Im a clinician and Ive also been a hearing aid user for most of my life.. Today I want to talk to you about the new roger mic by Phonak called Roger On.. Now Ive been really excited to get my hands on this product. Ive read some of the reviews about it and some of the things that this product is supposed to do and I think its going to be great. So thats. What the Roger On looks like its actually a lot smaller than what I expected it to look like. Weve got an on off switch on the side here, as well. Weve got the display screen there and theres also a control button on the front here as well.. The Roger On also comes with a docking station. Now this is what were going to use to hook. The Roger On to the TV., So weve got a power socket here, theres, also an audio input socket.. They supply you with the cable that you need, so that end goes there, and this bit here is going to go into the optical socket of the TV and theres also volume controls here on the side as well. So the hearing aid user does have some degree of volume thats coming through from that.. You also get included this really nifty kind of carry case, so the Roger On sits in there and youve got this way of being able to fold the flap over like this.

So then, the Roger On can sit really neatly on the table.. They also give you a lanyard, and this is what the hearing aid users conversation partner is going to use. They wear that around their neck and its going to give the hearing aid user really good access to what this other person is saying., So whats, really great about the Roger On is Phonak, has basically combined some of the best features of the Roger Pen and the Roger Select and theyve incorporated into this product and actually improved upon those previous features., So the hearing aid user can use the Roger On in point mode. So if theyre in you know large social gathering, they can basically point it at the person who they want to hear. If its a one on one conversation or you know, maybe theyre out dining with a significant other in a really noisy restaurant. The other person can basically clip it onto their clothing or with the lanyard, they could wear it around their neck, and it also has the table mode so for group conversations.. What is really great about the Roger On, however, is unlike the Roger Select that came before it. It will actually give the hearing aid use spatial information, so if they lay it flat on the table with the docking port facing them, theyll actually be able to tell whether the voice of the person theyre hearing is coming from the left or the right or front Or behind them, and thats really great.

, So what well have a look at now is the app because this is. This is the first Roger microphone which is app driven and the app actually really gives a lot of control over what the Roger On can do.. Alright. So what were looking at here is the myRoger mic app. You can just download this from the the App Store, the Apple Store or Google Play Store and Ive already prepared it to the Roger mic.. So right now the Roger is in table mode and thats indicated by some of the displays along the top here and if i move, the pin around youll actually see that the mode actually changes. So while were in table mode. Well, just wait for it to go back while were in table mode. What we can do here, weve got this ring of circle around the front here and we can actually steer the beam of the Roger. So, if were you know in a conversation group – and we want to hear you know, conversations coming from a particular direction – we can actually turn off the beams in those other directions, so thats really going to allow the hearing aid user to to hone in. On the conversation that they want to hear – and this is a really good improvement over how we used to do things with the Roger Select because with the Roger select you needed to have the Roger device within reach, whereas here you dont have to so you know, You basically have the the Roger On somewhere in the middle of the table.

You could be sitting at one end of the table and you can still steer where you want the conversation to go.. The other thing that we can do with the app is manually control. What mode the Roger On is in so right now were in autmatic mode, so depending upon which way I orient the microphone its going to automatically change in the app, but I can force it to go into table mode or pointing mode or presenter mode.. So again, its giving the hearing aid user a lot more control.. We can see from a glance the battery level of the Roger On and the battery level is also indicated on the display screen of the Roger On as well..