True wireless gaming earbuds now these retail for 78.90, so around 80 dollars, but they do have them on sale at the moment on their website for 49.99, as you can see there now. That being said, when i first picked them up, i thought they kind of gave me like an alien, spaceship vibe. But after doing more research on these, i um. I noticed that its actually a cobra head so thats what its supposed to be so thats. Why theyre called the cobra true wireless gaming earbuds, so theyre supposed to be like a cobra head? That being said, um i picked them up because they look cool and then they do have touch controls. Bluetooth 5.0. They also have auto pairing voice assistant. You can use your assistant, whatever assistant you use, uh, they do have ultra low latency, so you can play video games, um six hours of battery life and ipx for uh theyre, like splash resistant um, but are they worth the money, though, lets find out? Okay? Moving on to the accessories now, the first accessories that im gon na show you here are some extra earbuds, so you get the uh larger ones and the smaller ones there. So you can see so thats decent. Then we do get this a little manual and it gives you some specs as well. So as you can see, they do have 10 millimeter drivers. Just in case you guys were wondering which is a nice size driver, and then we get this very short.

Uh type c cable, so this is where i have a problem. Im always gon na have a problem with people, or i mean companies that they want to give us these little short cables. Im. Okay, if i buy a power bank – and you give me a cable like this im – alright with that, but with headphones, earbuds stuff like that come on this is this – is not cool, so im gon na give them thumbs down for the cable, but for the earbuds You know its nice that we get some right so yeah. Those are the accessories. Okay, now lets move on to the hardware itself. Now i do like how it looks it has like a matte black finish and it says excel there, which is cool um. Like i said i do like how it looks to me it kind of look. It resemble like a spaceship and then you have the little aliens inside because they do look like theres faces. Let me show you what i mean, so they do light up. So thats thats to me is what it look looks like to me like a spaceship, but apparently they say its a cobra head, which is cool too. I, like cobras. That being said. The case is nice um. I was using these for like a whole week and uh probably put maybe about 15 to 20 hours of use on these. So i did burn them in im, a big believer in burning your earbuds in or headphones um, but the case as you can see its not really scratch or anything, and i had it in my pocket with keys and stuff like that.

So i do like the durability of it on the back. You do have your type c port. Now, let me show you what the earbuds look like. Let me take one out and, as you can see they do light up. They will turn off once uh theyre connected uh. They do turn off so dont think theyre gon na be lighting up like that, all the time so thats pretty much what they look like um. It says extra there, but its just printed on so im assuming after uh. You know using using them for a while. You know the name might uh erase keep that in mind, but everything is plastic, but they dont really feel cheap. They have a little weight to it. They dont feel expensive, though dont think like they feel super expensive, but they dont feel cheap, theyre just decent in my opinion, but not bad. I do like them, they do have very strong magnets. I want to tell you that, because um i put them and sometimes theyre hard to take off, because the magnets are pretty strong, so uh just got ta, get them from like an angle and grab them out, but yeah. I do like the hardware so for the hardware im gon na give them thumbs up okay, moving on to the sound quality. Now before we start talking about the sound quality. These are gaming, earbuds, and let me tell you first, some of the games that i was playing.

The two main games that i played using these earbuds was call of duty mobile, so i was using that and i was also using them with my new nintendo switch oled, which i was playing. A lot of metroid dread now lets. First, talk about uh call of duty mobile. I was actually pretty impressed while playing call of duty if you were into playing stuff like call of duty or first person shooters on your mobile phone uh. These are great uh. They do have a game mode for low latency, which is pretty nice, because you get to hear like the footsteps and stuff like that when youre walking and i, when the people throw grenades and stuff like that or theyre shooting at you. You kind of pinpoint of where theyre shooting, because you know you kind of uh, feel like the bullets coming from either the left, the right or from the front so its pretty nice. So i was enjoying these earbuds with gaming, also with metroid dread. Very nice and creepy sounds and stuff like that. Uh everythings pretty clear and i was happy with uh, with the sound quality while playing games now lets get to the music, because you know i do hear a lot of music and i was using these to hear music as well. Now, some of the albums i used to test these earbuds, i did play some lindsay sterling some michael jackson, some busy bone and some ed sheeran now lets talk about the base.

First, the base, in my opinion, is there, but its not explosive or its not going to rattle your head um. I dont want to call it flat because there is a little bit of base there, but its not a lot uh. I think, since these are gaming headphones, they kind of went more for the clarity uh. So you know theyre theyre cooler headphones. They give you a cooler sound, but you know not a lot of bass. So just keep that in mind. So lets move on Music. Okay. Moving on to mids and highs now, this is where these headphones shine. In my opinion, uh the mid sound, very clear, uh vocals came in nice and clear for male and female separation between the mids and the highs was also very good. Uh theyre not perfect, but theyre pretty good, especially at the price range of around 50 dollars. That theyre going for at the moment, i feel like the sound quality was very good and a little bit impressive at times um. I was actually very happy to be reviewing these because they were nice. I wish they had a little bit more bass in my opinion, uh, because i, like bass, a lot but uh. You know for the clarity. I know people that play a lot of games. They want that clarity, and these do deliver on that note. So yeah mates and highs were pretty nice okay. So what are my final thoughts? So in the beginning of the video i asked you guys.

Are these worth the money now, in my opinion, they are now. Let me explain: why is if youre looking for gaming headphones, that you can also play music youre getting it here now, even though you dont get a lot of bass uh, the clarity was very good, and even though that i wish they they had more bass. They have a little bit of bass uh, but theyre, not gon na rattle your head. So if you are looking for something like that, you might want to look elsewhere, but if youre looking for headphones or earbuds for you, so you can play games, especially. I know theres a lot of people that love playing first person shooters on mobile phones uh. These did not disappoint, they look cool as well. I think they look pretty badass. I havent seen some earbuds. Look this good in a while um just the the case looks awesome. The earbuds. I was getting a lot of looks from people. I took these on vacation and on the airport. People were asking me like what are those you know? What kind of earbuds do you have so yeah um there? You people will look at you with these earbuds because they look pretty badass. Also, when i would take off take out the case. You know just people will stare at me like what what the hell does. He have you know, so i do like that. Thats pretty cool now the accessories im not happy with that little ass, cable that they gave us thats thats trash.

In my opinion, um bluetooth range. I got between 50 and 60 feet, which is pretty impressive for the price range on these uh earbuds, which is real nice. I think theyre worth the money im gon na recommend them if you like, uh listening to music um or if you just like uh playing mobile games. I think these are real nice. They do get pretty loud as well. I do have another complaint that i do want to point out. Uh were gon na be using these to talk on the phone. They sound, fine and people were able to hear me fine, but on my end i would kind of hear them uh kind of low. So they they they dont get loud when youre talking on the phone uh, especially when im driving and theres road noise and stuff, like that, i wish i was able to you – know, raise the volume a little bit more uh. That was my main complaint with these or talking on the phone, but if im in a quiet room, theyre, fine its just when im, you know, if im driving, i did notice that. But i still think that theyre worth the price, because theyre not really expensive uh at fifty dollars. I think its a nice price range and we get a lot of bang for your buck and these earbuds do. You know cross out a lot of boxes on the on the checklist uh, but yeah.

So that was my review check out.