I just brought it from shopi and was delivered by jt, expresso and Music. So here is the camera: okay, so sj 4000 air action, camera, so 4k, 30 fps interpolated, the rotation, wi fi and the 30 meter water resistant right lets open. This lets see: okay. First, we have the camera itself, uh plastic, covering check, release. Okay, then this is the camera itself, hold it then, and sha all right. Normally, no new camera right settings, settings and return settings here so set for the settings display back in the settings and okay, okay, video for action, camera and other settings then exit right next. One package right: sorry, my amount uh Music accessories. Then we have owners manual and sticker foreign, Music, c Music, okay, good nabilico for the price of 2000, including the delivery and whats more uh, malino young resolution and also uh magenta, airsoft or uh having an outdoor uh cycling, end Music, now im using a 64 gigabyte Micro sd card, so, if youre planning to buy this uh good shot so im giving this uh four stars four over five. As per my evaluation, though rides that thats matter long rides yeah, so thats all for my uh evaluation. Thank you for watching and dont forget to uh click the subscribe button and notifications bell so that you will be updated right thanks for watching and stay safe, dont forget to hit the subscribe button and bell for notifications and also like us on facebook, the hobbyist artist.