So i dont know the official pricing of this phone yet, but it should be in the affordable budget range, probably under 250 us dollars, because this is a follow up to the poco m3 pro, which started at like 200 bucks last year. So you do get some upgrades with the m4 pro. Obviously, the chipset is now a six nanometer chip from mediatek. It is a dimension a10 and it supports 5g. The screen is a 6.6 inch, 1080p panel, 90 hertz refresh rate, and it actually gets bright enough to use outdoors under sunny los angeles and the main camera is a 50 megapixel sensor that shoots pixel bin 12.5 megapixel images and video quality. As you can see right now, it is what it is and whatever youre hearing its coming from the mic of the phone too okay and now youre, watching ultrawide footage from the poker m4 pro. This is an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera the poker m4 pro. Despite the camera module, looking a little bit uh busy its actually only a dual camera system and poco only is advertising a dual camera system, which is good theyre, not trying to add all these unnecessary sensors on there, like a two megapixel macro, just to be able To say they have a triple lens or quad camera system. Instead, theyre advertising the two real useful cameras, the main and ultra line thats it dual camera system and around the front you have a 16 megapixel selfie camera with an f 2.

4 aperture. The footage youre watching me now is shot with this front facing f 2.4 lens. Okay, so lets go over the rest of the hardware of the poco m4 pro. So, as i mentioned, 6.6 inch, fhd display 450 nits of max brightness, so you can still see it under the sun. The refresh rate 90 hertz maximum, but i cant actually drop down to 50 or 60.. Now the front glass panel is covered by gorilla glass, 3. While the back is also glass – and there is no gorilla glass certification – so is normal glass. So the back glass has this kind of unique material that reminds me of the vivo x70 pro pluses material, its not matte, but it does not try fingerprints, its also not glossy its, like this kind of brushed finish. That supposedly feels a little bit like metal, but maybe its my fingers a little bit oily. But when i rub my finger through it, i dont, like the feel as much as i like. Just some matte or even glossy glass back, feel. I said the same thing about the vivo x70 pro plus im just being real. I am not a fan of this cup brushed vibe. As for this back camera module, it has this uh, really large module that striking look that poco first used with last years m3 and, like i said, even though theres like a lot of lens cutouts here, because theres only two cameras here and poker only advertises two Cameras instead, these other cutouts are kind of covered by decoration.

It says ai right here, thats a red dot up here, but these, as far as i know, dont, do anything at all. The phone is grams. It measures 8.7 millimeters in thickness, so its not its, not like the most lightweight phone, but its not a heavy bulky phone either. It fits in the hand pretty comfortably. So this one runs android 11 with xiaomi is a miui 12.5 on top. For the most part, it behaves just like me, ui on other phones, which is a good thing, because i really like me, you guys have whimsical animations like when you delete an app it explodes. You have plenty of shortcut gestures like swipe down with three fingers to grab a quick screenshot. However, there are several features that i really like in other xiaomi mi, ui phones – that are missing here, for example, in most xiaomi phones. Now you can open apps in a floating window and its resizable. You can move the window anywhere. You do not have that here. If you want to multitask, you have to run apps in split screen mode, which is not as um flexible as having a floating app. Also, when you jump in the camera app, some of the more popular features are missing. For example, clone photo or video, which i really like its the ability to quickly a couple of tabs. You can grab a photo video with two instances of the same people, its very fun to play with and thats been available on, like almost every xiaomi redmi phone ive tested, but its not in here its missing.

You also dont have a one hand mode on this phone, which is not a big deal for me because, like i said, this phone is easy to hold one hand for me, but some people may have smaller hands and one hand mode would come in handy, but Otherwise, for the most part, the software behaves fine, it doesnt get into the way of android and the 90 hertz refresh rate is smooth enough. Now, this mediatek chipset is fine for everyday tasks, like you know whether its going on instagram snapping, a quick picture of friends. Youre not gon na have any issues with this. If you do play graphically intensive games, though, you will find that the frame rate do stutter from time to time and for games that you get to pick the graphic option. You wont be able to pick the maximum graphic option, but again 250 bucks. I think this will serve the needs of those people who dont want to pay more than 250 dollars for a phone like you have to take into account. Phones nowadays cost 1. 000. 800. 700, so, when youre paying something thats like under 300 bucks, you have to lower your expectations accordingly. Now lets look at the camera system a bit more. I think you can see from the videos that video stabilization is okay, but obviously it struggles with dynamic range, especially when youre in a place with a lot of shade and southern lighting like right now.

Okay, have you seen the movie rush hour? The first one. You remember that jackie chan goes into this chinese restaurant, where he fights a bunch of triads thats. This restaurant right here, food, chow, restaurant, in fact, theyre really proud of the fact that jackie chan filmed here and its like advertised on the wall, the other side. As for still photos, if youre shooting under good lighting condition thats during the day and also with light behind you like not against backlight, such actually photos actually turn out quite pleasing, especially when youre shooting at a lively situation like in chinatown. But, however, if youre shooting against backlight like light pointing at the camera or youre shooting in dim light conditions, the main camera suffers a little bit. This problem is compounded even more in the ultra wide angle – camera the 8 megapixel shooter during the day, its fine, but then at night photos really look soft and noisy, but at this price point i think the poco m4 pro hits all the major pillars. It has a good screen – slim bezels, so relatively immersive video watching experience. It has stereo speakers too. Now the bass is a little bit weak, but you are getting sound output on both sides. Applause large battery – that will last you all day without any issues. The process is good enough for social media and basic productivity tasks like youre. Sending emails like this, its not going to have a problem, and you also get a bunch of extra stuff that you dont get anymore.

Even when you buy a new iphone or a new samsung galaxy, you have a headphone jack. You have a screen protector, thats pre applied. You have a case that comes with the package and you also have a 33 watt fast charging brake. So if youre someone on a budget its hard to do better than the poco m4 pro, because youre paying 250 bucks youre getting an entire thing that just works and has all the stuff that you need so anyway. Thats about it! For this review of the poco m4 pro, i have a lot more content coming up if youre interested in keeping up to date with all the latest gadgets, please consider subscribing to my channel or follow me on instagram at bens schedule, reviews thats it for now.