I have the osmo mobile 3. So this is what i use for my iphone to stabilize the videos when im filming shorts or like walk around videos. So you put your phone on it and it stabilizes it as you go so theres, no like bad video, while youre walking with speed so lets unbox it and compare it to last years generation. Why is tech so satisfying time box just like that? Thats the front of the box side profile. So in this box we have the osmo mobile 3, a charging case, awesome grip, tripod, a wrist, strap, a storage pouch and a power cable. So you, when you unbox that youre gon na have to download the app for it so like you can like download videos to the osmo cloud and edit your videos and post it from there. So lets take this little sticker off at the top. Come on. Oh dropping stuff already so theres, nothing else in the box just like that. So i think is this lets check what this is. So this is our strap that we have. That was included. Put that to the side uh. We have oh dropping a lot of stuff. Today we have our usb c. I want to say: let me just figure it out guys for you. Take this off, confirm it yep its its usbc thats, really good. What else we got! Applause does not want to come out come on, so this looks like a dog poop bag.

This is our tripod, well, its magnetic too cool. I like that. I had it with this package, and this is our pouch clean cloth, awesome, wow, thats, really soft. I, like that thats good – and this is the awesome mobile three wow thats, really nice case premium very premium like this little storage compartment. Here you can put your sd cards in there, lets open it up and take it out, wow a little foam. So, im not going to power it up just yet, but, for example, i want to show you guys last years generation, so very compact. This is where you put your phone: expand it out to put your phone, your samsung, your iphone, whatever you put it on and use the controls to move it around. Show you guys that very clean. The grip is really grippy like if you have sweaty hands. This will feel really good on it and a little bottom hole is for the tripod. So if youre, vlogging or anything – and you want to get a video in – you can put this on your desk stabilize the tripod and film hands – free, really convenient guys kind of like this a lot so something i want to show you guys is uh the previous Generation, so this is really compact. I love it easy to put in your bag travel with simple right. I can just zip it up just like that ready to go, but last year generation.

Oh, my god, look at the size of this look at this. Look. How compact that was, then you have this imagine traveling with this. Putting in the case like this lets, take this out, compare it its half the size of it. Look at that this is the new generation, and this is the old generation way more compact. The same controllers, everything yeah – i definitely dont – want to be traveling with this anywhere. This is the best option, guys awesome mobile 3.. Just like that simple, quick, so guys. This is the end of the video ill be doing a test later on using the stabilizer. With my new iphone but yeah, we appreciate the time for you guys to watch it leave a like comment and subscribe.