This is the original ice genie ice cube maker, safe space in your freezer, it says, holds up to 120 ice cubes. All you have to do, is you fill freeze and squeeze so if it actually works? This is a pretty cool item, because i do like icing my drinks so uh next time you have a ill show you a little diet cola from kroger big k. You may want to add some ice from ice cubes from your ice genie, so just fill before after then chill musty use it as a drink holder or quickly chill bottled beverages. It says top rack dishwasher, safe form, fitting lid, so yeah. If you dont support me on patreon, at least like share comment, the payment for this video is share with your friends and family. Get the word out of this channel. So definitely tell your friends and family share everywhere social media. Let me know if you like, as seen on tv products, gadgets things like that, if you like reviews, share it to everyone, you know so here we go lets open it up, see whats inside. If you do support me on patreon thatd be great all right. So you have instruction booklet; ah they even give you a little tongs for your ice little plastic tongs. So please note, prior to first use, you may find it difficult to remove this cylinder from the ice genie cube maker. Rest assured, once frozen, the cylinder will easily be removed all right, so it says cool tip.

It says cool tip once frozen, you may find it more convenient when making additional batches of ice to remove the ice cubes from the unit and place them in a separate bowl. Next insert the cylinder back into the chamber then place place the ice cubes back in the cylinder. Now you can fill the channel with water all right, so all right. So all you have to do gives you a little instructions with pictures which is great so step one, no, no, okay, so components you have the cylinder, the chamber and the lid so step. One insert the cylinder into the bottom of the chamber, which has already happened, see that its already in there cylinder uh theres a little fill line right here. So it says, fill with water, snap, the lid uh onto the ice genie, ice cube maker place in the freezer, upright four to six hours and then once its done once frozen, remove ice genie, cube maker from the freezer. Remove lid then firmly squeeze the chamber from all sides. You can see that and then you lift the cylinder and then you have awesome ice cubes and you just squeeze them release all the ice cubes. So this is basically like ice cube maker um, but instead of laying flat its a cylinder all right so just going to fill it up here, use some nice filtered water all right. So its been four hours exactly, i put the freezer on express freezing freezing, so it should be done all right.

So here we go. Let me just read the directions once again, you kind of just squeeze this: remove the lid and squeeze the chamber from all sides. Music there we go all right so uh. I think it messed up actually all right, so i filled up the sides which is thats what youre supposed to do uh. So you can see the water kind of up to the fill line. Im gon na put it back in the freezer for another four hours, all right, so here we go its been another four hours. It should work this time taking it out of the freezer, took off the lid and so yeah. All you have to do is take out the cylinder here: Music, Music. There we go cylinders out a little bit of ice in there from the mess up there, but yeah so check that out. You can definitely put a bottle in here: theres ice, lining the walls and uh yeah. So squeeze the chamber release all the ice cubes in the middle area make sure all the ice cubes are pushed out of the cavities prior to yeah, putting the sleeve back in all right. So here we go: look at all those little mini ice, cubes pop out and there you go so you can remove the ice so um yeah. So they give two options. You can either remove the ice you know put on a tray or a bowl or something which i think would be the easiest or you can just put the sleeve back in on the sides um.

I had to pop the ice out of the bottom there, but yeah, so you just you, can put the sleeve back in thats a little bit harder because theres some ones that kind of get stuck so ill, probably just dump this out put the sleeve back in And then youre ready to make more ice cubes but yeah. This is what the ice cubes look like. I guess. As far as ice cubes go not the most, i guess attractive shape, um but yeah. I would say kind of a cool little gadget um and i guess it is a way of making ice in your freezer and have it. You know ready to go at any time. Yeah just put the ice in the glass you put the sleeve back in you dump the ice kind of the center, and then you fill it back up to make another batch at least thats what it shows so yeah, an alternative method you may find more convenient Is to move the cubes out of the way by twisting the chamber back and forth as you work, the cylinder cylinder cylinder all the way down after the cylinder is fully sealed in the ice genie cube maker, simply refill the channels of the chamber, leaving the already Made cubes in the center of the cylinder, so Music, pretty cool item. I dont know if ill be using this on a regular basis, but kind of fun. I guess to keep it in your your freezer, its a way of making ice cubes.

I think uh, in my opinion, uh just ice tray is the way to go. You know getting a nice ice tray, especially one with a lid, because i think you know having a lid prevents kind of the. If you keep them in the freezer, get getting like a smell to them, um, but yeah leave it up to you its definitely a gadget its. What, whether you need it or not, i think thats um. For me a no, but let me know what you think its the ice genie. I wish this lid went on a little bit better and easier. You kind of have to tuck in all the sides, but yeah if you havent already. Please subscribe to my channel support. My content all nine malls with an s at the end, so go to patreon, search, nine malls and uh yeah. Definitely support me over. There really appreciate it. Theres free stuff. You get free content that you wont see anywhere else um exclusive reviews, but if you just want to support my channel just go over there and there are many different options.