Microphone lets check it out: Music, Music, dave taylor here and im checking out this. This little tiny thing the size of a lip balm container is the asmus wireless lavalier microphone and its pretty slick. So it has the microphone on the top on the bottom theres usbc and a 3.5 millimeter monitor jack, and you basically have one button on the side. You push it and pair it with whatever smartphone you want to work with and it switches. It shows the right input and youre ready to go, and this is all you need. I dont need any other wires. I dont need any other connectivity super easy to work with now. It features a six millimeter, ecm high sensitivity, microphone and it has noise canceling circuitry from their smart mic plus app. You can actually set four different levels of sort of ambient noise reduction or noise canceling pretty handy. It offers a 48 kilohertz stereo cd quality signal which comes into your phone and whatever app youre using it records. It sounds really good. In fact, let me switch some things up here. So were gon na leave the microphone there and im gon na bring up. So you can see my phone screen and lets see well get all this going and now what im going to do is im going to just launch the smart mic app, so sorry, smart, mic plus and now you can see im looking at my phone im looking At this im, looking at that im going back and forth more importantly, you can see that i have a cool sort of multi color green screen thing going on here, but thats, okay, because what we really want to do is look at the mic settings so im Going to go ahead and tap on the settings icon and its already connected the mic, you can see the very top.

It says: smart, mic, silver, thats, good thats. What this thing is and now im on the microphone and you can see. I have level two of the four levels of noise reduction on the bottom and thats all looking good, so lets go back to where we were and im going to just choose the microphone and pick this up now, youre, actually hearing the sound coming from the asmus Wireless lavalier microphone that im recording in their app on my google pixel 6 pro, and i think it sounds pretty darn good. So let me turn this off and i will go ahead and turn off the screen. Recording get that stopped too, and that means i can put the microphone down and tell you a little bit more about about it. So bluetooth 5.0, which gives you up to about a hundred feet and 95 feet or something with line of sight, works obviously much better. But gives you a huge flexibility, so what you can do is you can put your phone on a tripod and then you can just walk around and do whatever you want, and this is your audio input. So if youre further from your phone, your voice, doesnt get fainter or anything like that, it just stays nice and constant. It has a clip so its easy to clip to your shirt or blouse or a lanyard. If you are at a conference or something super easy to work with features a 130 milliamp hour battery, so in other words its a really small battery, but it still gives you six hours of use and if you use this thing up completely, it takes an hour And a half for a full charge on that usbc, it does include a usbc charging cable.

It also includes this really nice little hard case and, in this time, im not a big fan of hard cases overall, but this is a good use of it. So, in the hard case, our instructions, a tiny little carabiner and a cut out so that you can put the mic in and its going to stay nice and safe and be ready to use. Whenever you need to now. It does take a little getting used to sort of getting the hang of the light theres a little tiny light on the side and im seeing an occasional blue flash, which means it is paired, bluetooth and everythings hunky, dory to turn it off. I push and hold, and after a couple of seconds i get a little red flash and this screen actually just changed on me. So well, just turn that face down and so super easy to work with. This will work with iphone and android. It doesnt seem to work with computers. It doesnt seem to work with live streaming, so be careful what application you want to use with this now. I dont really understand why it would work with some bluetooth systems, but not others, but i havent extensively tested it im. Just relying on what the company is telling me, so there you go, maybe you could try something different and see how it works. For you now dimensions wise. It is 2.6 inches by 6 10 of an inch at its widest point.

14 grams. You will clip this on, you wont even know you have it on super easy to work with. Only thing left to talk about is the price youve heard the audio youve seen how easy it is, how convenient it is to work with it is metal the logo. I can barely read the logo but thats okay, because im like dont, really care about the logo right, so you clip it on and youre good to go, really really straightforward so about that price. But before we get to the price im going to ask, if you can give me some feedback, give me a thumbs up, leave a comment: hey, why not subscribe? If you really appreciate what im doing here, i appreciate you so lets make it a relationship. Okay. This is the asmus wireless lavalier microphone and its 99.99, and right now, when i checked minus a 50 coupon which makes it under 50., that is a pretty screaming deal for this really good, sound, simple to work with good battery life works with your iphone or your Android phone at amazon.com one worth checking out if you want to have a little more flexibility and dont want to have to constantly be super close to your phone to get good audio thats.