True wireless bluetooth, earbuds, so the features are getting closer to the airpods pro, which is pretty nice. Of course, the price is also creeping up a little bit now. These are 179 bucks, but for that price you do get magsafe wireless charging and qi wireless charging, as well even longer battery run times than previous generations. Spatial audio and the h1 chip, which means quick and easy pairing and fairly seamless device. Switching between various apple products were going to look at them now so, first off, do they sound better? Yes, they do they sound noticeably better. I id say worth an upgrade. Definitely if you have the original og airpods, if they havent croaked on you, thanks to the battery dying, and maybe even if you have the air pods too theyre getting close to the airpods pro sound, which are pretty darn, good, sounding buds and pretty neutral. But with a little bit of special sauce with a little bit of base here too, which i think is going to be nice for most peoples, music, listening experience, especially if you listen to rock hip, hop rap all that sort of thing, but its neutral enough that Its fine, if youre a classical person as well like i said you got the h1 chip, so you have the neat features that that gives you spatial audio. I think most people enjoy that sense of well surround sound in your ears and also, if you move your head this way or that way, it seems like the music stays centered over there relative to where your ears are a little creature.

Comfort for the sound kind of thing, and now shout out to our sponsor esrs magsafe case for the airpods 3.. So the case has four magnets on the back, as if the original airpod threes werent strong enough to stick to the mag safe. Well, this is going to be even more sticky, more force and all that sort of thing obviously airpods case are shiny, plastic and slippery. These give you a little bit extra grip. They come in a variety of colors theres, a couple of different styles, including a rugged armor style case too, and theyre cleverly done. They have cutouts on the back. So the hinge is easy to open. Your pairing button actually still has a little pressy buttonhole and the charging light on the front of the case. There is a little bit of translucency, so you can actually see through. So you can tell when its charging its also compatible with their halo, lock system thats compatible with magsafe. So pretty much like magsafe. You can charge magnetically theyve got car mounts all sorts of things like that, be sure to check out the link in the description to get them now back to our video. The iconic stems that we used to make fun of because it looked like well, electric toothbrushes. They are now functional, just like airpods pro so theyre force touch, which means give it a squeeze to pause the playback. So if somebodys talking to you, you dont have to pull it out and squeeze it again to start the playback.

You can also use them to launch siri to jump tracks with multiple squeezies. The only thing you still can do, because apple is adjust the volume with them. The case size is almost as big as airpods pro still pretty compact, and it gives you 24 hours of additional charge time for your buds and the buds have six hours of play. Time. Theres no anc here, thats the gotcha compared to airpods pro or the new beats fit pro. Well talk a little bit more about those in a minute, though, but that case is the usual white shiny slippery sort of case with the magnetic closure. It does the job it seems well made. You know what i mean compared to beats fit pro with this kind of cheesy case. I suppose, if you care about cases theres that so lets talk about that lack of anc, which is active noise canceling. These are passive. Theyre, not even any silicone tips on these so well. Obviously, if you need these for airplanes, loud trains, all that sort of thing, you probably want to think about noise, canceling buds that reduce ambient noise. So you can hear the music better without cranking it up and blowing out your eardrums. That said, they do give a pretty good seal, especially considering there are no silicone or from tips on these, so the upside is for those who, whose ears are compatible with air pods, and i am one of them they feel really comfortable.

I dont get tired of wearing them and they do seal pretty. Well, you have a nice open, sound! You dont have something sticking deep in your canal, which is a sensation that i hate and tends to give me clogged eustachian tubes. On the other hand, they stay in, but if youre being vigorous and exercising, even though they are ipx4 water resistant, so you can sweat on them and all that sort of thing you know theyre gon na theyre, not gon na stay in as well as something that Has wingtips or over the ear, speaking of that and the competition thats, where things get tough here and its kind of weird in a way, so the airpods three come out and theyre 179 bucks and then the beats fit pro comes out, which weve also just reviewed And those are 199 and they add in pretty much everything the airpods pro do, including the skin sensor, which the airpods 3 have, but the same noise, cancelling with transparency mode, only 20 bucks more available in four colors. You get the little comfy soft wingtip that holds them in for those who do plan to exercise chew gum vigorously like i do, on airplanes whatever it is right, so thats tough. Also, when you consider the airpods pro which do have that transparency mode, the noise canceling the silicone tips for a bit better seal in your ear. Those are 250 list price, but theyve been out for quite some time now, so youll find them for 200, sometimes even less, sometimes even the same price as these, especially with holiday, sale season.

Starting now, you might find them at the same price. Obviously, i would recommend airpods pro in that case, so these are not bad buds. They are pricey for somebody that doesnt have anc, but its tough when theyre priced so close to things like the fit pro and the airpods pro they do. Give you more for your money, one place where they do win versus the beads fit pro is a little bit better call quality for outgoing voice. I think its these stems. You know they help with that voice separation and with ambient noise separation as well. So just like airpods pro, you have really good outgoing voice quality when it comes to sound quality. The beats fit pro, have a little bit more bass again, not like the old days of beats where theyre boom boom boom boom and money. But these have enough of that bass that im okay with them, but they dont sound as good as beats fit pro. In fact, i think the beats a little better than even the airpods pro and if youre talking about airpods pro versus these, the sound quality and the tuning is pretty darn close a little win for the airpods pro, mostly because they have better sound isolation. So youre going to hear more of the music better thats, why they sound a little better one plus for these is the battery life. Six hours is what apple claims of use time and its pretty accurate, and it helps that they dont have anc, because anc active noise canceling actually uses some battery power to do that.

Noise cancelling so there you have it plus 24 hours more charge time in your battery case and youve got 30 hours of play time, which is pretty strong its better than the airpods pro, which are four and a half hours run time. But about the same as the beats fit pro which well i do have anc, so there you go again. So those are the airpods three. If you love the fit of airpods, youre – probably going to continue to like these, if you like the open, ear experience without something clog in your ear thats there, the h1 chip, the spatial audio, the skin detection, so it does a better job of knowing when you Pull the butt out of your ear to stop playing all those things stand in their favor. The only thing is they dont exist in a vacuum. Do they so even apples own beats, fit pro kind of show these up for only twenty dollars more and if you can find airpods pro for a similar price to these, they would still be my choice, tough times for airpods 3, not that theyre a bad product. Again, but there you have it: im lisa from mobile tech review, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and hit the notification bell.