This is larry welcome. Back to today i feel like today we are going to take a look at the cg cine npf 001 and i have to say some of the coolest things come in small little unexpected uh packages, and this is one of them very, very cool, very useful, and I cannot wait to show you so lets jump into it, and here we go okay, so here we have it. This is the cg cine mpf 001. This is a mpf, multi function charger, and we can see here that it says it has: temperature protection short circuit protection over voltage, protection output, uh anti reverse protection, output over current protection output over voltage, protection and battery overcharge protection. So theres going to be all kinds of protections for you uh with this charger we can see here on the back. It says its going to uh support various types of vat of outputs and batteries and operating temperatures and all sorts of stuff there. So if you want to read that just go ahead and hit pause and you can check that out right there, so all right lets go ahead and get this thing opened up so that we can actually take a look at it and we are going to get Uh first, the actual charger here, so we can see there its going to have the cg city branding on there. This is where youre going to be able to put your uh.

Your battery were also going to get a dtap out right there. If we, if we want to use that and were also going to have a pd out and a usb a out right there as well and then on this side were going to have pd in so we can actually charge our batteries right there. So very nice! Now, on the bottom, we have a quarter 20 uh tripod thread so that we can actually mount this onto a tripod or to some other sort of uh mounting that we want to that, has a quarter twenty thread on it, so um, it looks like right here Is uh, it looks like a button right there, so we can push it to. I guess see the uh, the power indicator lights, which are right there on the front there. So all right lets see what else we are going to get in here and it looks like we are going to get a uh a couple of cables. So we are going to get a usb a to usbc cable right there and were going to get a usbc to usbc, uh, cable, so very nice, now heres the thing thats super cool about this is that many of us photographers and filmmakers. We have a ton of these mpf style batteries around these sony, mpf style batteries. You may have some of them around from an old camcorder or something that you dont even realize that that you have.

But the cool thing is: is you can take a a battery like this and pop it on there and, as you can see its going to give me power indicator right there, but its also going to allow me to charge various devices with this battery. So um im not sure what the what the milliamp hour is on on here. It looks like its 2200 milliamp hours, so this is going to be um im going to be able to go ahead and mount this on there and now lets see. Let me grab a cable like this. This is a uh. This is an iphone charging cable im gon na go ahead and plug it right into the usb, a uh out port right there. So now we have that plugged in and im gon na grab my um going to grab my iphone 12 pro max and im going to plug that in and now what i need to do, i believe, is simply push that button right there and i should be Able to get there, we go its actually showing me its already 100 charge, so its not actually sending anything through there. Well it does. It actually does show. If you look right there. Let me see if i can get that you can see the little lightning port on there, because it is uh. It is providing power, but the phones already charged so its not really needing to do anything so. But that is one of the coolest things about it.

But one reason why i like to use um the reason. One reason i like i like this idea is that i often use a portable power bank in order to charge to keep my camera charged up as im filming so um. I usually use something like this and i have a usbc cable plugged into it that plugs into my camera, but now i can take batteries like this. This is a battery thats. 5. 000 milliamps. I have a number of these, this ones 2200. I can. I can hook it up onto the cg cine charger, plug it into my camera, and now i can go ahead and charge my camera up so lets go ahead and give that a try actually and see if its going to work all right. So here is my sony: a7s iii heres the cg cine charger. I have the usbc cable so im going to plug it in where it says pd out im going to plug it in right there and im going to go ahead and grab the other end and im going to plug it in to where i have the usb C port on my a7 s3. So let me go ahead and plug that in right there and we should see we should get a little indicator light and we do were getting the indicator light right there, letting us know that were actually charging and let me go ahead and open up the lcd Screen and let me go ahead and uh turn this on and yes, we can see right here that were actually charging, so that is exactly what we want this way.

When i have my camera on and im filming, i can keep my camera charged up for hours and hours and hours. This works fantastic if youre live streaming or if youre, just shooting all day like, for instance, i shoot sometimes all day, and i need to keep on switching batteries if i dont have an external power source. This is allowing me to have an external power source that i can easily use with the batteries that i already own, all right, everyone, so there we have it. That is it. That is a look at the cg cine mpf mpf 001, and this is a multi function, charger and its fantastic. I love the fact that you can use the sony mpf style batteries because well these batteries are cheap and you can get them in various sizes. So this one is a small one, thats like 2 200 milliamps, and this one is a mp550 you could use, for instance, a this one here is a mpf um, seven 770. I believe – and you can put that one on here as well. You just go ahead. Snap, it right in there and just as easily it works, and you can use this so yeah its fantastic. I really really think this is something that everybody should have in their camera kit, because if youre traveling and you dont want to have to take a whole bunch of different things, you can grab this grab a couple mpf batteries, which you probably already have and youre Already taken with you and now you can use your mpf batteries, as you know, an external power source for your camera for lights, to charge your cell phones for all kinds of stuff.

So it really is fantastic. So anyways im going to leave a link to this product down below in the video description, so that you can check it out im also going to leave a link to my amazon page, my social media contacts. You can reach me elsewhere and i hope you enjoyed seeing this video.