This is by far the benchmark of modern laptops. I mean no other on the market. Comes with a quality second screen that not only enhances productivity but also adds to the overall design aesthetics. So so we have for the review. Asus zenbook pro 215 ux5812 powered by intel core i9 10 generation processor, with a 32 gb of ram. So let us jump into the review and see what this laptop offers and how it is dont forget to hit that like button, do share this video among your friends and subscribe our channel before getting into the review. Let me tell you its specification. This laptop is powered by intel core i9 10 generation, processor, geforce, rtx, 3070, graphics, 32gb of ram and 512gb of pci ssd storage, plus one terabyte of hard disk. It comes with a beautiful 15.6 inch, 4k oled display that will give you immersive display experience and 92 watt hour battery to give you long lasting battery life design, asus zenbook, pro 2015 celestial blue, brushed magnesium aluminum alloy is gorgeous at slightly over five pounds. Its not too heavy to carry around regularly when you first open the lid, the secondary screen pad plus display rises up and you face two bright and colorful oled displays. There have been few complaints about the original dual sturdiness, but this one seems solidly well. The backlit keyboard, which is left of the center due to the placement of the touchpad, takes a few moments to get used to.

The touchpad also has an odd placement to the right of the keyboard and doubles as a number pad the asus zenbook. Pro 2015 comes with the active stylus and a dedicated palm rest for when you are using it on your desk using a separate firmware, wasnt a problem for me, but for some people it may be a headache to keep an extra thing and use it very often. Music input, output, ports, the asus zenbook pro 215 is light on ports, with only three usb inputs on the left: 3.5 combo, headphone, mic port, a hdmi port and a dc power port, and on the right you find two thunderbolt 3 usb type c ports and a Usb type, a pro coming to the display, the asus zenbook pro duo, 15s 15.6 inch, oled touchscreen display is bright and colorful and youre definitely going to enjoy multimedia on this laptop. The smaller screen pad plus display is also colorful, but has an anti glare surface, giving it a distinct appearance. So here i am going to play some video for you so that you can watch it enjoy the quality of the Music. The details are looking crisp and clear, and the colors are vivid. The 4k ultra hd screen here is mesmerizing and to watch the multimedia or, and it is perfect for watching movies. Also, the 14 cross 4.3 in screen pad plus a secondary screen is bright and colorful, and the common question about this secondary screen is whether it is useful for normal usage like if you are not a photo or video editor, whether you find it useful.

Yes, it is pretty useful. There is a handy, app launcher menu on the left side of the screen pad, plus that allows you to do things like launch applications, drag items into the display and sign documents or draw something. And if you are a video editor or a photo editor, you can take full advantage of this secondary screen. The zenbook pro duo 15 comes with a bottom firing. Harman kardon certified speakers that work in tandem with the asus sonic master audio technology to deliver a nice full range audio experience. So here i am going to play some: no copyright, music from ncm, so listen it and judge the quality. The main concern about this laptop is its keyboard because of its small size and orchid placement. In fact, i would say that it will take some time to adjust to this keyboard, but when you use the included palm rest, you will be comfortable tapping on this keyboard. The zenbooks vertical touchpad is located to the right of the keyboard and measures 2.5 cross 3.4 inches, which is not the largest. Its positioning is troubling for some, but it offers enough space to get things done, and the interesting thing about this vertical touchpad is a number pad is also given here. Coming to the performance. The asus zenbook pro duo comes with an intel core i9 10 generation, cpu 32gb of ram and a one terabyte ssd. The specs are impressive and are similar to what you find in other premium laptops these internal components present some really unimaginable efficiency on a bunch of contained material creation duties.

You will not face any performance issue when you use this laptop for heavy video, editing like 4k video editing or using photoshop or image editing or photo editing or playing even aaa titles. This laptop do with ease whatever you throw at it. The zenbook pro 215 nvidia geforce rtx 3070 gpu with the 8gb of virtual ram, is a solid gaming machine and, and you can even enjoy the aaa titles on this machine coming to the battery life. The asus zenbook pro 2 is a powerful machine with a dual screen, so you may think that it may utilize the battery and and will have short battery life. But that is not the case. Even you use a 4k content on this laptop or use this laptop heavily on video editing. It may last around four to five hours easily and on average usage or a normal usage. This can give you up to six hours of battery life easily. So, overall, the asus zenbook pro 2015 is a good premium laptop for content creators who have the funds to splurge on this pricing machine. The pro tour benefits from its dual 4k oled displays, which adds to its versatility and essentially give you a built in portable, monitor, consider this laptop for its excellent, build quality second display for high productivity and functionality, punchy performance and great speakers. The disappointments with this laptop are awkward keyboard and touchpad placement and the price. This is my review on asus zenbook pro 2015.

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