So today we got another one over here, which is the all new agm h3. This is another rugged phone for us to torture, and right now were going to try to break it apart. Wan na see lets go Music, hi, guys its me richmond im, gadget psychic and welcome back to my channel. So we have here the agm h3 and were going to open it and its a really nice uh rugged phone, wherein you have the blend between black and orange. Definitely its a nice stuff, a nice color choice and what they told me that they are proud of their infrared knight camera on this one so well be trying this one as well, but of course, first up lets check what other things are inside the box. We have our user guide over here and they did away with the 3.5 mm jam because they really need to put this underwater. So here it is our 10 watts charger and hey its a type c cable. After opening this box, i was able to gather this one. This phone is really tough. As usual. The agm gives me uh those tough looking phones, which, of course, you can throw it inside the pool. Take some camera shots down under the pool its really nice, and i have here this one and its really nice up on so im, swiping left and right, quite smooth uh playing with the interface its nice. I was able to do some multitasking without any problem and, overall, i can say its really nice, but of course i did try to take some shots.

Camera shots uh, the camera is just average, not the best. Not the worst. Now, of course, were not here to uh, take a look at the aesthetics. Neither are we here to Music, see the performance on gaming. Of course, this is not really your gaming phone, but this is your top phone now i did put this one to the test and, of course, lets see if it survived. So i did three four tests: one dropping to the pool to the water test to um extreme uh temperature test, three, a drop test and four does test lets see so right now ill be dropping this inside the uh, of course, uh pool of water. So i wasnt able to go to the swimming pool today, so well drop it here. So uh lets show you that its still working properly before we dunk it okay screen off lets go lets just wash. It turn the screen on its still turning on, which is good, still working nice job. So i heard that this phone can withstand harsh weather condition with extremely hot or extremely cold. So i, since i dont, have some extremely hard places to put this phone inside. So i have some extremely cold so checking the temperature of this refrigerator. Let me show you so were having negative 22 degrees celsius inside my refrigerator. So yeah ill put this exactly on top of some ice cubes over here later, with the ice creams. So put it here ill, let it settle for 10 minutes and well come back for it and see if its working perfectly so before that ill show you that its still working properly after dunking it inside the water.

So let it set up timer 10 minutes. Well, be back three two one: okay, so yeah ah lets check our phone, its pretty frosted its really cold, see if it turns on yeah, it turns on it. Swipes pretty well everythings still fine and its really amazing that this phone can withstand harsh weather condition as low as negative 22 degrees celsius inside the refrigerator, pretty amazing, okay. So my next test is to drop this on the floor. So yeah were roughly around two meters. Uh well for about ground, so yeah lets just simply drop it like this ouch that got ta hurt. Okay, so survive the drop. Okay, not bad! So right now for our final test. Well, pour it with some powder instead of dust, since we dont normally collect dust here and yeah just pour in some dust powdery like dust like particles to this phone, so lets see if it works. Okay, so there uh here, just put it with some powders. Okay, just like cornstarch or whatever it is so lets, see amazing. This phone is really amazing, really weve already finished, torturing this phone, and i believe that it had survived the test with and now without any problem. So right now its still working and its still functioning like normal. Okay, really, you just really need to clean it a bit. So if you want to buy this phone, ill drop it in the comment section below and if you like, this video dont forget to like subscribe and, of course, click that bell icon.