So if those are the kind of videos you like make sure you hit the subscribe button down below to see more videos like this and today, im gon na be reviewing the ansel bd310 obd2 scanner. Now this scanner promises to do several things first off. It is a normal standard, obd scanner, but it can turn into a obd scanner on steroids if we pair this with our phone, because this supports a bluetooth connection, it also promises to be a performance gauge. So we can mount this on our dashboard car and display data from the engine, and it also says that it has a heads up display mode. So im excited to test that out and see that. Actually, how much can we actually do with this small little device, which comes in at a very affordable price if you guys want to look at this device further or want to get one of these, for yourself check out the link i put in the description down Below and lets get started so first ill show you what you get inside of this box when you purchase one of this ansel bd310 obd2 scanner then well, take it out to the car. So we can test out its features and see how well it actually performs and starting with the obd2 scanner itself. The ansel bd310 is very compact, its roughly about five inches tall and about two inches in terms of weight, so its probably going to be smaller than most phones.

So it is great that it is compact, but its also quite slim and lightweight. Also, the core seems to have enough length to reach the obd2 port in our car, and i like the design here of a right angle. Connector, because when i plug this in the core is gon na stay flat against the dash and im gon na. Be able to hide it if i decide to mount this thing permanently now. This does have a two inch. Full color display right here and theres, a couple of buttons in here to control the scanner. If we decide not to use the app now, the back of it is plastic, but this part right here is metal and the reason for that metal is that we get this little mount now. This mount can slide into the vent of our car and then this can magnetically clip onto it. So we can display this in our car and we can view it that way securely. In addition to that, little mount you get this little usb cord, which can be used to update the scanner or to connect this scanner to the computer, and you also get this little instruction manual, which covers the basic operation of the scanner, as well as the app That is available both for android and ios devices. This manual also describes the different performance gauges that this obd2 scanner can display, as well as the different tests that it can run in our car, such as testing the battery or testing the evap system.

But now i think its time to move to the car, so we can see this little unit in action and heres ansel bd310 obd2 scanner. Now i have just plugged this thing into my obd port and the screen automatically comes up and its telling me that it is in bluetooth mode, and i said that this can work both with the app or by itself. So, first let me show you how to use it by itself, as you can see, theres a button here on the side and if i press that it will switch to a standalone operation. So i dont need to use the app and you can see that the first function is the obd2 function, which allows us to read codes from the car and im gon na use the keys in the bottom to navigate. Now this particular car does have an engine check engine light so yep. It says that the check engine light is on and you can see that theres a couple of options in here to choose from. We can choose to read the codes that are in the car and im going to click. Read codes and im going to say show me the current codes that have been set. Okay now it has pulled up the code, the code. I can see it its a nice large font po443 and then it tells me a short description of what the code is and at this point i can take this code and put it on the internet or look at my servers manual to find out how i Can resolve this issue now, if i have already fixed the code and replaced the censored or whatever issue that caused it, i can go ahead and delete the codes now i dont want to delete the code if i have not fixed the issue, because otherwise it will Just come back and the next option is probably going to be one of the most helpful ones of this scanner, and that is the emission readiness test and we can click on that one and we can confirm if this car is ready or not for smog.

Now it will tell you on here what things are ready to go. You can see that it says: okay, okay, okay, which systems are not ready, yet you can see that it says incomplete right here and you also will see which systems are not in this car. So it says not applicable, so this is convenient because it can save me a trip of having to go to the smog station and get my car rejected or fail because i can check on here when its ready to be smog and the next option is going To be data stream option which allows us to see real time data being displayed on the scanner now this is going to vary from car to car, depending on what sensors do we have on the car and what the computer can send to the scanner, and we Can see on here right now the car is off, so a lot of these things are static, but once we turn the car on, we can see them in action now. This is convenient if youre troubleshooting a car, and you want to see what those actual details are and ill briefly turn on the car. So we can see how that looks. Okay, so the car is on. As you can see, some of the data has already begun to stream. Now, for example, we can see that the rpm is being shown and if i give it a little gas, we can see the responsiveness of that data stream.

We can see things like the air intake air temperature throttle position. There are so much things on here, but again, theyre gon na be depending on your car and what systems are supported and the next option is the freeze frame option. If, for some reason you have a check engine light in your car, the car has saved a snapshot of the main parameters of what the car was doing at the time that the code got set. So if i go on freeze frame, i can pull that data and see what exactly was the car doing when the code was set now this is going to be very helpful again for an experienced mechanic that gives you an idea or a hint into what went Wrong now, the evap system test is going to be another helpful option for those who are testing to see if they have a problem with their evaporative system. However, i will warn you: dont start this test unless you know how to stop it. Some cars are sensitive to starting this test, and once you start that test, you have to wait for it to complete before you can resume normal operation and the next option right here is vehicle information. This can pull basic data such as the bin number, but also the calibration id and the verification number now. Why is that important? Well, the smog check folks are checking for this to see if your computer has been tampered with and also, if youre, buying a car, and you want to check if that, if they have the original programming, you can use the vehicle information to pull that information and Confirm that the vehicles computer integrity has so far not been tampered with, and the next option in the scanner is the meter option, and this is where we can use this scanner as a gauge in our car when were driving to see real time data, but not In tiny little numbers in a larger graphical interface and ill turn the car on again, so we can see that in action, so you can see now how larger the numbers are.

So if we are potentially driving its a little bit more visible than looking at smaller numbers – and you can cycle through the different screens and get graphical representations of what the car is doing, this particular one is the speed of the car against the rpms. Now a lot of this stuff right here is going to be great for basic troubleshooting. There is a ton more stuff that we can do with the app, and next is the emissions readiness test. Now i already show you that we can see if the car is ready for smog or not with the obd2 function. However, i like that they included this function right here, because if im not a mechanic, i can just click on it and look for green colors. So this has simplified the screen and has made it into a color coded screen, and if we see green, that means we are good to go now. Ideally, we want to see green on everything that is applicable to this car, for example. The cat right here has an x, which means its not ready, yet it has to turn into a green. Before i go to the smog now, the next one hcat that has a not applicable sign, so this one will never turn green. I dont have to worry about it, but before i go to smug test, i will want to make sure that all the ones that can turn green have turned green im.

Moving on to the app you can see that i have mounted the ancel bd310 obd scanner on my dash with the magnetic mount and its in bluetooth mode, and i have already downloaded the app and paired it with the device. Now, every time you fire up the app, not only does it connect to the device, it runs a check, a health check, basically on your car, which is very helpful because itll show you, if you have any pending trouble codes, if the car is ready for smog, Its a nice summary screen – and i can hit ok on that and we can see all the features of the app now. The first one is going to be diagnostics, which is going to be very similar to what we were doing with the scanner, which means pulling codes from the car. This car has no codes. However, if there have been any codes, we can clear them and that will make the check engine light go away and one advantage of using the app to pull the codes versus using the standalone scanner is that if we had any codes, we can automatically search for What that code means versus in the scanner where i have to write down the code and then go type it up in the internet in here. This will bump us directly to the internet with the code. So we dont have to do any of that manual. Work and the interface is kind of like a wheel that you turn to find the option that you want im gon na hit the monitor one.

Now the monitor one is very similar to what i showed you earlier on being able to tell if the car is ready for smog or not, as you can see on here, all the blue ones say that they are finished, so this car is completely ready for Smog, the ones that have a question marks says it doesnt support it. So this car is ready and the next option is performance test. Now this uses the existing sensors on our phone with the app and then with the communication with the obd2 device to calculate a couple of performance metrics. We can see how fast acceleration is. We could take it out on the road and measure 0 to 60. If we wanted to, but the advantage of doing this with this system is that we actually have live readings. Look at this from the car, as opposed to some of the apps that you download free apps, where you can see your 0 60 that dont connect to the car. This is really interfacing to our system and the next option is the trip function. Now the trip function allows us to monitor a trip and when i say a trip, this is perhaps gon na be best use for the track. If you to have a record of what happened, what activity happened when you were at the track? You can use this for that. You can record the highest speed. You have achieved the highest rpm.

What the total average speed. You could also see what the coolant temperature was, what the lowest or the highest, which could give you a hint of whether the car was overheating at some point, and the next option is the battery check. Now this option right here will check what the current voltage is on the car and, if i hit start, it will prompt to turn off the car to get a reference value and compare those two. Now, between the point where the car gets turned off and when the car gets turned on, it will tell you how much time have elapsed, what the lowest voltage was and what the maximum voltage is and if you are not familiar with voltages, we can see on Here that they have provided us with a quick reference chart that allows us to see what the normal voltages of a battery should be, allowing us to get an idea of the health of the battery in our car and the wheel keeps on turning. You can see that there are more options on here that make this scanner a very robust diagnostic system – and i mentioned earlier that we can use this scanner as a performance gauge. And we saw that earlier when i showed data on the smaller screen right here. But if we use the app, we have a dashboard option and, as you can see, the dashboard option shows us a gauge in a larger size, obviously much nicer colors and resolution, but live data, and we can customize this gauge to be whatever information.

We want to pull from the car as long as the car supports it in this case its showing us rpms, which will be helpful if youre going to the track. This particular one is showing us vehicle, speed and ect, which is our engine coolant temperature and we can again adjust the size and position of those gauges now on the third dashboard right here i have selected the three different styles, so you can see all of them. We have a digital style and two analog styles to choose from so thats pretty cool again. All of them can be customized to show what you want to see, but now lets test the heads up functionality of this device, which allows us to display these gauges directly onto our windshield, so heres. What the heads up display mode looks like and, as you can see, the phone is placed on the dash and the app has been set to heads up display mode and, as you can see, the gauge has changed into a square that shows the rpm and were Pulling live data from the car, so you can see how it pulls the data and projects it on the screen. Windshield. That way, now you do have the same three dashboards that can be customized to show the data that you are curious in seeing when you are driving and heres the last dashboard with the potential six different gauges now, in order for you to use the heads up, Display mode, i would definitely strongly recommend one of those anti slip mats for the phone where the phone can be placed on the dash and it wont move when youre driving.

Also, they do have a what they call a heads up display film that you can apply over the windshield and its a little tiny square ill. Put a link in the description down below. If you want to look at that film and if you want to look at the mount itself now, i do wish the background or behind the gauges was black instead of white. That way, we would only see the gauges. Maybe they can add that in a future update and towards the bottom of the app we have a couple of more options. One is to create a profile for ourselves, but the one that i really like is to create a profile for every car. Now in here we can save every car that we tested and by year, vin number name of the car, and we can track the history of that car. That way, this is very convenient if you are testing multiple cars, especially if youre doing this as a business where you are checking and fixing peoples cars. This can give you an idea of what it was before and what it was. After also, it will be helpful for you, if you own, multiple cars, to be able to track them that way and finally, in the app settings we can change, not only the settings of the obd2 scanner. We can also set alarms. Now an alarm will be very helpful if, for example, i want to make sure that i dont exceed 88 miles per hour and travel back in time.

I can tell this device to warn me of not going past that speed and also, if i wanted to make sure i dont overheat. I could set an alarm to tell me when the car reaches a certain temperature. Now this is helpful if you are driving in some kind of performance event, and you want to have that notification without having to look at the dash. And finally, you can set an alarm for driving. Perhaps you want to be notified every hour or so not to fall asleep its pretty impressive, to see what the ansel bd310 scanner can do. Not only is it an obd2 scanning device, it is a wireless obd2 dongle that connects to our phone with the app, and i do like that. They put a lot of thought into the app not only into giving us different functionality of it, but into being able to save profiles for cars that, as a mechanic, is very helpful for me. I also like how small the unit is and that it can be mounted very quickly on and off the car because of the magnetic mount and just being off to the side as a little gauge. I can take a quick glance at it and confirm that everything is okay, so if you guys have any other questions regarding this obd2 scanner, please put that in the comments down below remember i put a link down there in the description. If you want to look at this scanner further or get one for yourselves, and if you found any part of this video helpful, please hit the thumbs up button to support the channel, and i have a lot more cool videos coming up.

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