I interest you in everything all of the time, a little bit of everything all at the time, anything and everything all of the time yeah. So christmas is coming. I know were only in november, but now is the sort of time that people start thinking about getting presents for people and, if youre like me – and you have people in your life where you get to this sort of time and you think, ah what am i Going to buy them, i have no idea. Well guess what im here to help you because thats, what i do im a helpful guy and this video is going to be five of my favorite gadgety techie things that i own, that i think are fantastic, not just for use but for gifts and were ranging In price here from some fairly inexpensive stuff to some a little bit more expensive stuff, some stuff youve seen before and some stuff, you havent im not going to waffle on too much more because i want this to be nice and short and sharp and about the Product so were going to get straight into it, and the first product that im going to talk to you today about is one right behind me. Just there its a desk lamp, it doesnt sound very exciting, but it is so. Firstly, you can see it gives a lovely ambiance to my surroundings. Now, obviously, ive set up my little station here with my graphic design, stuff and my coffee stuff, but i wanted a nice little kind of like a background like something nice and subtle and minimalist and nothing too over powerful.

So one for this, its got a lovely gray mesh fabric on the outside designed really well, and it has a lovely pull chain on off very old school. It does also have an on off switch on the cable, which kind of find weird but hey each to their own. I guess its got two on off switches, but i like the silver poly dangly thing, because its nice, its got a real nice firm click to it, but the most important thing that it has the reason why i got it besides that this has two 5 volt. 2 amp usb ports built right into the side. Super super helpful, so you can plug in things like your phone using a what do you call them? Contactless pad thing wireless charging pad and also, if youre so inclined plug in a little humidifier, which is funny because thats the very next product and well get on to that in just a sec. But first this product everything that im talking about today, theres going to be a link in the description. Naturally, if you want to buy the thing im talking about its down below, if you want your christmas shopping to be easy click, the link buy the thing job done. This is, i think, at the moment, about 30 pounds, maybe just over not too expensive, but a really nice one is youve, got dad uncle brother or something that sort of home base wants. You know a little bit of light ambience in their office, perfect gift.

For that thumbs up highly recommend now back to the little dehumidifier thing, not dehumidifier its a humidifier, its a little um essential oil humidifier. So this is the little thing here, its a little tiny unit and its a humidifier and oil diffuser very simple. To use. You know you got the removable lid here, you put the water in with a few drops of oil click, the lid closed plug in the power in the back, and the oil thing comes out the top. Now, when i got this one uh about 20 pounds, this was, i think, just over 21 pounds and again ill put the link in the bottom. It came with three oils: the peppermint lavender and orange great little one. This is like moms sister im. Not you know, stereotyping, sex or anything ive got one and im a bloke, but you know its a nice gift idea for someone who likes to relax in the bath and stuff typically tends to be women. I guess i dont know whatever, but its a nice little gift for that sort of thing and yeah and it smells really nice. It just puts a nice puff of really really fine mist into the air and uh yeah. If you want to go to sleep at night, put a bit of lavender nice mint one there and a bit of orange or whatever you know, flavored oil you want to use, but that is a little techy. Gifty thing number two number three: is this not exactly this? It is actually a light bulb now this ones great, because its under 10 pounds and its fantastic for a kids room, you can get it in a bayonet fitting or a screw fitting.

I think edison. I dont know whichever one anyway youve got, the bayonet youve got the screw and you can pick either one the good thing about it is led, which means its going to last forever. The benefits of it, though, is on your controller. Here you have a load of different settings for it. So, besides the fact that you can pick your color there, you start with your main color and then, as you click down here, you can adjust your color youve also got simply dimming up and down the strength of the bulb like youre, just a normal turn, dial Dimmer switch its built in here on off as per and then youve got your little disco lights here so clicking. One of these will change the color. So i can demonstrate this. I wont point you to the light, because theres no real point youll get the idea, but if i want to go blue, i click that and ill actually turn this to turn it up a little bit. There we go. So i get a nice blue tinge. If i want red, i click red and now my room will go red green and then i can start adjusting the color. So if you want to bring that down a little bit and so on, then if i want to click, save the disco lighting one, which is this one here – click that, as were talking eventually youll, see that the light will start to change and so were going Now it started red lets, go into a yellow and eventually itll go to a green.

This is a great little thing for kids, especially going to sleep. You know how kids want a nightlight good thing about this. One about this is that you can set any of these colors. You want pick your color, so so lets say were going to go for lets. Pick a nice purpley, color well, move it down, say this like pinky purple color, and you want to set a timer for the kid to go to sleep. They want a nightlight on a night light on all night, but when theyre asleep, they dont notice. So good thing about this is youve got a timer, so just here youve got a timer. So if i click that the light will flash once see that one hours time that lights going off, if i click it again, flashes twice in two hours time its going to go off its great and then, if you just want to hit back to normal, then I go back to normal light turn it up and there we go normal light in the room again fantastic little thing: less than 10 pounds great for kids. Bedrooms ive got one in here and i use it obviously as a youtube, backlight and things its great its fantastic thumbs up. So the fourth tech gift idea, you may have seen this one before and ill put a link up where it is to the previous video. Now this is the tactical wallet from code 118.. I know ive already done a review on this one, but i have to do it again, because its fantastic and ive had some questions and ive had a bunch of people buy them from the link below which is also going to be below this video as well.

It is still an offer not sure if its still 50, but its definitely on offer and theyve actually added two new wallets theres, a stealth wallet and a classic wallet and a bunch of other new accessories too so theres a bunch of stuff on there. So go and have a look. The wallet is coming up at the moment. I still think about 37 pounds or something like that. So still really good value for a carbon fiber wallet and one of the questions i did have in the comments was: can you put as many cards in as you can and turn it upside down? Now i dont have a huge amount of cards anymore, but i have rammed it full and there they all. Are there so theres one, two, three four five theres six cards in there and a bunch of my business cards in the back and theres about six or seven cards on the back there so thats it sort of, i guess, fairly loaded, but they wanted to know If its upside down do they come out now, you can see here by clicking the bottom thats, the top hold it upside down, ill, hold it from the side and nothing you can shake it and they aint coming out. So i hope that answers your question. Its super secure, i dont, know how they do it. I dont know how they stick it all in there, but even with that, many cards pops up beautifully and there they are code 118 wallet link, is in the description to the website.

There is still a discount on there so get in now before christmas and get your tactical wallet like i said: theres the new stealth wallet and theres, the new classic wallet thats on there as well, and a few other really awesome. Techie things like this tactical clip thing and stuff so just check out the website and have a look through perfect for any adventurous young lads or, ladies out there i still use mine every day and i think its fantastic cant recommend it highly enough. One of the best tech gadgety things ive ever been given or got or bought, or whatever its awesome go check it out so now for the fifth and final techie gadget christmas idea product, and it was something i mentioned briefly in my last video. If youd watched that one, the london coffee festival one if you havent checked it out ill put the link somewhere and you can go check it out, but i mentioned this and i did say that ill be talking about it in this video, which is what im Gon na do now this thing is awesome. When i was at the london coffee festival, i got to meet a bunch of people. There was hundreds of stores, but one of the stores that stuck out to me was w10, which is these guys and theyre based in london, and they designed and create flasks cups, collapsible cups. And i got talking to them and i told them who i worked for and we just got chatting and things, and they kindly gave me one of these.

This is the hazel wood collapsible cup in black, so its black with white accents. There is a white black accents, this is a collapsible cup and, to be honest, i never really was a big fan of them in the first place, i thought you know they seem flimsy and stuff, but then i saw this and i was like whoa thats. Quite incredible now ive got their website scroll and pass me. Then you might clock it in the background. These are patent pending, but the worlds first ever double wall insulated, stainless steel, collapsible cups, theyre unreal, theyre very easy to use. You have your your lid there. You can take that off and you can see on the inside look at that stainless steel. I cant even tap it stainless steel on the inside, but when you pull from the bottom here, the cup expands, you got little markings on the side here. You simply slide that into place locked and there we are look 12 ounce, metal, stainless steel, completely waterproof collapsible cup, its just unbelievable these and i mean theyre, only going for 22 pounds at the moment, which is a fantastic price for a stainless steel, collapsible cup. I take this everywhere now you may have noticed. I havent really spoken about it, but i have my tattoo colored a little bit further. I might do another video on that at another point, but when i went out for my second session, i took this with me.

Drank him in the car on the way on the way back, just love this thing: it is fantastic, any person, you know that loves coffee in any way, that is a gift and a half but check out their website. They got loads of other stuff. Theyve got flasks, theyve got these power ones much like the lamp. We just spoke about a power bank bottle with power pack in it, and the stuff is just stunning. The the designs are amazing – and i didnt realize this until afterwards that these are the company that do all the costa cups. So if youve ever been to costa – and you see all their collapsible disposable, thingy cups theyre all made by w10, so its a fantastic company. I cannot recommend this thing more highly. It is easy to use its super sleek. The rest of this stuff is fantastic and what an amazing gift for anybody it doesnt even have to be a coffee lover. Anyone that has hot or cold drinks. It keeps things hot for hours, cold for hours and its just a great bit of kit 22 pounds at the moment on their website. Go check them out again ill put the link in the description below, and that is it. So, whilst the websites continuing to scroll, i will wrap it up there. I hope you found this video helpful and informative and given you some christmas gift, ideas for the whole family, weve covered kids, mums, dads brothers, uncles, aunties and everybody in between.

So i will be back with more videos before christmas.