Something like that. Well before we move on so make sure you, like our video, subscribe our channel and hit the bell to get a notification from us so lets just do it Music. If this isnt the product im going to present for this video, i dont know um. I have no idea of what i call it of a name that it looks like a pen but its not just a pen, since it has a little storage box and it has a live small life in here. It has a um flash light. So how about we just unbox it and test it one by one, so lets just open it, and once you open it, you will see this one like a pen stainless of the training, necklace and the cycle rings. So let me just take a take out one by one. As i said, this is not just. It looks like pamper its, not pain, and if you take the it has three luck, holes, one two, three so for the first one, its a pen. Let me test. Okay, very good im, not sure if you can see this one a lot, so you can use it for a regular pen. The second one is a live so with the miss knife you can use it to cut something small and you want to cut so imagine. Um you go outside with your friend or im, going to have a barbecue, something like that, and you want to cut something and you dont have life with your toolbox.

So you can use this to replace the live um for the immersion for the immersion use. So let me just test it. This is the paper its a little net sharp, but will be love for for you to cut something soft or something that is not never happened yet and for the next purpose here. Can you see now? Oh, it has flashlight here who am i yeah? So all you need to do is just um tight on fullness gadget, so the light will be switched on automatically all right, so thats the main function of this um gadget. So i dont. So i have no idea: how do i name that and um you can? I would like to prefer to call it a multifunctional electronic pen with a flashlight or you name it so also it has necklace cycle ruins. So, with this cycle rings, you can put recycled rings into this gadget me. Do it its a bit hard, all right, okay, so with next necklace, so you can put within this gadget on hang on your leg and you can bring anywhere you want or if you, oh, if you dont, if you dont, want to bring with you, so you Can just take off its kind of free compilation to anything you want, so, for example, you want to bring this gadget with with your car keys, so its done so the other great thing for me statute is: it has a full potential customized with your um personal Demands, for example, as we have shown you it has pen, live and the flashlight so, but how about? If i just want to take a pen so imagine for this schedule.

It has one two three, four, its a four part, but you can just take an impact with you, so, for instance, i just want to bring the pen with me and for life. No so easy. You just take this and take taking the pen part out and take a head off bingo done how about, if i just want to take pen and the other one. So this is a fresh night, and for this time i dont want. I dont need a pan. I just need a fresh knight, its done, so you only have flash flash knight here. Okay lets just try another different um compilations Music. This is a knife yep and one more thing the pancake can be take out, so its kind of full diy by yourself. Oh its, like a magic, so im im a little bit confused, sometimes since it has a different um compilation, its like matching games for this gadget. It has on the other color so for this color its white, but its oppositional to choose a navy blue colors. Everything is same but different with colors, so it depends on your favorite. So, overall, this small gadget is quite like very multifunctional and its quite portable and you dont have to spend the time its quite easy to operate and you can apply to your life for a different field, and i think the price for this product is around 30. ‘ for the early for the only product starters, so i will put the link on description box so feel free to check it and remember always um.

You always need to take some risk if you want to back the project at kickstarters, so thats a video for today, okay and if you havent, follow us, make sure you like our video, subscribe and click the bell to get notification from us.