So you can see how they look up close and here an honest opinion about their performance. Make sure to stick until the end, as i will tell you about the things i like and the things that can be improved. But before i begin, i would like to thank all of you behind your screens watch our videos and make sure we can keep on filming them. So thank you. Meenox is a respected company from germany that offers binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes with an incredible optical performance and a compact design. They also offer night vision, binoculars and monoculars with great light gathering abilities. The x lite series was introduced in 2019, but it came to production in 2020.. The 10 by 42 model is not the only one in the series there are more, the others being 8 by 26, 10 by 26, 8 by 34, 10 by 34, 8 by 42 and 8 by 56. The 10 by 42 is the standard configuration of binoculars, which is extremely popular second, in line to 8 by 42., and all manufacturers produce such binoculars with a 10 time magnification and 42 millimeter objective lens. These minox binoculars weigh 590 grams, which is below average for full size, binoculars, theyre, also very comfortable to hold due to the open bridge design. They are 14 and a half centimeters long and around 12 centimeters wide when fully open. I love the looks of these binoculars because they support the traditional minox design, which is a simple black color and are sleek and elegant.

This 10 by 42 model is made from aluminum and it has rubber armoring, as i mentioned before, they have a single hinge, design and open bridge which makes holding them much easier. They are easy to handle foldable ones here in the middle and ready to be used in almost any circumstance. What i also like about their design is that they are a tripod adaptable. You simply unscrew the knob right here and attach a tripod adapter which comes in handy if they start feeling heavy. After some time, minox made them fog proof as they are filled with dry, nitrogen and according to ipx7, also waterproof their schmidt pecan roof prisms make their design even more compact and ergonomic. The lenses are fully multi coated, which improves light transmission and produces a neutral, color rendition and better image contrast when looking through them. I did notice some loss of light around the edges of the image which is called vignetting. Their fill the view of 106 meters at 1000 meters is average nothing to get too excited about, and the observing is not the most comfortable in the world, but this is the case with most 10 by 42 binoculars, except with the premium models. However, the image is clear and vivid, and the sharpness is also great. There is some blue tint around the edges, but its hardly noticeable, so its nothing to be worried about minox says that the close focus is three meters, but when we tested it, i could focus on objects that were even closer at around 2.

5 meters away. Moving on to the fields of use, the 10 by 42 configuration is one of the most common because its universal it can be used in all kinds of situations, for example hunting bird watching hiking traveling. If you dont mind the weight, of course, theyre also great for beginners, as well as more experienced users, however, they are not designed to be used in low light. The focusing wheel, as you can see, is central, its quite big, but its fluid with a rich surface. For easier adjustments, it has about two turns, as for the diopter adjustment ring its located on the right eyepiece, its a bit difficult to turn, which is great because you can set it once and it wont accidentally turn by itself. This model has rubber twist up eye cups, which has three positions, so this is the first one, the second one and the third one i had to turn them a few times to figure this out, because you cannot feel the stop position. Nor can you hear any clicks, so they dont feel as secure as i would like them to with the binoculars. You also get a neck strap for carrying a big soft bag for storage. Of course, a lens cleaning cloth and an instruction manual. You also get rubber eyepiece covers the objective. Lens covers are attached, which is great, so you cant lose them. They can also be removed, which is always a plus, so they dont get in the way of your observing.

The 10 by 42 model is quite affordable for what it offers, as it costs 209 euros or 189 with a discount me. Nox also offers a two year, warranty for repairs and replacements of damaged products, except if you ruin them yourself by mishandling or neglecting them. So here we are at our last stop in this review, which is the likes and the dislikes. As i said, i especially like minoxs, simple design, they surely gained a few points with it, and the overall build quality is great, theyre, very comfortable to hold even with one hand thanks to the open bridge. Design. Close focus is also great, and the image, of course, is clear and sharp. There are no major downsides, considering the price and if we compare them to other 10 by 42 binos for around 200 euros. But if i have to mention their not so strong suit, it would be the eye cups. It is difficult to determine the locking position, as i mentioned and theyre, also not the best for those who wear glasses. Overall, the minox 10 by 42 model provides good optical performance for the money. If youre, perhaps interested in other configuration of binoculars, do take a look at our buying guides, which are a great source of information. The optics trade team is also a great source of information.