This company has been up like crazy in the past six months, it’s up 1132 incredible run up uh with some key catalysts involved with some medica that seem to be positive and optimistic. What today, what i want to do is i want to analyze this company and look at its current, more capitalization, look at this current financials and look at its catalysts that are moving forward and and try to provide a honest and sobering take. Currently, i have no position in semedica zmo. I am simply looking at this impartially or trying to and trying to analyze it as best as i can taking an objective standpoint on the company. Without you know, having that bias of owning the shares or selling the shares short or whatever, this is an honest take, and hopefully you guys will find this very impactful, meaningful and, of course, it’s, not financial advice, don’t take it as such it’s. Just me analyzing the company, as i do know it, ticker symbol is zmo uh, stock price. Right now is one point: nine one dollars per share so it’s under five dollars, which makes it a penny stock, and what i want to do today is this is on the agenda right, we’re, gon, na talk about the positive things. What does this company do? What does it platform provide what’s going on with this company and what are the key catalysts that are going to happen or looking to happen in the near future that have propelled or might propel the stock price to go up higher? On top of that, i won’t talk about the implicit risks in owning the stock.

What do their financials look like? What are the? What is their valuation currently, and you know, is there room for this to grow in in the long term, i’m? Taking a long term approach here, a long term valuation part of this could have part of this huge stock price run up could have been impacted by short term trading frenzy. I am not involved with that i’m, a long term investor. So when i look when i invest in companies, i think take a long term approach and see if there’s, actually something here of substance, so without further ado, let’s get right into it. So what does the medica do? Well, zometica is trying to provide a platform to the market they’re. They they started around 2015 and they’re, a michigan based company. They try to they’re a veterinarian health company, creating products for dogs and cats. By focusing on the unmet needs of clinical veterinarians, zometica’s product portfolio will include innovative diagnostics and medical devices that emphasize patient health and practice health. It is america’s mission to provide veterinarians, the opportunity to increase productivity and grow revenue while becoming or while better serving the animals. In their care form, so this is precisely what they’re trying to do. They have specific diagnostic tools that they’re trying to implement and they have collaborated with quora biopharmaceuticals and also with a company called miller. What they’re, trying to distribute their their their platform to and truforma is their main stake here that uh biosensor platform designed to assist practitioners in the diagnosis of complex conditions for pets and dogs and other veterinary applications.

So traform is in their pipeline it’s a point of care platform works to detect certain thyroid and adrenal issues, so medica works with a corvo biotechnologies to develop and commercialize that platform, and although truform was only approved for investigational use is already turning heads on wall street. It seems um many experts appreciate that it speeds up diagnostic processes and helps veterinarians, make better and quicker decisions with those diagnostic data. Okay, without further ado, let’s get right into so this is the company it provides um by technologies and health care systems too. Um and pharmaceuticals to dogs and cats are trying to do that now. There’S key catalysts moving forward that we can expect is going to happen soon, that’s to do with uh one. This is here so medica science, true form of distribution agreement with miller veterinarian supply, so in march 30 of 2021. This is ons america’s website here. Uh investor relations here zometica signs the distribution platform. This will enable traforma to be distributed across from. I think from what i remember here under under the terms of this distribution agreement, miller will be representing zamanica and states, ranging from texas to maine, concentrating in the eastern and mid eastern portion of the united states. As previously announced, they will be supported by several zometica sales employees in the field assigned to work with miller sales representatives to enhance the level of customer providing relating to forma, so medica currently is recruiting these supporters support representatives as a part of its commercialization preparation.

So this is just about distributing and trying to you know, gather uh commercialize, their true form of platform moving forward to those through those states with with with the distribution of miller, veterinarian supply, so that’s a key catalyst with semantica right now. This is kind of product that they’re producing they’re pre product and that they have not generated revenue from uh. True forma, as far as i know, if you look at their balance sheet, they have not done that yet and so they’re pre product, um and they’re trying to sort of deliver that product to the market, which is why they’re trading at about a 1.5 billion capitalization Uh, despite you know, increased volatility, increased uh trading performance in the market, so without further ado, these those are the catalysts moving forward with symmetica and now what i want to do is kind of break down the risks. This is the sort of implied risks or intrinsic risks or potential risks in owning the stock. They won’t be exhaustive. I won’t mention every single possible risk, of course, there’s plenty of risks and also other catalysts that i didn’t mention, but first things first. This is kind of thing i mentioned when it comes to talks like this. This is a penny stock and if we look at financial research with regards to penny stock returns, this is on the otc, though um. If we have a here’s a study with 212 000 participants by the sec, we see that the median uh in 16 days, the median return for retail investors – tends to be 13.

4 percent negative and then analyze median return for negative 60. So you lose a lot of money investing in stocks like this, and in fact, if you look at this only 10, i think about um. Where was it here uh, while a few investors 2.4 earn large positive returns greater than 100 percent? However, given the frequency of alleged market manipulation and ot stocks it’s possible that a portion of very few investors earning a large part of otc stocks are involved in or having illegal market price manipulation schemes, of course, this is. This is not traded on the otc it’s traded on another a list. I believe i think it’s on the nasdaq currently or the nyce. It could be in fact wrong about that. So zometica has to meet those regulations and not otc stock, but even when it comes to penny stocks, their their current catalysts uh with their current conditions, implicit conditions with regards to liquidity and the shares being traded within penny stocks like that that make it susceptible to More uh concerning things like market manipulation and dissemination of misleading news and information with regards to the stock, for example. As far as i understand the situation, there’s a there’s been this current catalyst that may have driven the stock price of 90 percent dominican stock price spikes. 90 and tiger king star cara baskin could be the reason, so someone paid um a celebrity to talk about uh zometica in the video baskin says they help our veterinarians and our furry friends.

Of course, this video doesn’t actually provide a sense of analysis of a company and also someone’s views shouldn’t impact, whether or not a company is worth more or less. It should be the company itself that should impact the stock price um. So in the previous someone paid 300 from cameo uh for this huge star to essentially seems like it seems like it’s advertising for forest america, and it may have, as far as i understand it, drove the stock price up, despite nothing really happening at that period of Time as far as i understand it, so what that means is that, because these stock, these stocks are just let’s, say uh, so unpopular there’s, there’s a lot less. You know trading activity and a lot of volume. A lot of a lot less mark capitalization higher moves in the market price can be affected really easily if just enough money is thrown at it. Uh driving the stock price up higher higher on top of that there’s other implicit risks in owning this stock, and it comes down with their financials, and this is kind of concerning for me personally, if i’m, a long term investor let’s look at this so they’re. Obviously a pre revenue they haven’t had any revenue in the past few years, but despite that, if you look at that, they’ve actually had had shares outstanding, increasing over time see by 2020 at the end of 2020. We see this. Their shares outstanding increased to 551 million, which means that they are diluting shares 156, which tends to be bad for investors, as it means that they’re buying power for each share becomes a lot less worth it a lot less worth, and the reason why they’re doing that Is because they need to uh, they think they need to increase their cash if they’re they’re cash strapped because they just haven’t been profitable.

They haven’t generated money, and you can see here. The cash growth went up 18 hundred percent. At some point. This had to do with, i believe. In fact, one of the catalysts here was because of uh warrants being exercised, that they had selled to be able to be able to dilute uh. To able to uh offer shares to the public for around 30 30 million dollars, which means that the buying power of the shares have decreased. As far as i understand it, on top of that, of course, they have increased their tech that is pretty high and and they haven’t been revenue. They haven’t been review driven so it’s hard to understand, what’s, actually going to go on here, whether or not they’re actually going to be delivering a product to the market that is uh that is actually able to capitalize on the market. Share that’s provided for this company on top of that there’s other implicit risks with with zometica zometica itself, uh its current platform has a very low resolution market. I believe right now. The market for companies like this is about 1.7 billion and by 2024 it’s only going to be about 2.8 billion dollars, yeah right now, they’re trading at what 1.6 billion dollars. So that means they would have to take off to about to essentially make this sensible. They’D have to take the vast majority of market share, uh uh of of the the current platform to be able to capitalize on on that moving forward, which doesn’t seem like highly likely, given that it’s a relatively new platform, and they actually have licensing fees.

They have to pay because they’re partnered with a company called a company called here let’s go here: a company called bio. What was it called here? The other company called with corvo to provide non medical and florence’s free detection systems. For you, as a point of care, biotechnology also used in cell phones and the world’s most advanced radar communication systems is extremely reliable and precise technology seminar believes that the true form of platform represents the first use of bio above in order to uh in disorder and Disease state diagnostics: this means that they’re, probably gon na, have to pay licensing freeze to to corvo, despite them having no revenue, which means it’s gon na impact, their their profit margins, moving forward, anyways guys that is sort of my analysis of this company uh personally i’m. Not gon na invest in zometa, i don’t see a long term potential for this stock stock has gone up substantially. I can’t see justified based on the current market authorization and the stressful market of 2.4 billion by 2024. uh, their p, their pre product, which means i don’t, know how well their products going to do in the market and they have they’ve been diluting shares, which means That the buying power uh has been scrapped because they’re trying to make money to be able to you know remain in business, so to speak. Anyways guys! Thank you for watching hope. You found this video, enjoyable um. Of course it wasn’t financial advice.

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