Now i love a gadget. So if youre anything like me im sure some of these will be right up your street um, so gon na kick things off were gon na. Have a look at the cnf three in one nippers, now theres loads of different nippers on the market, but these just have a few extra features over and above some of the others out there. The nice thing is the blades on the end are interchangeable. So you get three different sets of spares to go with it, so if it starts to blunt simply take them out put a fresh one in on the side, it also has hidden inside on this little swivel has one of cnfs fly threaders that comes with two Different fly threaders for different sizes of flies, so, if youre struggling to get the the leader through the eye of a hook, this is a really useful piece of kit and the obligatory little needle on the side there to clear the eyes from your flies. If youve got any varnish on them, um, so really nice useful little piece of kit there just offering something a little bit different to a normal set of clippers im sure that fly threader will come in quite handy. Moving on im going to look at the stompfo magnetic rod, holders now, im sure. Like me, many of you have gone to a fishery started to set up your fishing, tackle, put your rod on the side of the car.

Theres been a bit of a gust of wind, and you hear that horrible screeching, as your rod, falls down the side of your car. Well, these are just a really simple little very soft rubber magnet, and these just clip straight to the side of your car with magnets, and they just open up. You can pop your rod in there and itll just keep it nice and safe and secure on the side of your car, while youre getting tackled up um, really essential little piece of kit. I always carry these around in my car once you say you get one or two of those rods fall over in the wind. This will just stop that from happening so great little useful gadget, those next up, another offering from loon, and now they come up with some really cool things. Now this is their nocturnal headlamp. The nice thing about this is its usb rechargeable, so it has three different settings for brightness, which is great. You can just simply go through those and fully adjustable strap to go around your head or over the top of caps and theres plenty of stretch in that as well. So, even if youve got a you know, a great big hat on youll be able to get this on waterproof construction as well, which is great and then just simply opening this tab comes with a usb charge as well. You can plug that in which means no need for replacing batteries, which not only is very convenient, but its also good for the planets as well.

Um, now theres, loads and loads of different fly patches on the market. And what im going to look at next is a couple of products from magnetique. Now these are really handy, they come in a single or they come in a double, and what you do is you get this little rubber part here which, on the back, is a very strong magnet and a plate, so you can pop that onto it. Any item of clothing and secure that on there it acts as a magnetic fly patch. So you can put this on any item of clothing, its very easy. Even through this puffer jacket, the very strong magnet is keeping that attached. So thats the single one, and if you carry a few more extra flies, then you get a double one twice the size which again nice and easy to pop onto your clothing wherever you want them, so no need for pins. No need for clips. Just use the magnets thats a really useful piece of kit these, and these have been very popular since theyve – come out. Another item from loon this time, its their rogue quick, draw forceps um. I always have forceps with me whether thats for de barbing, or just simply removing a hook from a fishs mouth, and the nice thing i really like about these is the fact that its a nice, big grip on and quite often with just the single grips theyre, A bit more difficult to get your fingers into, but with this youve got a nice big large loop, very easy to pop in and open up usual sort of forcep grips on the inside.

But a nice couple extra things on here, just a little clip on here. So you can use this like a carabiner just to clip it onto your bag, so its nice for easy access and also got a small needle in here. Um, like the clippers for clearing the eye out of your flies, also has a small set of cutting jaws here, as well as you, the debarving style flat pliers on the front, so great little piece of kit really comfortable to use and something that im sure. Many of you will get a great deal of use out of so just a few really useful little gadgets, um theres loads of other stuff in our catalogue. Um theres new gadgets arriving all the time, so take a look online or come and visit us in store and i hope youve enjoyed it.