide angle. Camera were passable and had blurry details towards the edges of the frame. The micro camera with fixed 4 centimeter focal length is not easy to use and the output mostly ended up. Looking dramatic with lots of over sharpening, i preferred close up shots taken with the primary camera instead and just like the iq z3, the low light image quality of the ico z5 cameras, wasnt great photos taken in low light, showed murky details and lots of blotchy textures.

Switching to night mode did not help this. Only added more contrast to the image and nothing else. Selfie shot in low light fell short of 18 and looked quite soft and edge detection was also below average. Video shot. Daylight came out with a steady frame rate and offered good stabilization, but the z3 could not handle bright scenes and tended to over expose them. Oddly, i did notice a light. Shimmer effect when walking even in daylight in low light details were on the lower side. Stabilization was good, but the frame rate was a bit choppy. Shimmer effect was visible in low light footage as well 4k video recorded when walking looked very jittery. The ico z5 does offer some improvements over the icos z3, namely stereo speakers. A bigger battery and a newer processor, but that isnt enough take on popular phones that cost around rupees. 25. 000.. Yes, you do get the powerful snapdragon, 778g soc 8gb of ram and 128gb storage, but the real me gt master edition offers similar specifications with a much better super amoled display good camera performance and 65 watt fast charging at rupees 25 triple nine gamers might also prefer The poco f3 gt with its maglev triggers rgb lighting and bigger battery, even if its priced a bit higher starting on rupees 26, triple nine iq does plan to pull the plug on the z3, but its still available on sale for as little as 17 990 online. So pick one up if you are looking for better value and thats it for our review of the ico z3.

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