That would make your job easier while cooking. So what do we have? Gene? Okay? Well in front of me, i have a easy piece of flaming squeezy um. You put half of a lemon in and squeeze oh look at all that and then the seeds dont come out so that, if youre, even on fish or whatever, if whatever youre making – and you just do it nice and look at all of that, no pull up. No seeds, i need that. I think i love that. I love that and then this gadget, which every parent needs, because you all know now they recommend you cutting grapes. So your children are the ripe age of 12. um. You put this grape in we hate cutting food in our house, so anything that makes our job easier. That is wow. Look at that done. That is incredible, um and it also pits cherries, but i dont know how to open it and im a little bit. Scared im gon na fling it so there we go. Oh it also pits a cherry, very cool, tiny, very cool yeah. I needed that while my children were growing it now, but no longer. Dont judge me that i get my kids grapes. Okay, so i have this garlic doohickey and what you do is you take the clove of garlic and lets see if this works youre supposed to. We did not create your eyes. I didnt know were doing it.

The first time with you so lets see if this works youre supposed to roll it and see if it no, it did not. Work were gon na were gon na roll. It again lets see if it comes off put a little pressure on it. There we go its falling off it well a little bit. So maybe not maybe this one! Maybe you take your garlic and you put it in a mason jar. You squeeze the mason jar on real tight and you shake you give it a good shake pop pretend this is off its going to be clean and your hands wont smell. Yes, yeah, then you can just take this little garlic, grater grate it down. That is cute and then clean. I need this because im constantly cleaning garlic, you know thats on your finger, so thats what youre going to do this. I would not recommend, although i do like the cleaner, but do you really need it? I would say two stars out of ten: we have not much confusion, honest reviews we just were not the biggest favorite. However, we love these look at this. These are herb cutters, okay and green onion cutters. So you take the scissors. Hold this out. Watch this. Oh, i 100 need those amazing like i need these yeah look at this perfectly yep. Do the i want to see the parsley whats this little guy, so this, if your herbs or garlic or whatever, what a green onion green onion you put this in it.

Smart wait come on there, it is for you yep, look at this, so im amazed right now, okay, and then also great for herbs get my eyes get my eyes a little bit its also great for herbs ready come on nice perfectly cut herbs for you. Dont! Take too much because then you wont be able to i dont even know this thing existed, but its pretty cool, beautifully, garnished meals. Look at that! Look how cute oh 10 out of 10! This one right. I like that yeah its a great thats, a great fact. Yeah, that is neat. It really is you want to try it yeah. I do really i kind of do its actually really fun, and i really like that too. I, like the leather. I say these because i do have lemon water and i do always get the seed in which is great guys. Well, i think you can also put this in the fridge. Oh yeah, very cool, very handy. That is great, certainly smell it all now yeah. It is so here are some gadgets, so we have a no go for the garlic, because sometimes gadgets in the kitchen make things more complicated yeah than they need to be. I mean: did our grandmothers have all these gadgets? Absolutely you need to do all those gadgets. No, you dont, you need the good ones, but there are some that really do come in handy yeah, thanks for joining our sisterhood of faith.

If you have any interesting topics, you would like to see us cover on the show.